Guardian Angel Ch. 01

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I couldn’t face another long boring Saturday night by myself, nothing on the television and no one to talk to, I needed to get out. I had not been in a relationship for a good few years and didn’t have much luck with the opposite sex. To be honest I was lonely and didn’t have anyone who I could call a real friend but I didn’t let that get me down and tried to enjoy what life I had.

Decision made, I had soon showered and shaved. I then took my time dressing, putting on my best clothes, finishing off with a good spray of expensive aftershave. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought I looked quite good for man in my middle years.

I decided to head into town and satisfy my needs with a few drinks and eyeing up the women, you never know, it could be my lucky night, I might even meet someone I could get along with and get my first shag in two years.

I went to a few different bars, the sights were magnificent, peach shaped arses, long slim legs, sumptuous cleavages, bare flesh on display everywhere I looked, this was my idea heaven but no one showed the slightest bit of interest in me. Time was passing swiftly so I decided to try one last pub and then I would grab a takeaway and head home.

Entering the establishment, I moved to the bar and ordered my usual tipple of lager and then settled into a chair, again enjoying the view. I divulged in two more drinks but the time was getting late and the bar was starting to empty. “No chance of meeting anyone tonight, I may as well go home and satisfy myself with a whisky and a wank.” I thought to myself.

I needed the toilet before I left or I would be bursting by the time I found a taxi and made my way home. I took the last swig of my lager and rose from my stool, to head for the toilets in the far back corner of the pub. As soon as I entered the smell hit me, the toilets were not very well kept and it looked as though someone had thrown up in the long metal trough. Looking around I decided to use one of the three cubicles. All three doors were closed over but I could see none were engaged, I don’t know why but I picked the middle door and pushed it open. To my shock and surprise, a young woman was sat on the pot, her skirt was hitched up around her waist exposing her white stained panties.

The girl had a trail of what looked like sperm, trailing from the corner of her mouth, it had ran across her chin and dripped down onto her cleavage, running to the top of her low-cut dress. The girls long blonde hair had fallen over her face, I moved it. Shit it was Donna, a young woman who worked in the same company as I did.

I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t just leave her there, she was helpless and would be vulnerable to anyone who came into the toilet. I shook Donna’s shoulder, trying to wake her up but I had got no response. I shook her and called her name but she is like a rag doll. Finally I decide to make her stand up, maybe that will wake her. I bend pushing one of my arms under each of Donna’s armpits, she is so light and I lift her easily, she groans and slightly opens her eyes. I manoeuvre her round so we move out of the cubicle, her co-ordination is not very good as she speaks.

“Are you taking me home.” Donna slurs.

“Yes, yes but lets get you out of here first.” I mumble.

Donna stumbles backwards and come to rest against the door frame, her skirt is still around her waist, I know I have to pull it down before we can leave through the pub. Donna’s rocking slightly. I take the hem of her dress and try to pull it down, the dress is tight and it take an effort to get it to move and finally it started to lower. My hand brushes against the soft material of her panties and I realised my cock is rock hard, I would have loved to fuck this girl but it wouldn’t illegal bahis be right with her in this condition.

Her dress was now down but it was so skimpy it hardly covered her perfect, tight little arse, I was amazed she had ever fit into it. Donna now seemed a little livelier, I still had an arm around her as we left the toilets, she rested her head on my shoulder, we probably looked as though we were together to other drinkers but I knew that a forty five years old wreck like me would never get the chance with an eighteen year old girl like Donna.

I quickly moved to the door and we were outside, the chill of the autumn air brought a shiver to my spine, I could see it had taken an effect on Donna as well, her nipples were now erect and poking out through her bra and the tight material of her black dress. Looking at her I almost came in my pants, this was the type of girl I had always wanted to fuck. I knew I had to get her home but I had no idea were she lived.

“Donna, Donna.” I shook her again. “Were do you live?” She giggled, I repeated the process.

“On the moon.” She said. Stupid cow, with nowhere else to take her, she would have to come back to my house.

I flagged down one of the multitude of taxi’s that were passing by and soon I had bundled Donna into the back, I sat beside her, giving the driver my home address. It didn’t take long and the car pulled up outside my house. I paid the man and helped Donna out, the driver giving me a knowing look. The taxi pulled away and Donna flopped against me, her eyes were rolling, I knew she was almost unconscious as I half carried, half dragged her to my front door. I opened the lock with a great deal of fumbling effort, Donna was now starting to feel awkward and heavy. Finally in, it was with great relief I dumped her on my settee.

I needed a drink and poured my self a whisky, which I downed in one gulp. I then turned my attention back to the girl, she had moved to get herself comfortable but she was laid with her legs wide open, giving me an unrestricted view of her panties and the outline of her pussy. With a great deal of effort I managed to pull my gaze away and pour another drink.

My cock was at bursting point as I sat down on the end of the settee, again my eyes were drawn to her panties. I knew they were soft, from when my hand brushed against them but now with a clear sight I could see that they were white lace. The material was almost translucent, the strands held together with tiny embroidered flowers, the band of the panties so thin I couldn’t understand how it didn’t snap.

Donna’s pussy was clearly visible through her panties, the hood of her clitoris pushing up the material. Her cunt lips seemed to be parted giving the shape of a butterfly in flight. I was in a trance, I don’t know how long I sat staring but the off white stains were her cunt opening would be had my full attention. It must be sperm, it couldn’t be anything else, Donna must have been fucked in that toilet. I looked at the rest of her, I had forgotten about the snail trail from her mouth to her now heaving chest. I could see it was still there, I moved and kneeled down near her head for a closer look. To me it didn’t look like drool, I thought it was definitely spunk, someone had cum in her mouth and she had not been able to do anything about it and had let it trickle down to her tits. I wondered if she had even been awake when her mouth was fucked or if she was already out cold in that toilet. I then started to wonder how many men had dumped their sperm inside her tonight. I knew there had been at least one in her mouth and I moved down so my face was near her panties, they were defiantly stained with cum, so she had taken at least one cock in each of the two orifices.

Again illegal bahis siteleri my mind was drawn back to my throbbing cock but my face was uncontrollably moving closer to Donna’s pussy. I could now smell the stench of the after effects of sex. I was lost, I had never been so close to a gorgeous woman’s cunt before in my life and I knew I probably wouldn’t get the opportunity again. My tongue came into contact with the material of her panties, immediately I could taste the cum, a mixture of male and female juices but it didn’t stop me and I pushed my tongue down harder pressing into the gap between her pussy lips, the taste of cum getting stronger and stronger.

I knew I had to go to the next level.

I carefully hooked my finger under her spunk stained panties, pulling them to one side, give my tongue unrestricted access. Her pussy lips looked swollen and they were still parted. I could see a glistening between her puffy flesh, I’m sure I can see spunk still swimming in her cunt. I move my finger gently across the folds of her pussy. Suddenly the cum she must have taken earlier starts to trickle from her lips and without warning it turns to a flood. How many times had she been fucked, this was certainly more than one load of cum.

I didn’t know what to do, her pussy looked a sodden mess. I moved my finger away, her lips closed a little stopping the flow. I don’t know what happened next, if it was animal lust or something I just needed to do but I decided to use my tongue and clean her up.

I licked one of her cunt lips and then the other, rolling my extended tongue around ever fold of her pussy before bringing my lips into contact with hers. Donna moved slightly but this seemed to open her pussy even more. I knew it was time, I knew she’d had a least one cock depositing its load in her but there was no way I could stop myself and I took the plunge.

My taste buds were bombarded with an immense salty taste, suddenly it was if a dam had burst, my mouth was filled with a torrent of spunk and juices, flooding my tongue with a mixture of tastes, how many cocks had she fucked? I guessed it was at least three but I didn’t care as I ploughed deeper and deeper into her cunt, my soul was lost in lust.

I knew long minutes had passed before my desire for her cunt was satisfied, liquid was running from my chin but I didn’t care what it was, I was still in heaven, I had just eaten an eighteen year old cunt, this was more than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

I then again went back to Donna’s cum stained face, even in this state she was beautiful, I took hold of her long, soft blonde hair, it was exactly how I expected it to feel. Her eyelids were closed but I knew they encased her bright blue eyes, her full lips were magnificent, even better with lines of spunk across her perfect creamy skin.

Unable to stop myself I pulled down the top of her dress, for some unknown reason I wanted to see if her bra matched her panties, I felt like a total pervert but my ecstasy would not let me stop. The bra was a perfect match, down to the stains of cum.

“She must be one dirty little slut.” I thought to myself.

I eventually let go of her dress and satisfied myself with a grope of her tits, they easily filled my hand. The soft flesh moulding to my grip, I didn’t want to squeeze to hard and wake the girl so I continued with my soft caresses. The pain in my groin was now reaching the point of agony, my balls swollen more than they had ever been, as my hard cock strained against its outer flesh.

The idea came to me in an instant, Donna had been sucking cock and she had taken a few loads in her pussy, one more wouldn’t matter, would it? I had convinced myself, my cock in my hand, I was wanking canlı bahis siteleri as hard as was humanly possible, less than twenty strokes and I could feel the pressure build to more than was bearable. My cock exploded, jet after jet of hot cum covering Donna’s face, a vast amount landing between her lips and dropping into her mouth. She gave a little cough and I heard her swallow and then no movement at all.

I looked at my handy work, my sperm was running down each cheek, dripping onto her neck. Three thick strands of cum went from below her nose and across to her hairline. I had never produced so much sperm in my life, in a strange way I was proud of myself. I put my cock away and sat in the chair opposite Donna. I don’t know how long I stared at the girl before I finally fell asleep.

I woke with a start my whole body wracked with pain, why the hell had I slept in the chair, then I realised Donna was still here, still asleep, it was not a dream. I needed coffee, my head was thumping, it must have been that whisky.

As I stood and moved to Donna, I knew I wanted to feast on her cunt again but I knew that it was out of the question, so I carefully reached over and gently closed her legs, taking one last glance at her panties. Her face was still glistening with the remains of my crusty spunk and the cum of unknown others but there was nothing I could do about that.

As I turn to walk to the kitchen Donna woke up. “Welcome back to the land of the living.” I say to her and I gave her a big smile, she looked scared, trying to find her bearings. I quickly explain what had happened the night before, how I had found her and how I had brought her to my house. Donna then seemed to relax a little, she seemed relieved that she hadn’t slept with me. “The bathroom is at the top of the stairs if you want to freshen up, I’ll make you a coffee, you look as though you need it.” She mumbled her thanks and quickly left the room.

It was a good fifteen minutes before Donna returned, I could see she had washed her face and combed her hair. “Oh my god, I have no memory of what happened last night. Thanks for looking after me.” Donna blurts out, she thinks I’m her saviour. Donna swiftly drinks her coffee and thanks me again as she leaves. I had been worried that she might have know that I had eaten her cunt and deposited my cum over her face but she had no recollection at all.

I arrived as normal at work on Monday morning, I have a quick cup of tea and settled into my mundane job as a bookkeeper. I worked for quite a large manufacturing business, the company employs close to two hundred people but there is only one person that I want to see. My cock starts to grow as I recall the events of Saturday but again no luck, no sign of Donna.

I normally eat lunch by myself, in the canteen and read my newspaper but today to my shock and surprise Donna comes to my table and sits with me. This was the first time since I started here that I had not had lunch alone. We have a good talk about the world in general, she doesn’t mention Saturday night, neither do I but my cock is rigid thinking about what happened, then she stuns me.

“I’m going out Friday night and you know what I’m like.” She laughed and then give me a wide beaming smile, showing her Lilly white teeth. “I think I might need my Guardian Angel again, someone who can look after me when I’m pissed out of my head.” She giggles again, my face must have looked a picture of horror, how could she be this open about what she does. “Look I’ll be honest with you, I like to fuck and fuck good looking, hunky guys and plenty of them but sometimes I get to the stage when I cannot control or look after myself, I would like it if you could be there to make sure I’m safe. I know I can trust you to look after me.” Suddenly I was racked with guilt, I had abuse her trust but I didn’t have time to answer before she got up and pecked me my on the cheek. “Thank you, be at The Madison Bar before eight, I’ll see you there.” And then she was gone.

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