He Sucks Again

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The entire drive home I tried to convince myself that it was because I was under the influence and it wasn’t what I wanted. I never thought about sucking cock but yet I did. I loved girls but yet I enjoyed pleasing that stranger. Being on my knees with no control actually turned me on. That night I shot the biggest load when I masturbated thinking about sucking cock.

Once I got back to college things became more normal. I was constantly around sexy girls with tight leggings and low hanging shirts. It was almost like that night never happened. Almost never happened is not never happened. Occasionally I would have flashbacks about his dick and him using my mouth for his pleasure. Every single time making me horny and wanting more.

This continued throughout college. I even stopped at an adult video store a few times hoping I could find another stranger to suck. Each of these trips resulted in me convincing myself I didn’t want it and getting out before I did something I’d regret. Except the only regret was not sucking.

Once I graduated and moved out on my own I started to these flashbacks more often. Each flashback resulted in me going on the internet. From Literotica I would always end up jerking off to a guy cumming on a girl’s face or a girl giving a blowjob to a big dick stud. I even started posting on Craigslist.

The Craigslist posts led to a few meetings, picture trading, and sexting but I never went through with it. Every single time I told myself that it was because I wasn’t gay and that I loved girls. Yet I kept doing it. Almost an addiction. It was like I was enjoying getting off on being a tease to these guys.

One of these occasions was different. I posted an ad about wanting to suck a guy to completion. I would always say I never sucked because I noticed more guys would respond when they thought they would be the first to use my mouth.

I got a response from a well endowed older man telling me exactly what he wanted. He seemed perfect. We traded pics and sent a few dirty text messages. Eventually he was over the tease and wanted casino şirketleri to come over. Normally I would meet in public or their house so I could escape but I gave him my address to meet me. He was coming over that night.

I felt very uncomfortable all day knowing that this gentleman was coming over but I was extremely horny. I tried to drink a few beers to relax my nerves but that wasn’t helping. By the time he came over I was pretty drunk and I was not wanting to suck him off. He knocked on my door and called me but I never answered. I sat on the other side of the door wishing that he would go away. After what seemed like an hour of him waiting he finally left. Before he drove away he sent me one last text message: “next time you play with someone you won’t get so lucky.”

That text message created so many emotions. Scared, nervous, threatened, and, shockingly, horny. I was nervous I would run into him but at the same time I wanted to run into him. Unfortunately, it never happened. It wasn’t until I moved halfway across the country that I ended not being so lucky.

The gym I would frequent had a steam room and a sauna. After hard workouts, I would go in and relax my muscles. Rarely did I ever come across anyone when I would go. I was never looking for anything, but the steam would always make me hard and horny.

After a grueling workout I decided to take my time and really enjoy the steam room and sauna. While walking to the locker room I crossed paths with a new member. He was about 5 inches taller than me, more muscular, and was about 20 years older than me. His short shorts showed off his massive quads and cutoff shirt emphasized his defined arms. As he walked past me, he smiled and asked how my workout was.

Typically, the other gym members wouldn’t talk so it threw me off a bit. After attempting to piece together a sentence I mentioned that I would be going to the steam room to recover. As he walked away he said he hoped to run into me after.

What did he mean? I didn’t think much off it as I was sore and tired after the casino firmaları workout. I took off my clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist, and went to the steam room. I sat on the lower bench so I could rest my arms. The steam felt great against my muscles as I slowly started to rest my eyes.

I must have dozed off for a little as I was startled awake when the door opened.

I looked up and realized who was in front of me. It was him. He walked towards me and sat on the upper bench opposite me. I tried to avoid eye contact as he talked about his workout but it was tough. Where he was positioned, his cock was eye level every time I would go to look at him. His towel kept becoming more and more open giving me a clearer view of his dick. And it was a beautiful dick. The last time I sucked it was dark so I didn’t get a chance to really look.

I guess he realized I was string as it started getting harder. He reached down and started to play with it. My cock was rock hard while watching him stroke his massive rod up and down. I’m about 7 inches hard and his was easily another inch and a half longer and much wider. After a few minutes of watching him he looked down and said, “you look good below me. Why don’t you come closer and have a taste.”

I was shaking as I stood up and took three steps towards doing something that was long overdue. I got one my knees on the bench underneath him lowered my head to the bottom of his shaft and licked all the way to the tip of his dick. At this point he had a decent amount of precum waiting to be lapped up and I made sure not to waste any this time. It tasted so good and and drove me to take his head into my mouth.

I knew the instant that sponge-like head was in my mouth that I was born please. After running my tongue around his head I slowly went further down his shaft. I was only able to get 3 or 4 inches as my mouth was stretched as wide as possible to fit him but it felt incredible. So much power in my mouth.

I bobbed up and down and reached up with both hands to help please the rest of this cock. güvenilir casino I was lucky to be able to please him and wanted to make sure he got full pleasure. I would stroke and twist his shaft with my right hand and played with his cum filled balls with my left.

We were both getting into it with him calling me cocksucker and me following his commands. The more he talked the more I craved the reward. I had probably sucked him for 8 minutes at this point and knew he was getting closer. He fucking my mouth faster and was breathing heavier.

That’s when it finally happened, what I had been fantasizing about for years. He pushed me off him, told me to stand so that when he stood, his cock would be right in my face again. I did as a cum hungry slut would do and obeyed his command. I was glad I did when I did because as soon as I opened my mouth he shot his first load.

I kept my mouth open as he shot spurt after spurt into my mouth and over my face. This caused me to shoot my load all over his leg. My first no touch orgasm and even though it wasn’t as much cum as his it was still open of my biggest loads. This caused him to laugh and tell me he knew what i really was, cock loving slut.

It took me three gulps to swallow all of his seed and I made sure that he saw how much I enjoyed it. After the last gulp I leaned in and lick the remaining drop hanging off his cock. I looked up at him and said thank you. His response, “make sure to clean my leg too cocksucker” which I obeyed.

The locker room was starting to get and he was ready to get out of there. He told me that we should continue this at his house which I quickly agreed. I was hooked and ready to do it again and see if I could get more of his massive dick in my throat.

We both got ready to go and started to walk to our cars. He told me to leave my car and he can drop me off after. Still in a cocksucking cum high I didn’t think twice when I jumped in his car. I would’ve sucked him right there if he let me but I was going to wait until he told me to.

As we pulled out he looked at me and told me that he can’t wait to break that ass of mine in. I wanted to suck but didn’t want to get fucked. This caused me to panic as there was no way out.

Is that what my craigslist friend meant by “next time I won’t be so lucky”?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20