Graduation Present

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For the real Mike


More than three years had past since I had ‘met’ him. The man that stood outside my front door, the man that had stolen my heart with his words, more typed than spoken. My ‘graduation present’ was a convenient disguise for his nine-hour trip to finally meet me.

I had been a child of fifteen, almost sixteen, when our conversations started and he swore up on down on not-so-rare occasions that he would only always see me as that. Then I would turn the conversation in that direction and he would not have the power to say no to me. Or he didn’t want it.

I was fidgety – god, was my knee bouncing when he called me from the road. Now I wasn’t sure that I had the physical ability to reach out and open that door. My parents, family, and other guests were floating about the house and spilling out of the large glass sliding doors to the generous porch and lawn. Cars were parked all the way down our lengthy driveway, but I had saved a special spot in front of the driveway for his beloved Monte Carlo. Twenty-three year old girlfriend with expensive tastes, as he had often joked.

I was now eighteen, on my way to nineteen and college, and he, my beyond-beloved guide for the ages, was waiting for me to open the damn door.

I did and stopped. I had to look up, but only a little, but the smile on my lips could not have been any more natural.

“My God,” was all I could manage, and I forced the door open a little more. His familiar and amazingly sensual deep chuckle was his response to me wrapping my arms around his warm body. I wouldn’t have moved for all the money in the world when his arm curved around me. The only thing that could have perfected that moment would have been a kiss. The peck on my forehead would have to suffice.

“Yes?,” he laughed again, hugging me tighter briefly and just holding me. After a moment, one that wasn’t nearly long enough, he pulled my back a little with his hands on my upper arms and kissed my forehead again. “Not quite what I was expecting…and I mean the greeting.”

“I know what you meant, kid,” I stuck my tongue out and looked him over a moment before I couldn’t hold it in and hugged him again. It was too good to be true and there was no way I was going to give up the change to hug him like I had always wanted to. “You have no idea how much I’ve always wanted to do this…”

“I think I do, my dear,” he smiled again and hugged me until propriety required me, as the guest of honor as well as the hostess, to introduce him to the rest of the party.

There are something like four motels in my little town and the one that was the closest was the one I had put him up in – I refused to let him pay for it, no matter how much he protested, because it was not his fault that he was male, nor that my parents refused illegal bahis to allow him to stay in our house.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true – my parents didn’t have much of a problem because they weren’t aware that Mike, at thirty-four, would be even remotely interested in me. I was ‘legal’ now, a concept that had not entered their heads. They had, actually, offered to let him stay. I was the one that wanted him elsewhere.

For the express reason that I was standing outside his motel room door, dressed in something that I had always promised him.

He liked breasts. My breasts, I hoped, would suffice. There was surely enough of them to do so. Now at the end of high school, I had topped out only slightly smaller than my mother – a forty double-d was stuffed haphazardly into the white button-down top. I loved the school-girl concept, and so took it to an extreme. A low extreme, as the small numbered of done-up buttons could attest to. I had always been a fan of black bras – only color I owned, minus a white one for the occasion that I needed to dress up ‘properly’. As it were, this was not one of those ‘properly dressed’ situations, and so I was clad in a barely-buttoned white collared blouse and a demi-cup black bra beneath it. I had purchased the blue and black tartan-patterned pleated skirt back in my Freshman year and, aside from Halloween, had never had any real need for it.

I even had the Mary Janes and the knee-high socks, to boot. No pig-tails, but my long, straight hair – once a chestnut color and curly, now a much darker brown with red hints as Mike loved redheads – was down in my favorite wear. My pale green eyes, his proclaimed favorite physical feature, were properly accented with tasteful black liner and lash-elongating mascara.

And now, my dears, it was time to knock.

It opened and a curious and confused expression crossed his features before the grin took hold.

“Oh my,” with raised eyebrows, he looked me slowly up and down before opening the door wider, “Come in, Niki…”

“Thought you’d never ask. If you’re not careful, someone will think you hired a hooker. And probably ask where to find one.”

“You don’t look like a hooker,” he replied quietly, closing the door behind me and standing back against it.

“I do,” I laughed, “Or at least a very naughty schoolgirl.”

“That was what you were aiming for, wasn’t it?” he smirked, watching me.

“Well, realistically, I was aiming to be naked by now,” I laughed a little, moving closer to him.


I bit my lip – I knew this was the make-or-break moment. He would either say yes, or say no. In the event of the first, I would never come down from the euphoria. In case of the latter…

“Mike,” I sighed, settling my hands briefly on his cheeks before them illegal bahis siteleri slid to lay open-palmed on his chest. “Tell me you don’t love me, Mike.”

“You know I do, Niki, it isn’t…”

“Tell me you aren’t turned on in the least.”

He glanced down and then back up at me with a bemused and ‘well, duh’ expression.

“Tell me why you came to Michigan.” I moved my hands to the top button that had been buttoned.

“To see you.”

“Then see me,” I replied, popping the button out of its hole.


“Tell me no,” I looked steadily at him, quickly undoing the rest of the buttons before I stole his hands to settled them on my uncovered waist.

He closed his eyes and inhaled sharply, his hands slipping around to the small of my back as he pulled me closer. With his mouth pressed to my ear, he murmured, “No… I can’t.”

“Yes…you can,” I found his ear and nibbled on the lower lobe, kissing the tender skin behind it. “You can. I can. We can. There aren’t any excuses left, Mike. You’re not nine hours away any more. I’m not underage any more.”

“You’re still sixteen years younger than I am,” he pulled back a little and I could feel his hands slipping from my skin.

A hand on the back of his head, slipped in among his hair, the other draped over his shoulders, I pulled him close to me and meshed our lips together in a kiss I had never imagined but had always wanted.

When I separated our lips, he kissed me again briefly before I managed to say one more thing, “But I’m not sixteen. I haven’t been for years and won’t be ever again. I’m not a kid – I’ve got stuff to learn and ways to grow, but everyone always will. I’m not asking you for forever, Mike – I’m asking you for a chance, for today. Maybe tomorrow, too.”

I added the last bit and he laughed again before he moved to kiss my neck, his hands sliding up my back and undoing my bra in a moment.

“…You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to touch these,” he smirked, kissing the base of my neck as his hands curved around the front of me to cup each of my breasts.

“No more than I’ve wished you would,” I cooed in response, hands under the hem of his shirt. He had to stop touching me for me to take his shirt off, but the moment the option was open, he was holding me again.

We wasted very little time removing every other article of clothing, though the buckles on my shoes were a pain. “Next time I’ll wear flip-flops,” I joked as I finally got to pull my socks off.

We both stood at the edge of the motel bed, completely naked, and as I pulled us closer together I murmured, “I thought I would be embarrassed of my body…but I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin.”

“With great reason,” he kissed me lightly, brushing my hair off of my canlı bahis siteleri face. “You’re beautiful.”

Discarding my normal reply of disagreement and thanks, I said, “You make me that way.”

He shook his head a little, fingers running back through my hair as he kissed me again.

We settled onto the bed and he had me squirming, his lips ravaging my breasts. The little noises of pleasure I made, the same ones he had heard over the distance on a phone many times, were driving him crazy and he said as much.

“I’m just returning the favor,” I smiled a little, arching my hips up towards his body. “Now….stop…okay…don’t stop..”

He chuckled deeply against my skin, kissing, nibbling, and licking a trail down to the warm place between my legs. His tongue stroked an excruciatingly slow, long line from the end of my slit only to end against the wanting tip of my clit. His tongue dove into me and lapped only long enough to make me climb to an orgasm, leaving me hanging on for dear life as he lifted his face to kiss me.

I had tasted a woman before, and myself, but the simple fact that I was the flavor on his lips, in is mouth, had me gripping my shoulders and grinding my hips into him in response.

His length slid across my warm, wet opening and caused both of us to shudder and moan, mine louder than his.

He was throbbing between my legs and I loved it. I wanted all of it. So, of course, I gently coerced him onto his back and straddled myself above his erection. I passed myself over the tip of him a few times, every one eliciting a louder noise of appreciation from him and a broader smile on my face.

“You’ve always loved to tease me,” he smirked, his hands rubbing up my legs to settle on my waist. I knew he wanted to push down and so said, “But I also loved to hear you moan my name at the end of it all.”

He groaned a little, and his grip tightened as I slid myself onto him. It had been years since either of us had been with someone else, and so – at least for me – it felt like a first. My breath caught in my throat and my heart did flip-turns in my chest. His hands moved to toy with my breasts, mainly my hard nipples that were screaming for attention.

The orgasm that had coiled itself in my stomach while Mike had been administering to my nether regions sprung wide open soon after I was atop him and the clenching of my most precious muscles had him moaning my name as I whimpered his.

“My outfit was totally wasted,” I laughed a little, my voice breathless. I heard the beginnings of a chuckle in him, but as my pace quickened and I rocked back and forth, up and down on his hips and I climbed back to orgasm, he could not do anything but let loose a steady stream of warm cum into my innermost folds and a strong moan of my name, yet again, while I moaned his.

I rode him until he went soft inside me, at which point I slipped to lay against his side. His arms curled around me and he kissed the top of my head. We found ourselves beneath his sheets and he murmured, “Not in the least, love.”

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