GILF Anna’s Oral Servant Ch. 04

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following story has scenes of woman-to-woman sex, hot and nasty, a departure in this series from the adventures of Anna with her young male lover and his oral skills. Just wanted to try something different. Hope you like it.


Anna and Deb sat in Deb’s living room, two sexy older women and long-time friends. And, of late, sexual confidantes.

It was Deb, the far more sexually adventurous of the 63-year-old friends, who tuned Anna in to Juan, one of Deb’s young paramours, a muscular, smooth-skinned 20-year-old Latino blessed with a very long tongue and extreme oral skills. Anna had long suffered in a sex-less marriage to Bill, her workaholic husband, and with just the right amount of cajoling from Deb, had succumbed to her urges.

And she was never happier for making that decision. She and Juan had gotten together a few times – once at Anna’s house, once in a car down the street, and one particularly hot time on a bus, where Anna had ambushed the surprised young man, availing herself of his oral skills in a very public setting.

It was great, all of it, but Anna somehow ached for something even naughtier. With a taste of forbidden fruit, and liking the flavor, she felt the urge for more. And now, sitting with Deb in her living room, sipping white wine one warm summer afternoon, more seemed to be on the horizon. But in a way she’d not imagined.

“It’s great, Deb, it really is, I love that young man’s attention, God, he is SO good, but I dunno, I want to ramp it up, ya know, take it to the next level,” Anna said as she and Deb sat facing each other on the couch, arms on the back, wine in their other hands.

“Damn, girl, you got the Juan bug big time!” Deb laughed. “Next level? Tell ya what, Juan is so smitten with you, I swear if you left your asshole husband and wanted to marry him, he’d do it in a heartbeat!”

“God, Deb, I don’t mean that,” Anna laughed, spitting out a bit of her wine as she did. “I love what we have, the occasional tryst…”

“And getting your cooze and asshole licked by a pro with a long tongue and huge gorgeous cock…,” Deb added with a wink.

Anna just stared at her blunt friend, laughing.

“Say what’s on your mind, girl, don’t hold back!” she laughed.

“Hey, just doing what comes naturally, ya know?” Deb smiled. “I’m just happy to have introduced you two, and that you hit it off.”

“Yeah, Deb, honestly, I can’t thank you enough,” Anna said. “Really. I wish I could find some way to repay you.”

She looked at Deb, expecting some response, a quick ‘Aw, shucks, don’t mention it’, or ‘my pleasure’, or any customary response. But there wasn’t. Deb just looked into Anna’s eyes, a slight smile on her face.

“What,” Anna finally said with a slight smile. “What is it, what?”

“Like I said, I say what’s on my mind…so…have you ever,” Deb said in a hushed, sultry whisper, edging closer to Anna on the couch, “ever thought of having sex with another woman?”

Anna’s jaw dropped. She knew Deb was bisexual, of course, she wasn’t shy about telling her about her lesbian encounters, too, usually with younger women, much, much younger women, as young as 18. But she never in a million years thought Deb would be attracted to her. Granted, Anna knew she was attractive, a tall, willowy sexy woman with silvery hair and a solid body, terrific legs and an ass worthy of a woman half her age. But still.

“Be honest, babe,” Deb continued, moving a little closer, until their knees touched, Deb in a pair of white short shorts, Anna in a short print skirt. “Have you?”

“Deb, really, I..I…” Anna stammered nervously, suddenly unable to look into Deb’s alluring eyes that were fixed on her. “I never…I mean…”

“Taking so long to say yes or no, well, that makes me wonder, kiddo,” Deb sighed, sipping more wine, never taking her eyes of her best friend. “So I take that as a yes.”

“Well no, not…I mean,, no, I mean…” Anna mumbled. “But…are you saying…you think I…that I’m…”

“Gorgeous?” Deb laughed. “Fuck YES, I think you’re gorgeous, so does Juan and pretty much any man who sees you. Well, not Bill, that big dumb fuck, but hey, that’s why you have our friend Juan as your own personal oral slave right?”

Anna blushed, looking away. Deb slid a bit closer.

“Honey, you’re beautiful, well built, smart, funny and capable of multiple orgasms,” Deb giggled, making Anna smile shyly. “And so am I. Babe, we’ve known each other a long, long time, and I have always – ALWAYS – wanted you, but well, you know me, I’m shy…”

“Yeah, right!” Anna laughed, happy the moment was lighter, despite the tension in her body. “You’re shy like I’m…”

“Not thinking about me licking your pussy?” Deb added, nodding her head at Anna’s lap.

“My God, Deb, really,” Anna laughed.

Deb inched closer, putting her wine glass on the coffee table and draping her hand casino siteleri on Anna’s smooth, tanned knee, making her jump.

“OK, then, how about this?” Deb growled, leaning closer, her face inches from Anna’s, her hand now tickling up her friend’s bare forearm, making her groan and goose bumps to rise on that silky flesh. “Now that I got you thinking about it at least, and you’re not dismissing it out of hand: Have you ever HAD sex with another woman? C’mon, Anna, we’re besties, you can tell me!”

Anna froze. Her mind raced back to her college days. Days she’d thought about from time to time, less so as time increased between then and now.

“Well…maybe I…there was… you know, college stuff,” Anna said, suddenly consumed by shyness but an eagerness to get it out in the open.

“Yes, college stuff, I see, I see,” Deb smile, her nose practically touching Anna’s as her friend’s eyes finally rose to meet hers. “Do tell, Anna. Do. Tell. What sort of…college stuff?”

Anna gulped. And took another hit of her wine, feeling the buzz intensify the more Deb drank her in with those big sexy eyes.

“College…stuff…you know…kissing..things like that…” Anna said in a whisper.

“More,” Deb giggled, now tickling Anna’s bared thigh, delighting in the goose bumps they raised on that smooth skin.

“Lisa…my roommate…God, Deb…just kissing and stuff, stolen kisses after we’d been out drinking,” Anna said, warming at the recollection and more so at Deb’s tickling fingers on her supple thigh. “We kissed, ya know, little pecks, then deeper…tongue…oh God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

“And the next day?” Deb growled. “Didn’t talk about it?”

“No, we didn’t,” Anna said, incredulous. “How did you…”

“Typical teenie stuff, that’s all, no big deal,” Deb laughed. “But that wasn’t it, was it? She was a lesbian, wasn’t she, and she wanted to seduce you, right? So maybe you kissed again? Maybe you did more?”

“Well…yeah, in fact, we…,” Anna said haltingly. “Couple of nights later. Lisa, my roomie, just got in from track practice, asked me to rub her legs, she had cramps, and…damn, that was so long ago…”

She continued, more easily as the recollection swarmed over her. Lisa in short shorts, Anna rubbing her very muscular calves and thighs, smelling her sweaty scent. Leaning up and in, Lisa drawing her near in her arms. Kissing, more kissing, deeper, soulful and warm and romantic. Crotches rubbing, Lisa’s thick legs scissoring her ribs, grinding.

“And then?” Deb hissed, kissing Anna’s nose, and as she did, sneaking her hand under the waistband of her own shorts, playing with her hairy pussy.

“God, Deb, really?” Anna said in a gasping laugh, watching her best friend wantonly fingering her cunt sitting next to her.

“Yeah, baby, really,” Deb moaned, now kissing Anna’s cheek, down to her neck, nuzzling the warm, creased middle-aged flesh. “Don’t mind me…just keep talking, baby, keep telling me…this sexy stuff…”

Anna groaned as Deb licked her neck, wanting to stop her but unable to. She told about Lisa, licking her neck the way Deb was now, pulling off her t-shirt, sucking her breasts, rubbing her ass.

“Did she eat you, baby?” Deb growled, squishy sounds exploding from her crotch, the waistband slack, shorts drawn down, a hint of her bush peeking out taking Anna’s eyes to it. “Did she?”

“Yes, god, oh yes!” Anna heard herself hissing as Deb licked down her arm, to her hand, picking it up and placing it over her own, the one under her shorts, Anna pressing down, feeling the moist heat in her trembling fingers. “YES!”

“Made you cum? She made you cum, eating your hot cunt?” Deb shrieked.

Anna didn’t answer, just watched as Deb snapped in orgasm, closing her sexy thighs on Anna’s hand, using it, soaking it. Anna’s eyes were wide open, disbelieving as Deb came with a thundering roar and growl from deep inside her. She finally calmed down, pulling Anna’s wet fingers from her crotch, smiling darkly and licking them clean, then turning the hand to its owner’s mouth. Eyes fixed on Deb’s, Anna smelled the funky musk of her friend and slowly licked them clean.

“And you, did you return the favor, baby?” Deb smiled, watching her friend suckle her own fingers, relishing the flavor of her cunt. “Did ya? Huh?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Anna groaned. “God, it was so good, so good, so long…ago…”

“How long?” Deb said, cupping Anna’s face in her other hand, turning it toward her, a sexy smirk on her face, lips grazing lips. “How long did you two hotties have at each other?”

Anna smiled, a sad smile.

“Two years,” she sighed as Deb tickled her lips with the tip of her tongue. “We graduated, stayed in touch, but faded away, ya know?”

“I know,” Deb smiled, stroking her friend’s beautiful face. “And nothing else happened between you and another woman again?”

“Until now,” Anna giggled, slot oyna reveling in the freeing sensation of confession. “Now. Oh, God, Deb, oh God…”

“Shhh, baby, shhh,” Deb said, licking Anna’s lips. “Until now, the newest chapter of your sexual awakening, your enlightenment! I got you pretty far with Juan, and now, baby…”

She grabbed Anna around the neck, holding it in her hands, pressing her mouth to hers and they kissed, long, deep, wet, moaning kisses, as Anna now snuck her hand under Deb’s shorts, fingering the furry slit.

“And now,” Deb groaned as Anna’s fingers entered her. “It’s my turn!”

She pulled Anna’s hand from her crotch as their lips met again, Deb slipping open her best friend’s top, reaching behind to unsnap her bra, freeing her milky white tits. She licked down Anna’s chin, biting it, down the sweet ripple of flesh at her neck, suckling the meaty folds, making Anna groan. She tweaked the brown nipples in her fingers, cupping the meat of her gorgeous tits, drawing one into her mouth and suckling hard, nipping playfully at the nub, making Anna jump.

“You don’t know, baby, you just don’t know,” Deb growled, now grabbing Anna’s skirt and slithering it down her sexy legs and at the same time her panties, Anna’s big bush exploding into view. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to suck your fucking cunt!”

Anna giggled, always taken by her friend’s straightforwardness about anything sexual. But the giggle quickly morphed to a mighty groan as Deb knelt on the floor, parting Anna’s thighs, and driving her head between them, tongue furiously digging into the copious, matted fur and dribbling the oily lips and erect clit between them.

“OH MY GOD!” she shrieked, arching her back against the couch, pushing off it with her hips, driving her soaking pussy into Deb’s lapping mouth. “FUCK DEB FUCK!!”

“Later, baby,” she heard Deb giggle, the giggles now muffled as Anna clamped her muscular thighs around Deb’s ears, squeezing, grinding her gushing pussy into her best friend’s competent mouth.

She’d cum many times at the end of Juan’s tongue, which were the best orgasms she’d ever had. Until now. This was something else all together, something beyond the best, something surreal. She’d long heard women eat the best pussy, because women know what women like, much like, she imagined, gay men suck cock better than women.

But she never thought it could be this good. She grabbed the back of Deb’s groaning head, pulling hard, ramming her face deeper into her soaking-wet quim, grinding. Her thighs locked tighter and harder, quivering as they scissored her friend’s head with a ferocious urgency. Her feet were entwined, toes curled so tight her calves ached, as she came with a force unlike anything she’d ever experienced, Deb’s tongue thrusting in and out of her hole, her nose and upper lips jammed so hard against Anna’s clit it hurt, in the best way sexual things can.

“OH FUCK!! UNGH!! UNGH!! UNGH!!” Anna screamed, cumming with unimaginable intensity, dousing Deb’s face with her fluids, her thighs snapping with each rippling electric jolt of her mind-blowing orgasm.

She was groggy from the effort, cumming so hard against Deb’s sucking face she grew dizzy. As she came down from her orgasmic crest, her thighs loosened and her eyes focused down where Deb’s face was a grayish-blue in the tight vise of her thighs.

“Oh my God, Deb, I’m sorry, I just get…so carried away…when I cum like that…and I have NEVER cum like that!” Anna laughed, cupping Deb’s face as her friend shook her head to force blood back into it.

“It’s ok, doll, it’s ok!” Deb laughed, licking her lips thick with Anna’s gelling fluids. “Goddam, you got some strong thighs, girl! I make you cum again like that, I’m bringing the Jaws of Life to get me out!”

They fell into each other’s arms, hugging, kissing, Anna lapping at Deb’s cum-streaked face, licking it clean and sharing the load with her friend.

“Well now,” Anna giggled as she peeled off Deb’s clothes, both women naked and falling back into each other’s arms. “What about you?”

“Oh, you wanna eat my cunt, bitch?” Deb snarled, causing Anna to roll back on the couch, racked with laughter. “Maybe…or maybe not..maybe I got other plans for you, baby!”

“Oh, really?” Anna laughed.

Deb forcefully yanked Anna up from the couch, and pushed her to her knees on it, her torso draped over the back, her bountiful white ass jiggling before her. Deb licked her lips, smacking Anna’s ass, making her jump and yelp in delicious pain.

“Take it, bitch, take it like a woman!” Deb growled with a laugh, grabbing Anna’s hips.

She pounded her cunt into Anna’s smooth ass, holding her hips, grinding herself into the silky flesh. She rotated her own hips, her clit rubbing up and down the smooth mounds, growling with increasing passion. Anna felt the moist pussy open and slide over her butt flesh, making her groan. canlı casino siteleri Deb held tight to her, fucking her harder and harder, leaning over her back to lick and suckle her neck, reaching under with one hand to frig Anna’s soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my GOD, Deb!” Anna shrieked as Deb’s proficient fingers entered her wet cunt, the thumb of that hand dribbling her engorged clit. “Goddam, you are so fucking good at this shit, you twisted bitch!”

Deb roared with laughter, biting Anna’s ear, making her yelp in pain, then ramming her tongue inside as she continued her tribadic assault on her best friend’s quivering rump.

“Almost there, baby, so close, so close,” she hissed, pumping herself harder into Anna’s twitching butt. “Fuck, your ass is so hot, baby, no wonder Juan can’t get enough of it! But no body’s treated your ass like I am, have they baby! You love it, you fucking love it, your cunt is so tight on my fingers, baby…cum, baby, cum with me, fucking cum with me!!”

And they did, orgasms perfectly coinciding, each woman’s body writhing and snapping as they came, Anna soaking Deb’s fingers, Deb soaking Anna’s ass with her cuntal flow, coating it fully, a thick sheen of orgasmic slime that left every inch of it soaking wet.

Deb slipped her fingers from Anna’s pussy, bringing them to her face to be licked clean, before she slipped back and down, kneeling behind her best friend’s moist ass. She groaned, kneading the meaty flesh in her hands and then attached her mouth to it, slurping and sucking, cleaning her own cum from Anna’s glowing rump. Anna moaned as she felt her friend’s tongue slither over every inch of her quivering rump, and then felt it inside her.

“JESUS CHRIST!” Anna howled as Deb parted her meaty butt flesh in her hands and drilled her tight asshole with her tongue. “Goddam, Deb, you never cease to amaze me!”

Deb laughed in the chasm of Anna’s butt, lancing that tongue in and out with blinding speed, moaning as she did, then attaching her mouth tightly to the rectal ring and flutter fucking her asshole faster, deeper and harder. Anna groaned, fingering herself to another quick orgasm, and Deb finally pulled her worshipful face from the glorious depths of her butt.

Anna was ready for a rest. Deb was not, and easily twisted herself under Anna’s crotch as she knelt on the couch, lapping furiously at her gushing cunt, running her hands up and down her ass and slowly working two fingers, one from each hand, into Anna’s tight asshole.

“OH FUCK! OH JESUS! DEB..NO MORE…I CAN’T…” Anna growled, sitting up and settling her hairy, wet cunt fully on Deb’s sucking face, snapping her hips and slamming her sex back and forth on the tongue running rampant over her quim. “DON’T STOP!!”

Deb laughed, looking up through the frame of Anna’s muscular old thighs as they clenched around the sides of her face, watching her friend ride her harder and faster as she fingered her tight butt. Deb thrust her tongue in and out, twisting her head side to side, rubbing her face on Anna’s clit until she felt the cunt walls milk her tongue in deeper and unleash a white-hot flow of woman squirt into her mouth and all over her face.

“FUCKFUCKFUCK!!” Anna screamed, hands on her hips, gyrating, pounding her gushing snatch harder into Deb’s sucking face.

She finally stopped, panting as she sat atop Deb’s mouth and nose, her facial features soaked with her cum, thighs pressed together and quivering from the powerful orgasm. Deb slowly pulled her fingers from Anna’s asshole and cupped around her thighs, pulling them apart and smiling up at her post-orgasmic friend.

“Hey, let me breathe, will ya!” she laughed as Deb slipped off her face and fell to the couch, exhausted.

“God, I’m sorry, Deb, it’s just you’re SO fucking good at oral!” Anna laughed as Deb fell atop her.

They kissed again, sharing Anna’s orgasmic liquids, long, lingering, wet kisses, Anna’s long legs locked around Deb, holding her close.

“Well, my friend,” Deb sighed, lapping down Anna’s face to nuzzle that sexy wrinkled neck. “Now you have another oral slave! How do you like it?”

Anna laughed, and pulled Deb’s face to hers, kissing her deeply.

“Can you imagine,” Deb growled, biting Anna’s tongue and lips, “the three of us together? Me, you and Juan? Can you imagine?”

Anna’s eyes widened and with a forceful grunt, rolled Deb off her, to her back on the couch, flipping herself atop her and pinning her arms to the cushions, eyes locked on hers, lips touching.

“Oh yeah, I can imagine, baby,” Anna hissed, kissing Deb wetly. “But for now…”

She slowly slithered up Deb’s body, rubbing her wet cunt up her thighs and belly, over her tits and settling her soaked bush firmly on Deb’s moaning face, spreading her lips with her fingers and devouring Deb’s face inside.

“For now, it’s just me and you, baby,” she growled, pinching her thighs over Deb’s face, leaving only her awestruck eyes visible in the smothering grip. “Just me…and…you…”

Deb smiled in the gooey warmth of her pussy prison and licked, thinking of the possibility of that sexy trio…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20