Fun At the Company Picnic

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Tom Proctor had only been with the printing company for a few months, so when the firm announced that their annual company picnic would be held at the home of the owner of the place, Tom knew that while he didn’t want to spend a Saturday with the same people he worked with all week, it would be bad form to skip the event so he signed up.

When the 46 year old divorced man drove to the boss’s house, it was everything he had expected, more like a mansion than a home, and while Tom thought it was tacky to rub your wealth in the face of the workers who helped make it possible, he didn’t blame the guy. The house was beautiful and the food and beverages provided were top shelf. No hot dogs here but it was hard to beat mini filet’s and shrimp cocktails for snacking.

There were about 50 employees there, and some brought guests but the yard was spacious and surrounded by wooded state land so it wasn’t crowded. There was a huge swimming pool but Tom hadn’t brought a suit. Some of the females in attendance had brought swimwear but as he noticed through careful observation most of them were past their prime. There were some teenagers swimming though, so the girls captured Tom’s attention as he exchanged small talk with some of the people he knew.

One in particular caught Tom’s eye, and while the girl with dirty blonde hair was rather skinny Tom enjoyed the way she kept having issues with her bathing suit, causing her to try and straighten out the bottom part of the one piece because hair, a few shades darker than was on her head, kept peeking out of the leg opening. Every time it happened Tom smiled, and as Tom recalled it seemed like the girl thought he was laughing at her because she would shoot him a dirty look.

Tom can tell the rest of the story…


The blonde must have been having a bad day because besides the ill-fitting bathing suit, she was having problems with a geeky guy that must have been her boyfriend. I saw the guy trying to sneak into the woods with her but she resisted, and eventually the boy disappeared. At one point I found himself alone in a quiet corner of the deck and the blonde came up to me with a hint of fire in her eyes.

“How come you keep laughing at me, mister? Do I amuse you?” she asked, perhaps intentionally imitating Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, but I quickly corrected her.

“No – what’s your name dear?” I asked.


“Pretty name. I’m Tom. Well Brandy, I swear to you that I was not laughing at you, merely enjoying you struggling with your bathing suit.”

“Oh. Yeah, it’s a pain. I think it’s getting too small on me,” she confessed and then shrugged.

“I wasn’t complaining, mind you Brandy, and it you were a little older I would tell you what I enjoyed most about your situation,” I said.

“I’m 18,” Brandy declared.

“Really? Well then, what i enjoyed most was then when the suit slid over some of your pubic hair peeked out,” I confided. “I thought all 18 year old girls got rid of it these days.”

“You sound like Eric. My boyfriend, or maybe ex-boyfriend.”

“He doesn’t approve? You’re better off without him. As for me, the sight of these waxed bimbos turns me off. I enjoy women, not little girls,” I announced. “I’m glad you didn’t let him take you into the woods before.”

“You saw that?” the teen giggled, and when I nodded Brandy blushed. “There’s a secluded place back there and he wanted me to go back there with him to get him off.”

“Hmm… this party isn’t as dull as I thought. Maybe you can show me where that place is so after a few drinks if I get friendly with one of the fossils my age I’ll know where to go.”

“How old are you?”


“My old lady is dumping my Dad so maybe next year you two can hook up,” Brandy suggested while pointing at a buxom woman across the way and then asked, “What are you grinning at now? Thinking about doing it with her?”

“Fantasizing about going back there with you,” I confessed. “I’m sure your Mom’ is a great lady but she wouldn’t cause something like this.”

As I spoke I nodded down to where the outrageous tent in my baggy khakis left no doubt as to my arousal. Brandy glanced down and did a classical double take before bursting out laughing.

“What have you got in your pants? A cucumber?”

“No, it’s all me but it’s your fault. You and your pubic hair.”

“I don’t believe it. A little old guy like you?”

“Believe. It’s one of my few claims to fame. If you want to sneak back there in the woods I’d be glad to show you.”

“And then what?” she challenged.

“That my dear Brandy, would be up to you. You could laugh I suppose. I’ve had that happen before.”

“Why do I think you’re messing around with my head? Like if I go back there you pull out a dildo and try to get my suit off.”

“Not my style dear. I may be a little strange but I’m a gentleman.”

“Um… do you think you’d be able to sneak a can or two of beer back there?”

“With the pocket room in these baggy things? casino oyna Sure.”

So Brandy gave me a general idea of where to go when I got back in the woods and said I should go around the front of the house so nobody saw us go back together, and right before she left she made something clear.

“You’re just showing your dick to me, right?”

“He needs some fresh air anyway. That’s fine, but maybe you’ll change your mind.”

I watched Brandy’s little rump wiggle away, and while I knew it was a sad commentary on my life at that point, I was excited about this little adventure.


I managed to find my new friend after slogging through the muggy woods, and when I saw her sitting on a stump I flipped her a can of Stella which the nubile blonde caught deftly. Brandy snapped the brew open and took a little spray which probably felt good on her skin considering the humidity.

“It’s like a jungle back here,” I complained as Brandy drained probably half of the can before ceremoniously letting out a very loud belch which made me laugh, and she smiled when I took out three more cans of beer and put them on the stump.

“Gonna try and get me drunk?” she asked but I shook my head and cracked open one for myself.

“No, that would be considered contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” I told her.

“Worse than showing me your dick?” she mused aloud, and I had to shrug at that while she said, “so let’s see it.”

“I will, but it would be really nice if you took your swimsuit off to inspire me,” I suggested, and she didn’t dismiss that.

“Don’t think it would help. I don’t have any tits,” Brandy lamented.

“Who said that, your lame-ass boyfriend?” I asked, and after she nodded I said, “He’s a tool.”

“Whatever,” the blonde replied, and to my surprise the girl reached up and started to slip the straps off her shoulders while cautioning. “You laugh, I leave.”

“Who’s laughing?” I mumbled as she let the suit fall, not taking it off but letting it fall to her knees as I marveled at how beautiful 18 could be, especially her perky tits. “You’re gorgeous, and your breasts are amazing.”

“My best bud Kylie calls them sprouts,” she confessed regarding the firm cones with strawberry-like puffy nipples.

“Who’s Kylie?” I asked. “The chubby redhead you were swimming with?”


“Are you two more than – friends?” I mused aloud, and Brandy rolled her eyes at that.

“Boys,” she muttered derisively.

“Guilty, but it’s been a while since I was called a boy,” I said while looking down past her flat stomach to the delightful triangle of golden brown curls that guarded her sex.

“It’s back,” Brandy announced as she looked down at my khaki tent which had made a comeback, and she finished her beer and opened another. “Better hurry or we”ll need more beer.”

“Okay. No laughing,” I warned as I undid the slacks, and since I wasn’t wearing underwear the unveiling was quick as the khaki’s dropped to the ground and my freed prong bounced wildly up and down.

“Holy shit,” Brandy exclaimed. “Your cock is enormous!”

“Not really. It’s pretty normal thickness wise.”

“Yeah but,” she sputtered, and then came over and put her arm next to it. “Gotta be a foot long.”

“You exaggerate a little, but if you would like we can see if it would fit inside of you,” I offered, but Brandy took a step back at that.

“Look mister…”

“Tom,” I reminded her.

“Tom. Look, I know I’ve probably come off as a little bit slutty here, and I have to admit that in some ways I’m – slutty I guess,” Brandy admitted. “But I’m not. Not really. As a matter-of-fact… I’m a virgin. Really plan on staying that way for a while too.”

“This is a historical day. I’ve found an 18 year old virgin with pubic hair,” I said with a grin, and Brandy laughed a little as well. “Good for you. I hope your first knows what a great girl you are.”

“I’m not all that great. There’s stuff I like to do a lot,” Brandy rambled, and then came out with it. “What I’m trying to say is – could I suck your cock?”

“Could you?” I asked in amazement.

“Yeah. It’s something I like to do and I do it a lot. Even have a nickname because of that,” Brandy noted. “Not apologizing, just being honest. Guys say I’m pretty good at it.”

“I believe you.”

“Good you face the other way? Towards the house so in case somebody wanders back here you can see them. Hate to have my folks catch me.”

“Absolutely,” I agreed. “Wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, honey.”

So that’s how I ended up standing by this old rotting stump in the woods while a sweet young thing knelt in front of me. Brandy poured the dregs of one of the beer cans into her palm and used that hand to run the shaft of my cock so it was lubed while she knee-walked closer.

“Glad you’re circumcised because I hate foreskins,” Brandy informed me right before she leaned forward and let her lips slide about halfway down my erection, and her mouth worked on slot oyna that end while her fist stroked the rest of it.

Brandy thought she was good at fellatio but I think she sold herself short because she was about as good as they get. She even added a visual effect by looking up at me from time to time with her doe-like eyes, and even dipped under my cock to suck on my balls a bit before returning to my dick.

“Tell me before you cum,” she asked and I assured her I would.

When her magical mouth began sliding up and down my blue steel erection again, her lips began going further down each time. Her fist changed from stroking to spinning around the base of my organ while her other hand milked my nuts, and as I watched, her lips were not that far from taking it all in.

I moaned as I tried to hold back as best I could, putting my hands on her slender shoulders and massaging them softly, and I let my fingers slide under her arms to hold on. As I rubbed the moist hollows with my index fingers I could feel the faintest growth of peach fuzz in her armpits, and it was about then that I lost the battle.

“Brandy!” I grunted . “Gonna cum. Gonna cum. Cumming!”

That last warning had me erupting, and my knees buckled as my orgasm seemed to start at my toes and washed over me. Brandy was still sucking my cock while this went on, and she continued to give me head until she drained me and I went limp. I helped the teen up and saw my semen on her chin and down the corners of her mouth.

“Brandy. I warned you. I swear!” I said frantically, but she just smiled and then opened her mouth to reveal my cum surrounding her pearly whites.

“I know. I heard you,” she assured me, and then proceed to swallow whatever was in her mouth before licking her lips. “Yours isn’t bad. I just wish cum wasn’t so warm.”

“What?” the girl asked when I shook my head in wonder. “Slutty huh? Some guys think that’s gross.”

I shook my head before taking her face in my hands and kissing her, even dipping my tongue into her mouth a bit before leaning back.

“Not me. I think it’s sexy,” I told her.

“Wow. So was that! Cool!” she responded before pulling her swimsuit back up.

Brandy then bent down and picked up a phone off the grass, and after fiddling around with it held it up so I could see a picture of my erect cock and me from the waist down.

“How did you…?”

“I took it when we were arranging ourselves. I think you were too busy staring at my titties to notice. Hope you don’t mind. Your face isn’t in it.”

“No, it’s fine,” I chuckled.

“Kind of a keepsake. I’ll probably just show it to Kylie and delete it,” she said, and I nodded as I pulled my pants up while Brandy grabbed the last beer. “You go back to the party the way you came here, and I’ll sneak back in a few minutes.”

I agreed and after kissing her on the cheek staggered out of the woods, trying to get myself together enough so I didn’t look like I had been in a sauna. What a party! To think I almost didn’t show up. I managed to go back through the house, using the bathroom to tidy up in before I rejoined the party and tried to figure out my best plan to slip out.

Brandy appeared, managing to come out of the woods magically like a player in the movie The Natural, and we exchanged winks as I went back for some more food. The party was still going strong as the afternoon wound down, and I saw Brandy sneaking around to casually meet me at the bucket of iced down beer.

“I think you’ve had enough,” I kidded, but that wasn’t what she was coming over for.


“Remember Kylie?” Brandy asked subtly as she nodded over toward the other side of the pool, and I looked over at the chubby redhead who was looking our way and nodded.

“My BBF is so pissed at me,” the blonde informed me. “I showed her your dick pic and she was mad at me because she didn’t get invited. Kylie said that it was too bad you came because she would have loved to let you do her, but then she said that you probably weren’t interested in fat chicks anyway.”

“Well first of all,” I began while trying not to look like I was talking to Brandy. “She’s not fat. A little chubby for sure, and it doesn’t help that she’s wearing a a two piece because it shows her belly. You two are wearing the wrong swimwear.”

“I know,” Brandy admitted. “My Mom would flip if I wore a bikini to a picnic like this.”

“As for the other part of your comment, I may be old but I’m not dead yet.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I would have no trouble getting it up again,” I explained. “So long as she didn’t have a smooth pussy.”

“Trimmed but there’s some hair. Bright red too. You mean that you would?” Brandy asked, but before I could answer the little blonde was gone, scurrying across the yard to meet up with her best friend.

I would have loved to have been a fly listening to their conversation but I could follow it by their faces and the smile that filled Kylie’s cherubic face amazed me. What canlı casino siteleri was this place? Heaven? Teenage girls wanting me?

Brandy nodded comically towards the woods and I nodded while putting few more beers in my pockets. Weaving my way through the house and out the front, I made my way through the woods and waited for Kylie. The wait was not a long one, and to my delight Brandy was with her as we met at the stump.

“Kylie was scared,” Brandy told me.

“Am not,” Kylie contended as I looked at the redhead with the lightly freckled shoulders and a rather full bust, and I overlooked the muffin top over the bottom of her suit and hoped that that there was indeed hair between her plump thighs.

“I’m Tom,” I said, and we shook hands, which seemed odd all things considered, so I put my arms around the girl and hugged her while giving her a kiss.

My hands found her butt large but solid, and I deftly undid Kylie’s top, freeing a pair of breasts that required at least a C cup harness if not larger. Her nipples were very large and sprang to life in my palms as I squeezed the globes.

“Great tits, huh Tom?” Brandy asked and I agreed, talking to time to whisper to my new redheaded friend.

“Look honey, you aren’t fat. Don’t put yourself down because there’s plenty of jerks out in the world that will do that for you. I happen to think that you’re a sexy girl,” I assured her and I thought she was going to cry.

“You are 18, right?” I asked her, and when she shook her head I panicked before she said she was 19.

“Oh, an old lady,” I kidded and then I turned to Brandy and asked, “Are you staying?”

“I’m going to be a lookout, okay?” she asked and then pawed the ground with her foot and admitted that she might peek a little, reminding me that she admitted she was a little slutty.

“Okay,” I said as I dropped my pants, and although I was only half erect I heard Kylie’s gasp and saw her expression as I walked over to her.

Brandy had brought a towel and quickly put it on the ground while Kylie struggled to get her bikini bottom down her plump but shapely legs, and when I saw the patch of burnt orange hair around the pussy opening I smiled my approval.

“It must glow in the dark,” I said of her burning bush, and as my now fully erect cock bobbed approvingly Kylie knelt before me and took it in hand and mouth.

The girl tried, and while she did well she had a tough act to follow so after a minute or so I had Kylie go onto her back on the towel her friend had brought. Her feet was drawn up towards her butt and I took her knees and parted her legs. That juicy fold was too much to resist so instead of plunging in I lowered my face and let her wet labia envelop my nose and mouth. My tongues danced around wildly, accompanied by Kylie’s moans, and I heard Brandy complain that I hadn’t gone down on her. The blonde was supposed to be a lookout but when I glanced over at her she was watching us while she rubbed her pussy through the swimsuit.

Kylie’s pussy was really pungent, and I mean that in a good way because it sent chills down my spine, but I wanted to slip it in this chunky little teen so bad because it’s been a while. I climbed up on my knees and knee-walked close to the wide open pussy. I slapped the fold with my dick while Kylie watched wild-eyed, clutching her breasts and mumbling yes over and over until I eased myself in to the very wet and snug pussy.

As I let myself slide deep inside of the teen I learned that Kylie, who had been one of the quieter kids at the party, was a loud lover. Very loud, which had Brandy hissing at her to be quiet, but while I wasn’t crazy enough to not realize the risk of her carrying on, I enjoy making love to a partner that lets you know how you’re doing so I thrust hard while enjoying Kylie’s reactions, from the seal-like noises to her eyes rolling back in their sockets while she clawed at my arms. This wasn’t going to last nearly long enough to suit me because everything about this was so decadently erotic, and Brandy fingering herself beside me was no help.

As it turned out Kylie came, howling and trying to bridge her body off the towel, and Brandy scrambled to the ground to try and silence her. The blonde didn’t use her hand to cover Kylie’s mouth but used her own lips, and that sight was when I lost it, spurting what felt like a massive load into that flaming red pussy.

“I have to run back to the party in case somebody comes running back here to find out who’s screaming!” Brandy scolded, and with that she hustled through the woods the short way while I helped my flushed lover to her feet and helped brush the dirt and leaves odd of her.

“That was so great,” Kylie said after we got our clothes back on. “I’m so used to guys just using me but you – you were different.”

“I think you’re fantastic Kylie,” I admitted. “I know you were loud but I loved it.”

“Do you ladies go this event every year with your folks?” I wondered aloud. “Because if you do I know I’ll come back.”

“Um – yeah. We’ll be around,” Kylie said warily and then added, “Brandy? She’s going out of state to college, but I stay local. Nursing school.”

“The way you make love I bet that comes in handy,” I opined, drawing a giggle from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20