Fun Day At Work…

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Belle sighed as she leaned back in her desk chair. Another day of working in her community college’s fitness center. It’s not that she hated her job, it was money and she needed it to continue school, but it got very boring after a while. Sitting at her desk, signing people in, cleaning the equipment, and watching people work out was all she could really do. Sure, she could take some time to do homework but the constant, upbeat music playing from the stereo made it hard to concentrate. No, Belle would usually just pine for quitting time. That was, until today. Her staring off into space was cut off by a soft, feminine voice saying “Hi, I’d like to work out.” Belle looked up and instantly her breath was taken away. The young woman standing in front of her was the most beautiful woman Belle had ever seen. The first thing she noticed about the girl was her striking green eyes. They were bright and seemed to jump out at her regardless of being hidden behind glasses. Next Belle took in the long, straight brunette hair tied up in a tight ponytail before glancing at her body. The workout clothes were baggy but Belle had an inkling it was killer. Coming to her senses and realizing she was staring, she stammered out “I-I need your school I.D.”

The girl smiled, pulled it out, and gave it to Belle who put it away then said “enjoy your workout.”


With that simple reply, the girl made her way to the treadmills. ‘Good going…’ Belle thought. ‘She probably thinks you’re a freak…I wonder if she’s lesbian-no! Stop thinking like that, she’d never be into you…’ Belle inwardly groaned at her mental argument. That was, to her, the only downside to being lesbian. She never knew if the girl she was into was straight or what. Not that Belle had trouble attracting women. Starting from the top, she had short, straight blonde hair ending a little before her shoulders. Throughout the blonde, there were streaks of red, something different Belle thought. Going down she had midnight blue eyes with no glasses. As for her body, she had double d breasts, not a completely toned stomach but not fat, and curvy hips. And usually women didn’t affect her like this but Mary, she had seen the name on her I.D., had something about her. Belle didn’t want to seem weird by staring but she couldn’t look away. Realizing it would be bad to be caught looking, she returned to her book but stopped every little while to steal glances. When Belle was seventeen, she had a girlfriend but it ended shortly into the relationship. They were drifting apart too much. Now at eighteen, she couldn’t help but want someone new.

Mary wiped the sweat off her brow before turning up the speed of the treadmill. Somewhere inside her mind she knew she didn’t have to push herself this hard but she couldn’t help herself. For most of her life she had felt like her body wasn’t balanced. Meaning, she was small up top but had hips that belonged to a curvy girl. So, here she was, back in the fitness center working away her free time. Usually when she worked out, her mind would wander to random topics but it kept going back to the receptionist that took her I.D. For some reason, Mary felt like she kept watching her. Her logical side chalked it up to it being her job to watch the people but there was a small, hopeful side that thought ‘maybe she likes me…maybe she’s lesbian!’ Mary shook her head against the thought. At eighteen years old, she had never had a girlfriend so she couldn’t see how someone would be into her now. But the thought was still there. Maybe that’s why she turned up the speed even more. Mary tried telling herself it was because she wanted good exercise but it was really to impress the receptionist. And it seemed to be working. At one point, Mary casino siteleri looked up and saw her looking at her. Mary blushed and quickly looked away but still had a smile lighting up her face. But a little while later the smile was wiped from her face as she started feeling woozy. Being sensible, she turned off the treadmill but when she tried to step off, she almost fell over. She had to grab the handle and wait for the world to stop spinning.

Belle had glanced back up to look at Mary right when she stepped off the treadmill. Immediately Belle’s protective instinct kicked as she raced over to help the girl. Putting her arm around the girl, she said “easy now…are you alright?”

Mary smiled reassuringly but her voice sounded weak. “I’m fine. I think I just pushed myself too far. I don’t want to burden you…”

“You’re not burdening me and I’ve worked here long enough to see the signs of exhaustion. Let me help you to the locker room.”

Mary hesitated for a few seconds then realized she lost the battle. “Okay. Thanks-that’s really nice of you.”

Belle smiled. “Anything to help.”

Keeping her arm around Mary, Belle walked with her to the ladies’ locker room and to her locker room. Once there, she sat Mary on the bench, got her some water, then sat down next to her. Mary chuckled. “Done this before?”

“A few times. I guess it comes with the job. Oh! I’m Belle by the way. Yes I know, like the Disney princess but I’m not some girly girl.”

Mary laughed. “It’s ok, I like that name anyway. I’m Mary-but you already know that after seeing my card…”

Belle smiled at seeing Mary blush. “Yeah, but it’s nice to hear you say it…I suppose I should leave so you can get changed…”

Logically Mary should have said yes but something inside her didn’t want Belle to leave. “No, you can stay. I mean if you want to…I like your company. But I don’t want your boss to get mad-“

Belle cut off Mary’s rambling by chuckling. “I like your company too and my boss won’t get mad. He saw me leave with you.”

“Oh ok…” Mary had to force herself to get up and open her locker. She kept gazing into Belle’s eyes. Once at her locker, she unlocked it, grabbed her towel, then turned to Belle. “I just have to rinse off real quick and then I’ll be out…you don’t mind if I get undressed do you?”

Belle’s heart jump started at that comment. Her face flushed and a tingling coursed through her lower stomach. It was all she could do to refrain from moaning. “Not at all. We’re both girls here.”

Mary nodded and began stripping. As the clothes started coming off, Belle became more and more aroused. Mary’s body was incredible. Small breasts with nipples perfect for pinching. A stomach toned from activity and curvy hips great for grabbing. And her ass, it almost too much for her to bear. However, making a move wasn’t something that had to be debated. As Mary walked to the showers, her foot slipped on a wet spot on the floor and tripped. Without thinking, Belle ran to her and hauled her body against her own to keep her from falling. Mary looked up panting and came face to face with Belle. She had removed her glasses so Belle could see her eyes even better. Almost as if something was controlling the two women, they leaned in and kissed. As soon as their lips touched, Belle moaned and kissed Mary even harder. Mary’s eyes opened wide then fluttered close to kiss this temptress back. They kissed for as long as they could but after a short while air was needed. The couple regretfully pulled away gasping, staring at each other. Belle spoke first. “Oh god, I’m so sorry Mary! I don’t know what came over me…”

Mary wasn’t sure how to respond. She was normally so reserved and never did slot oyna anything on impulse but that kiss awakened something deep inside her. Throwing caution to the wind, she smiled and said “No it’s fine. In fact, I want to do it again.”

Belle didn’t have to be told twice. She grinned, pushed Mary up against the wall, and kissed her with all of her might. This time, it was Mary’s turn to moan from the feeling of a body so close to her. Her nipples were poking out causing them to rub against Belle’s shirt making even more aroused than she already was. Needing to touch Belle, she wrapped her arms around the girl’s neck, running her fingers through her silky soft hair. Belle on the other hand, could barely control herself. There was something so primal about the situation that she was turning her into an animal. Moving from Mary’s lips, she kissed down her neck, reveling in the little moans and whimpers it caused. When Mary’s hands moved down to her back, Belle groaned and moved slightly away from her. “How far are we going right now? Because no one has ever affected me the way you’re affecting me…and to be honest, I want you so badly.”

Mary blushed and thought carefully about her words. “I want you too…I never do anything like this but there’s something about you…but, I’m afraid of not knowing what to do…I’ve never been with a girl before…”

That statement brought Belle back down to Earth and caused her to slow her mind. “Oh wow…I would have never guessed that from the way you kiss…but, if you’re sure, I’d be honored to be your first. And don’t worry, I’ll teach you.”

The way Belle said ‘I’ll teach you’ caused wetness to pool around Mary’s pussy. “Ok, I think I’m ready. However, I think we should move this party to one of the stalls in case someone comes in.”

Belle hadn’t even thought about that. “Oh yeah, that’s a good idea.”

Moving quickly, the women locked their selves into one of the larger stalls. Leaning Mary up against the wall again, Belle rubbed her arms. “Are you sure you don’t mind having your first time be in here?”

Mary smiled and nodded. “As long as it’s you, I don’t care.”

Belle nodded and moved in for another kiss. This time, when their lips met, she slowly parted Mary’s lips with her tongue. Mary jumped a little but soon relaxed as her tongue fought for dominance. Then moaned as Belle’s fingers found her nipple. She was twisting and rubbing, making her even wetter-if that was possible. Somehow breaking the kiss, Mary said mischievously “Belle, I think you have way too much clothing on.”

Belle chuckled seductively. “Really now? Well then we’ll just have to fix that.”

Going slow to tease Mary, Belle began stripping off her clothes. When Mary got a look at her big breasts, her mouth began to water. She had always had a thing for large busted women and Belle sure delivered. Next came her pants and lastly her panties. Her pussy was as wet as Mary’s. Belle grinned and looked at Mary. “Wanna touch?”

Without answering, Mary reached out and rubbed all over her breasts. It felt almost surreal that this was happening. Out of arousal and fascination, Mary rolled and pinched Belle’s nipples, alternating between going soft and hard. Belle’s back kept arching and her moans were increasing with sound. “Oooooh….ugh that feels good.”

Mary smiled and slowly moved her hands down Belle’s body, rubbing everything she came into contact with until she got close to her pussy. Noticing that she had stopped, Belle looked at Mary. “You can do whatever you want…Just please, do something…I need it.”

“I want to try oral…but what if I’m not good?”

“Don’t worry about that, just let instinct take over.”

Feeling her own arousal canlı casino siteleri going up, Mary got down to her knees. For support, she put her small hands onto Belle’s hips and looked at her pussy. It was dripping from arousal and the smell was intoxicating. Not being able to wait any longer, Mary dipped her tongue into the honey pot. Belle whimpered at the contact encouraging her partner to continue. Mary then began slowly lapping up the juices, taking care to lick every inch of the sacred area. Then becoming bold, she added light nibbling to the faster licking. This seemed to be a smart move because Belle moaned even louder, pushing her pussy farther into Mary’s face. “Please don’t stop…ugh god..”

Mary then began switching between slow, teasing strokes and fast, hard strokes. Barely scraping her teeth against the flesh to nibbling hard enough to invoke slight pain but immense pleasure. Just then Belle’s pussy began contracting against Mary’s tongue and Belle was almost screaming. “Oh god! I’m so close-don’t stop! Oooooh…”

Mary headed her plea and began licking as fast as she could and nibbling more than ever. A minute later, Belle’s body tensed, she moaned very loudly, then relaxed as a squirt of hot liquid entered Mary’s mouth. Belle panted and came down from her high until Mary was done licking up the cum and stood up. Blushing, she looked at Belle and asked “how was I?”

Belle opened her eyes and said between gulps of air “That…was the best…oral I’ve ever received! There’s no way I was your first…you were too good!”

Mary blushed even darker but grinned happily. “You’re my first but thanks…I loved doing it.” Truth be told, it made her so horny her body was trembling. It was screaming to cum. Belle, after recovering from after shocks, picked up on this.

“Alright, ready for your turn?”

Mary couldn’t nod fast enough. “Yes, please, lick me…”

Belled chuckled, got to her knees, and cradles her hips like she was drinking from a blessed cup. Starting off to tease, she blew air onto Mary’s clit. This caused the woman to whimper and shudder. This went on for a minute before Mary was practically begging to be licked. “Please Belle…I need you so badly right now…”

That was all Belle needed to hear. She quickly slipped her tongue into the dripping pussy and began eating her out. Mary moaned and threw her head back, her mind reeling from the pleasure. Belle then started experimenting, seeing what worked and what didn’t. She switched from nibbling to licking. Agonizingly slow licks to going so fast Mary could barely hold herself up. During the process, Belle’s teeth brushed against Mary’s clit causing her to groan and for her pussy to began contracting. Pausing for just a moment, Belle looked up at Mary. “Do you want it? Do you wanna cum?”

Mary moaned and spoke with a shaky voice. “For the love of God Belle please, finish me off!”

Belle grinned and went back to licking Mary as fast as she could. Right at the last second, she sucked on her clit causing the woman to experience an explosive orgasm. Her hips thrust against Belle’s face and she had to slap a hand over her mouth to keep from screaming too loud. Belle stayed where she was until everything had calmed down. She then stood up to see Mary’s eyes closed and her chest rising and falling with each breath. Belle grinned and couldn’t help but feel proud that she was the reason for such a wonderful reaction. After a few minutes, she gazed at Belle. “I don’t know what to say… I’ve wanted so long to know what that felt like and I loved it! Oh Belle that was incredible!”

“Why thank you…I’m really glad this happened. Now we should probably get dressed before people start to wonder where we are.”

Mary nodded. “Yeah, I know…But, would you wanna come over to my house tonight? I’ll be all alone…”

It says so in the story but just so there’s no confusion: yes, both women in this story are 18. Thanks for reading!

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