Her Birthday Present

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It was certainly a party that would last until the morning. She had never been such the center of attention, but, being on the dance floor, and moving the way she moved, with her twin partners, there wasn’t a man in the room who could stop staring enviously at those two men. They were all so passionate during the fast music, but it was the slower music that had taken them over the edge. It was at the end of the perfect song that they made the perfect eye contact between them all. The lust in all their eyes was unmistakable. They made their way back to the hotel with obvious intention.

As the door closed behind them, she passionately pounced on one of her friends, holding his face, kissing so slowly and deeply. “You take that,” she whispered, “and sit down here.” She nudged the lifeless, entranced man into a seat. “Get yourself a drink, but don’t go anywhere,” she coyly stated, “or you will miss the show of a lifetime.” Her eyebrows perked. He could barely think

Turning back to the other, his eyes grew larger. He was obviously overwhelmed by her sheer sexual presence. She took him by the hand and walked him those few steps to the opposite side of the bed. Tracing her hand across his obvious erection, she gripped him by the back of his neck and pulled him into his own erotic mouthing kiss. Her hand continued to embrace his shaft as he moaned directly into her massaging mouth. Her tongue traced along the sides and roof of his mouth with an amazing reaction. He shuttered and nearly fell from his weak knees. Finishing up her kiss with the softest suction on his lower lip and the moist, slow release. As her eyes opened, she saw the once statuesque man that stood there when she started become a quivering, tingling mass of flesh. His eyes so wide and his breath so deep, she knew she had him exactly where she wanted. As she smiled and gazed at the seated brother, her hand effortlessly pushed him from his stance onto the bed, where he fell lifelessly to his back, still trying to regain his breath.

With the man lying on the edge of the bed, she proceeded to turn her back to him and grind her backside along his still aching erection. His body spasmed, as he nearly exploded in his shorts. Her hand reached to her back where she easily untied her bikini top. Her hands then reached behind herself to his hips where she gyrated into his crotch. While moaning, he sat up and reached around her body to her delicious breasts. Kissing into her fragrant hair and neck while cupping and molesting her. She could hear her effects by the moaning and lusting in his breath. His large hand cupped and lifted her allowing her straps to fall from her shoulders. She allowed it to fall to the floor, and his hands quickly recovered to touch her skin-to-skin. He continued to mouth into her shoulders, neck, and ear when he finally got a small humming moan to escape her lips. “Oh my God,” was all he could say.

She stood back up and turned around. He finally got to see the chest that he had been groping all this time, and he was floored. Looking up to her beautiful face, he met her eye-to-eye and saw the lustful determination deep within her. He crawled back to the center of the bed while she lifted her leg to the side and followed him up and mounted him. As he lay there, she started opening his shirt, anxious to see the muscles that had tossed and caressed her around the dance floor all night. As the last button became undone, both her hands, starting from the middle, pushed the shirt open and off his shoulders. She leaned forward on top of his body to help push it along. He leaned into another kiss, as she completed taking it off. The she tossed it to the side with the flip of her wrist.

Like an animal she quickly gripped his wrists in each hand and pinned them above his head. He lay there unblinking as her power and demeanor throttled him into a perfectly erotic fear as he lay underneath her completely without control and exposed to her desire. Her hips started to slowly gyrate into his crotch again, and she lowered her mouth to his. His moaning became uncontrollable. His body began to tighten. His eyes opened wide only to see hers closed still passionately mouthing into his lips. She released her kiss, while still humping him through his shorts. She looked and saw the intensity and anxiety she gave him, and she loved it. Her smile drove him over the edge. She leaned down to his ear and began whispering while she grinded him deeper and deeper. “Yesssssssss…Ohhhh…Let it go…Let it go…Don’t fight it…Give it to me…Show me how much you want meeeeeee….”

She turned her head to the still-seated brother as her victim, his twin, pinned beneath her, screamed and exploded in his shorts — his head thrown back, his legs and toes pointed out, his eyes tightly squinted, his jaw screaming, locked open. She casino siteleri smiled unaffected, knowing she had complete control over them both. She finally released his wrists, though it was of little consequence. He lay there lifeless with the exception of the occasional convulsion. Opening his eyes widely and looking into hers, he lost his breath knowing that he had never imagined a burning desire such as the one that she possessed.

She left her still lifeless partner, climbed slowly off the bed, and paced towards the seated man. She stopped directly in front of him — her legs straddling his. He looked up to her and reached for her. “Ah ahhh,” she quickly retorted. “Look, but don’t touch.” The authority in her voice backed him up immediately. She reached to the ties holding her bikini bottom and again looked to his eyes for reassurance. He affirmed whole-heartedly and could barely hold back the watering in his mouth. With a long, smooth, slow pull the knot got smaller and smaller and smaller. Finally, after the eternity of anticipation her bottom fell to his lap exposing her perfectly trimmed sex. Realizing his dumbfoundedness and awe, she knew that he was reaching a near-complete erection in his own shorts. She leaned over to his ear and moaned so sensually, “Not yeeeet.” With that she stepped backwards towards the bed with the most exasperated look of desire on his face and crawled back to her original victim — still laying there, catching his breath.

Her fingers traced meanderingly down his chest towards his shorts followed by random kisses and sucking across his chest and abdominal muscles. His hands reached for her, but she quickly batted them down firmly. The look in her eyes letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that he was not to do a thing. She began stroking him through his shorts and felt his recently spent shaft underneath begin to regain its rigidity. Her finger hooked onto the top of his shorts and gently pulled them down to his knees. She gawked and smiled at the beauty of his shaft. Her kisses continued closer and closer to his manhood. She was now close enough that he could feel the heat of her breath on the base of his sex. Her hand gripped his base standing him perfectly upwards to her face. The cum from his earlier explosion smelled so aromatic to her. His newly regained erection was waiting for her attention. Her hand sliding up and down his shaft, lubricated with his own juices. Her lips parted. Her eyes closed. Her head slowly lowers her wide-open mouth downward. His head leans up, wide-eyed with anticipation, looking at the side of her head as she is so close to enveloping his cock in her mouth. He can feel the heat of her breath, but her mouth is still further open than his member. Lower. Lower. Finally, in one motion, her lips wrap around his stiffness, her tongue begins rubbing inside her mouth, her hand slides down to his testicles, and she lets out the most delicious, muffled moaning onto him sending him screaming, “OOOOOHHhhhh GOOOOOooooddd!”

Her fingernails tickled and stretched his balls so delicately. Her mouth tasting and sliding so slowly up and down his cock while her head twisted and tasted him on every surface of her mouth. “MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned as her lips rolled outward and inward, up and down his shaft. Such a slow, deliberate sucking rocked his world beyond comprehension. Opening her mouth as her lips rolled over the edge of his large head, the most incredible suctioning pop could be heard as his member landed on his own body with a thud. She quickly laid her head on him and scooped him back into her mouth sucking faster. Her hands braced on each side of his legs. She threw one leg over his chest exposing and offering her sex to her thirsty partner. He quickly lunged into her as deeply as possible mouthing and tonguing her with all his desire.

They both moaned in rapture as the sixty-nine sharpened their desires more and more. Faster and deeper they went. They could barely stand giving and receiving such delicious pleasure. Her head bobbing up and down, while his head gyrating deeper tasting the inner walls of her womanhood. Her hand caressed against his legs. His hands reached under and around her gripping her ass — feeding her sex to his hunger. Her moistness continued to build along with his own thirst, sucking and drinking her wetness. Moaning into her open sex, “MMMmmmmmmmmmmm,” he vibrated her to the core, sending a shiver over her entire body, freezing her, making her tremble in a cold sweat. It was obvious that her grip on the occasion was coming to an end. Her hands began holding his legs tighter and tighter as his began rocking her backside deeper onto his mouth. She dropped his member from her mouth and began chanting, “YYEESssss…yeeessssss…RIGHT THERE!” Her fingernails began to dig deeper as her grasp slot oyna became a death grip. Her body began shaking more and more. She sat up and thrusted her sex onto his face “OOOOOHHHhhhhhhhhh yeessssssss! Oh, GOD YES!” She continued pushing against his mouth harder and harder as she came. Biting her lower lip and throwing her head backwards in a convulsing spasm over and over, she drenched his mouth with more juiced than he could handle, as it spilled off his face to his chest. As she looked to the unfortunate, unparticipating brother in the corner her eyes rolled back in her head, and she blacked out, collapsing lifelessly on top of the man that delivered her to such intense heights.


As she woke, hours later, she found herself lying facedown on the bed, blindfolded, still tingling from her earth-shattering orgasm. She reached to remove the blindfold, but was stunned when she felt her wrists tied to the headboard. The warms hands of her partners were all over her back, massaging her into wonderfully tenseless goo. She could smell the vanilla oil they were using as if it were immediately under her nose. Two hands on her shoulders and back, two hands on her backside and legs and feet. Two of the hands left her, though, as she heard footsteps to the next room and back. On her lips she suddenly noticed the taste of strawberry. Her mouth opened slowly, and the perfectly ripe fruit was placed on her palette for her consumption. Not a drop was spilled while she enjoyed the sweet taste in her mouth. Another strawberry soon followed while the massaging hands barely broke their pace. “MMMMmmmmmmmm.” She could not contain her smile. She had dreamt of this type of treatment all her life.

The whisper in her ear quickly brought her back to reality. “Do you think you are ready, now, Love? You have been asleep for over and hour, and we just wanted you to wake as enjoyably as possible.” Her wrists were untied from the bed, but her blindfold remained. Her body was under the complete guidance of her partners. She felt her legs open and a hand reach down to begin massaging her sex. She again let out a smiling moan of approval. She then felt the pair of them begin kissing her back and shoulders and neck so softly and sensually. This continued as their hands began feeling her over and over. They lifted her hair to kiss the absolute back of her neck, which sent her mind spinning with desire. They took turns doing that. One was on her ear, sucking and moaning. The other was kissing the side and back of her neck. While doing this, they both made themselves comfortable on either side of her, lying on the bed. Her mouth gasping for air while they teased her and teased her with expert results. The hand teasing her below spiraled deeper and deeper as she got more and more passionate.

Suddenly, her leg was lifted and she was hoisted on top of the man on her left facing his feet. Both their sexes lined up, and both were more than ready to go the distance. Without hesitating she reached behind herself blindly and braced his cock, slamming it inside her steaming moistness. She braced herself on his shoulders and rode him up and down, occasionally gyrating his stiffness inside her. He gripped her backside and helped quicken the pace with his own upward slamming, causing the most intense wet slopping thrusting she had ever heard into her own depths. Her inner walls were completely saturated and pampered by his enormity. She felt so feminine by his unimaginable size. She felt so overwhelmed and fulfilled, as he pumped into her deeper and deeper. She leaned forward and grabbed onto his shins, bracing herself for his beautifully aching pounding.

That was when she smelled the aroma of sex stronger then she thought possible. She was confused for just a small moment, but was quickly and intensely awakened when she felt the head of a cock against her lips. He stood at the foot of the bed and slowly guided her head closer and closer to him. Her mouth opened. She could taste it in the air. She could taste how close she was. Then he slid his length deep into her mouth and throat. Her lips closed and she mind trembled at the situation. She was satisfying two men at once, her body began to tighten, but she held herself from finishing. She reached for the cock in her mouth and grasped it by the base. Her blindfolded head began bobbing his entire length in and out of her mouth. The cock below her was stiffening tighter and tighter, so close to unleashing its load. The grip on her head dropped, but the hands on her ass gripped tighter and tighter. He grunted and screamed. She could feel the man so close to finishing, but the taste in her mouth was so delicious. Then she felt the flooding from underneath fill her sex beyond its capacity. He slammed deeper and deeper rocking her from below. She was unaffected and continued canlı casino siteleri bobbing her mouth on the tantalizing mouthful. Her hips gyrated and milked more and more cum from the still granite shaft in her womanhood. Then she felt the clasps on her ass, once so tight, release with two distinct thuds to the bed on both sides of her. The cock continuing to spasm on occasion, but, for the most part, spent and writhing inside her. She would occasionally shock him with her PC muscles to feel him jump and scream from below her, but it was the shaft in front of her that now had the majority of her attention.

She pulled off her blindfold without haste and cradled his testicles and lifted his cock straight up trailing her tongue along the vein. She continued to envelop his head with her tongue, circling and sucking. All the while she caressed and stretched his tightening sacks, she knew she was in complete control, once again. “MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!” She engulfed his cock down to the base and quickly pulling back out, stroking it with such sensual precision. Again, she deepthroated him, shaking her head, vibrating his shaft, and pulling it back out. Lusting for the taste of his cum, she began to stroke faster and faster. Licking her lips, she could feel his tightness mount. Then she slowed to a tight-gripped milking, kissing the tip and tasting his precum. As it hit her lips, she was consumed in thirst for more. She stroked faster and faster. Her guttural moaning caused her earlier victim to slowly stretch inside her further and further with dramatic affects. She stroked her hand faster and faster, pulled on his sack tighter and tighter. He looked down into her eyes, seeing her mouth open and tongue greedy, sticking out, waiting for his blast. Stroking harder and faster, “Give it to me.” His back began to tense. He held onto her head, as her pace never slowed. Closer and closer he got. She could see the urge in his eyes. Tighter and tighter he became. “AAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhh,” he screamed, shooting off straight into her waiting throat. She lunged her mouth, engulfing him. Her sucking was unbelievably fast, and he shot off over and over fucking into her mouth. She wouldn’t slow. Screaming louder and louder, his body shot off continuously. She pulled him out of her mouth and began milking him, letting him see the slowest cum drip from his shaft to her outstretched tongue.

Then she started, once again, grinding and humping the manliness from below. She felt him become more and more rigid as her stride grew and grew to match his length. He then grabbed her and lifted her off to his side. It was time for a change, and it took both of them to do it. Both of her partners together positioned her for one final session. She was stood up at the side of the bed with her legs splayed open. One lay on the bed in front of her with her between his legs and one approached her from behind. She knew exactly what they wanted.

As she bent over, taking a cock into her mouth, she felt a hand begin to spread her sex open. “MMMMMMmmmmmmm,” she moaned, as his cock head pushed into her inch by glorious inch. The hands behind her grabbed onto her hips and began to pound into her relentlessly. She could barely think. She could barely stand. Her head was grasped and her mouth was slowly and deliberately screwed from below. Both men were having their way with her body, and she loved it. The sexy slaps of every thrust into her from behind paired with the length she tasted up and down. Her mind was numb. She became tantric, out of control of her own desire. Deeper and deeper they both went. Harder and harder they pushed. She had never felt so feverishly taken like this. Her legs were spread and lifted from the floor. The cock in her remained as hard as ever as he hoisted her lower body off the ground and continued to rock her harder and harder. As her head was guided up and down, the moaning of all three of them mounted, hers especially. They had reached the pinnacle. There was no stopping now. All bodies tensed tighter and tighter. Eyes widened. Thrusts deepened. Moans became louder. She shook violently, so near to finishing. Then, like gigantic explosion, the men screamed flooding her from every direction, holding her in place to accept their entire offer. She reacted, tightening all over, inside and out. A loud muffled scream in orgasm filled the room. Cum dripped from her sex, both hers and his mixed. Her fingers were gripping and tearing at the sheets. She was lowered to the ground in the finale of her release, shaking uncontrollably in her orgasm.

After all three lay there, without movement for nearly half an hour, they all crawled into the bed, her in the middle, and she was caressed to magnificent slumber by both of her studs.


The next morning, she woke to the smell of three dozen roses and the cologne of the two men getting ready for another day. She smiled at them both in unbelievable satisfaction as they smiled back. She then laid her head back down and closed her eyes. That was a birthday she could never forget.

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