Graduation Night

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To set the scene:

It is the evening after the groups high school graduation, the six friends went to Jen’s house to hang out and watch a few movies. While none wanted to admit it they all know this is probably the last time they will all be together as a group.

The Story

“Heller,” Brian Shouted.

“Coach.” Andy replied.

“Right.” Brian said pulling out the next taboo card. “Not circle but.”

“Square, Red Square” Jason answered this time.

“Right” Brian declared

BUZZZZZ!! came from the box as Jen hit the buzzer.”No fair you cheated.”

“How?’ all three boys demanded almost in unison.

“You used that same clue last time.” Jen said as reason for her complaint.

“So what” Brian responded. “We play Taboo all the time, so sure we will wind up using the same clues. you don’t like it then let’s play a different game.”

“Fine, we can play something else.” Jen states as she began to pack up the game.

As the game is packed up everyone stops as a “ummmmm just like that.” comes from the TV. everyone looks to see the sex scene unfold in the movie. The group just watches as the scene in the movie continues, Anne stares at Jason and asks “Why do you also pick movies with sex in them.”

“What,” he replies “it is supposed to be a gritty crime drama, why is it my fault there is a sex scene in it. Besides no one else minds.”

“Fine” she relents, flopping back into her chair. As the sex scene continues in the movie the group just sits and watches quietly.

When the scene wraps up Katie speaks up “Hey let’s play truth or dare.” Looking around the group the excitement obvious on her face. “It will be fun, and Jen’s parents and sister are gone so we don’t have to worry about anyone walking in.”

This was something new for the group, they have hung all through high school but never played any of these games. They were friends and that was it, no need to make things complicated. But as they looked around everyone seemed to realize that this was it, the last time they would all get together. So why not end things with a bang and if it makes things odd so be it.

They started playing the game and as is often the case the first few round everyone picked truth. With rather dull questions being asked. Did you cheat on the test? Yes. Did you go all the way with your prom date? No.

The game went on like this for awhile then finally Jason picked Dare. Anne was up, and everyone watched her think of what to make him do, hoping it would break the tension building in the room. Her mind made up she says “OK, I dare you to run a lap around the house.”

“Ok, I guess.” Jason says, shocked and a little disappointed as he headed for the door.

“What was that?” Jen asked

“What he said dare so I gave him a dare.” Anne replied matter of factly.

“The dares are supposed to be embarrassing, like he should have had to kiss someone.” Jen informed Anne.

“Yeah like you should have told him to kiss Brian.” Katie chimed in laughing, as Brian tossed a pillow at her.

“Oh, I did not know I’ve never played this before.” was Anne’s reply.

As Jason walked back in Anne gives him a sheepish sorry look and continues the game. “Fine if no one liked my choice of a dare, show me how to do it. Dare.” Anne said defiantly.

Andy thinks for a moment and says. “Ok Anne I dare you to run around the room twice, with your shirt off.”

Silence falls across the group, as everyone process the dare. While not that bold of a dare in the scope of the game. Within the group this was something new. After what seemed like an eternity Katie spoke up and said “Now that is how you dare someone.” The tension broken the rest of the group started to laugh. As Anne gets up, she grabbed the base of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Exposing her blue bra for everyone one to see.

As she starts to jog, her arms cover her chest, but as she jogs around the room she lets her arms fall to her side. As she begins her second lap everyone watches her large boobs bouncing up and down, straining against her bra. As she finishes her second lap “There, happy” Anne taunts, giving her chest an extra shake.

“I’m happy” Katie responds ” and I’m sure the boys loved it,” she adds.

Sitting back down Anne grabs her shirt. After holding it for a moment she tosses her shirt aside and just sits there topless to everyone surprise. “Well your turn Andy truth or dare.” Anne stats looking to keep the game moving.

Dare comes his response as he stars at Anne’s chest. As Jen thinks of what to make Andy to do she stalls building her never. Her mind made up she states “I dare you to show me your penis.” Everyone’s shock is clear across their faces. They may have thought the game would build to this, but it happened so fast.

“Ok,” is illegal bahis Andy’s response as he stands up his hands reaching for his belt.

“Wait,” Jen says “not everyone one just me.” she stands up and leads him in the other room. “Oh my,” the group hears a moment later. As they walk back into the room large grins on both their faces.

Sitting back down Andy looks and Jen and says “Your turn.”

Jen pauses and scans the group, then standing up she says hold on as she runs upstairs. She returns a moment later with a small box. “Ok I got this from my sister as a graduation gift,” as she sets a box down in the middle of the group they all read the Adult Dare Game printed on the box. “It feels like this is what is going on now so let’s just switch games.”

Everyone nods as she opens the box and pulls out a few decks of cards, finding the rules she give them a quick read. “Ok it looks like we have two piles of cards one for boys and one for girls, and there are three levels of cards.” Pausing to make sure that everyone is paying attention. “Green is tame, the notes the rules give you will show and touch. Yellow is mild, with theses the touching gets more intense.” Swallowing Jen reads on “Red is wild, anything and everything short of sex.”

“I say we use all three.” Jason suggests, the rest of the group nods in agreement.

“Ok, then the rules recommend we strip down to underwear if we play with red cards.” Jen adds in reading the rules.

“I’m halfway there so I’ll go first” Anne states setting the pattern of each member of the group striping separately so everyone can watch. as she stands up she undoes her jeans and slides them down, showing off her dark blue panties. Her work done she sits down and looks over at Andy.

Andy stands up and pulls of his shirt revealing his lanky frame. Pulling down his pants his tighty whities visible with a bulge in the front. As the girls stare they notice the bulge seems rather large, looking at Jen she give them a quick nod as if to confirm yes he is packing a monster.

Next is Jen’s turn and she stands up, visible unsure as to if she should proceed. As she starts to pull of her shirt Katie shouts “Work it girl!” and lets out a shout. Feeling encouraged by this she pulls of her shirt and pants revealing her black bra and pink panties. Her time complete she quickly sits down hoping no one noticed the wet spot growing on her panties.

Brian stood up and quickly took off his clothes with little fan fare. As he took of his pants Anne holds back a laugh. As Brian blushes and sits back down, the rest of the group stare at Anne. Realizing what she did Anne speaks up. “Sorry Brian nothing bad, just a dirty thought.” Everyone still staring at her she continues. “You have Batman boxers on and I was thinking what do you have in your utility belt.”

Some more light laughter comes from the group and Brian adds “While depending on the game you may find out.” Trying to get things back on track Katie quickly stands up and pulls of her clothes.

She tosses her shirt aside revealing her red Bra, Undoing her pants she adds “Well I guess it looks like planned for this but it was just what I had On.” Her odd comment becomes clear as her pants fall to the floor relieving her matching red thong. Jen taunts her with a quick whistle as Katie sits back down.

“Well I guess save the best for last” Jason jokes as he pulls off his clothes.

“How do you have a Six pack?” came the question form Jen.

Looking bashful “Years of swimming.” Jason replied. Trying to push things along he drops his pants and sits back down and ask “Ok who wants to go first?”

“I will” Anne says as she pulls the first card off the girls deck. Reading the card first to herself then out loud, “It is a yellow card. Rub the crotch of the person of your choosing, over any clothes they have on” Think for just a moment, she slides over to Andy and grabs him. Rubbing him through his underwear as shocked look grows on her face and a smile grows on Andy’s.

Pulling her hand back Andy draws his card. “Green” he says with disappointment, he then leans over and starts licking Anne’s neck. She lets out a small giggle, as everyone figure out that was all his card said.

Jen drew her card and laughed, “I’m supposed to Moon everyone.” Standing up she turns around and starts to bend over. As she bends over she grabs the waist of her panties and pulls them down exposing her bare ass. Her task complete Brian reaches for his card.

He reads the card and blushes. Swallowing hard Brian says “It’s a red card.” Everyone sits up, they tension fills the room as they wait to hear what is next. “With the person to your left, so you Katie.” Brian says stalling. “Lick the asshole of the person to your left for 30 seconds.” There is a gasp in the room and Brian looks illegal bahis siteleri at Katie unsure if he should act or just laugh off the card and draw again.

After thinking for just a moment Katie stands up and kneels down on her chair, her ass facing the group. Taking the cue Brian stands up and pulls down her thong. Placing his hands on her cheeks he spreads them apart and leans in. He start with a tentative lick, as a woo comes from Katie. Feeling bolder he starts working his tongue faster flicking back and forth over her tight hole. Pushing his tongue inside her she lets out a soft moan. Assuming his time is up he stops and sits back down his hard dick pushing against his boxers,visible to the rest of the group.

With a smile on her face Katie picks draws her card. “Boo, it is a green card.” she says unhooking her bra. “Show your boobs to the group.” She reads the card aloud; she tosses the card, and her bra, aside. As she is now the first one completely naked the group pauses taking in her naked form. Looking at Jason and wanting to keep the game going, she reminds him it is his turn.

Regaining some composure Jason draws his card. With Katie looking over his shoulder she proclaims. “Red card!” giddy with excitement.

“Insert an object, not a body part, into a person of your choice.” Jason reads from the card he starts looking around the room for something to use.

“Hold on.” Jen says as she runs out of the room. She returns a moment later and sets a vibrator on the table, next to the cards. “you can use that.” She says matter of factly.

Jason Picks up the toy, holding it he looks over at Jen. “While it is your toy.” He says as we walks around the coffee table. Jen responds by pulling down her panties and spreading her legs showing everyone her neatly trimmed bush. Jason slowly pushes the toy into Jen’s pussy; once he slides the toy in her he finds the switch and turns it on.

Jen lets out a long moan as Jason works the toy in and out of her pussy. “Yes, just like that.” she encourages him, letting out another moan.

“Time.” Katie said. Sliding the vibrator in and out of Jen’s pussy a few more times, before withdrawing the toy he sets it back on the table and walks back to his seat. Jen looks distraught, as she was enjoying her dare but was denied a release. “That was too short” she complained leaving her panties on the floor.

Anne looked over at Jen and comments “Sorry Jen, maybe next round.” She then draws her card, and giggles. “It is a Yellow, but it could be a fun one.” reading the card “Have someone lick something off your body.” Looking around the room she stand ups, and says “I’ll be right back” as she heads for the kitchen. She returns her bra missing and a white gel covering her nipples.

“What is that?” Brian asks.

“Yogurt,” Comes the reply “Andy you have not done anything in awhile.” She says as she sits back down. Not wasting any time Andy leans in and starts licking the first nipple clean with long purposeful licks. When he finishes on the first nipple he repeats the same process on the second, using the same long slow licks. While sucking on the one breast he starts to fondles the other, feelings its weight gently rolling the nipple in his hand. The whole group watches as Andy gleeful does his task. Not stopping after he has removed the last of the yogurt, he switches back the other side.

“I think there clean.” Anne teases, with a smile and giggle.

Standing up Andy admits, “Hey I’ve wanted to do that for a while, I was going to enjoy it.” Taking his card his card he continues the game, reading it a blank look falls across his face. “It’s Red, Using your hand pleasure the person two spots to your left.” he reads looking over at Brian.

“Well ok I guess.” Brian responds as he stand up and pulls down his boxers. Andy then walks over and grabs his hard dick and give it a pull. The two boys stand there with little emotion on their face after a few pulls Andy sits back down, as a chuckle escapes from Katie.

“What was that?” she asks.

“I did want the card said.” Andy replied.

“Sure, but it looked as relaxed as a doctor’s check up.” reaching over and grabbing, Brian’s dick her self she repeats the process. “How are things.” she adds in a dead pan. “No aches or pains to report.”

“The card said what I had to do not how I had to do it.” Andy replied. “Beside you seem to be having more fun with that one.” Gesturing to Katie as she kept stoking Brian’s dick. She stopped and pulled her hand away.

Chiming in Brian added “For what it’s worth Katie you were better at that then Andy.” The group laughs as Jen grabs her card.

“Hmmm, its a green card but I can work with it.” Jen says. “Lick an exposed body part of the person of your choice.” She reads from the card, looking over at Andy she canlı bahis siteleri adds. “Let me show you how to do it.” Jen stands up, but to everyone’s shock she heads over to Katie and kneels down between her legs. “You never put your underwear back on did you?” Jen ask.

“Nope” is Katie’s response as she spreads her legs, showing her trimmed red bush to the group.

“So I guess that means your whole body is exposed.” Jen adds her head leaning in. Katie’s only response is a moan as Jen’s tongue runs over her pussy. Jen runs her tongue across Katie’s pussy several more times, before she starts to pull back.

As she looks up at Katie she starts to get up only to have Katie grab the back of her head. “No you don’t.” Katie commands, “You need to fish what you start.” As she guides Jen pack into position. The rest of the group watches in on as Jen resumes her task. There is no hesitation this time, Jen licks with purpose, as Katie moans with pleasure wrapping her hands in her friends hair.

The game now forgotten Andy leans back over and resumes sucking on Anne’s boobs, While Jason guides her hand onto his dick. Brian sits for a moment and takes in the scene, he looks over seeing Katie moan in pleasure as Jen keeps eating her out. Katie waves Brain over and quickly starts sucking on his cock. On the other side of the room, Anne is stuck between Jason and Andy with one sucking on her tits, while the other is licking her pussy.

The group keeps licking and sucking, changing the arrangements often. After several minutes of this Jen pulls Brian’s dick out of her mouth and looks at the group. “Would one of you fuck me already?” she asks. Jason quickly lines up behind her and slides his dick into her waiting pussy. She lets out a moan and takes Brian back in her mouth. Katie and Anne then quickly scuffle as to who gets to ride Andy. Katie wins as she lowers herself onto His cock. she begins to bounce up and down as he plays with her tits. Feeling left out Anne lowers her dripping pussy into Andy’s face.

Jason and Brain start bouncing Jen between them, Jason thrusts shoving Brian’s cock deep into her mouth. then Brian pushing her down onto Jason’s. While Katie is bouncing up and down with wild abandon her red hair falling around her face.

As Anne lets out a scream of pleasure, as Jason lets out “I’m close.”

to which Jen responds ” Cum in me, fill my pussy with your cum.” Hearing her response pushes him over the edge and he lets out a low grunt as he shoots his load in her pussy. The other two boys quickly follow suit each shooting their load. Andy’s up Katie’s tight pussy, while Brian’s down Jen’s through. Reaching the peak everyone collapsed for a moment to catch their breath.

After a moment Anne speaks up. “Hey Jen do you have any lube some place. Cause I did not get fucked yet.” Looking around the room she adds “we have three guys, and I have a dirt idea.” Jen can only nod as she gets up and heads to the master bath. After digging around she find the bottle of lube and heads back to the group. As she enters the room she sees the three guys standing in front of Anne and Katie as the girls take turns seeing just how much cock they can take in the mouth.

“Here you go” Jen says handing Anne the bottle. With the bottle in hand Anne stands up and takes control of the room.

“Here is what is going to happen, You two sit down you only get to watch.” she starts. Jen and Katie site down on the couch ready for the show. Anne points at Andy and tells him to lay on the ground, Next she hands Brian the bottle of Lube, and give Jason a wink. The three boys look at each other, trying to figure out what Jen has planned.

“Damn, you nasty girl!” comes from the coach as Jen figures out what is about to happen.

“Yep,” is all Anne says as she squats over his hard dick and slides on to it. She takes a few slow thrust letting out a long moan. As she gets comfortable she then waves Brian over, he lubes himself up and gently pushes his cock up her tight ass. She lets out a scream as the second cock penetrates her. It takes a few moment for Anne to get comfortable with Brian’s dick in her ass and for the boys to get in a rhythm.

Jason stands back and watches as the three get into a rhythm, passing Anne between their two cocks. As she starts to moan he steps up and shoves his cock in her open mouth. Anne moans stifled by Jason’s dick grow stronger as all her holes are filled. Soon her body starts to quiver as an orgasim runs through her body. The boys quickly follow, filling her mouth, pussy and ass with their cum. Spent the four lay on the floor while Jen and Katie clap from the couch.

“Great show.” Jen shouts.

“How about an Encore.” Katie teases.

The group kept at it for the rest of the night. Each girl was triple teamed, every guy filled every hole. All the sexual tension they built up from the years of hang out was released in one long evening. When morning came they all got dressed and went their separate ways. With this wonderful night to remember when they think back on their high school days.

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