Her Dark Desire

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“I want you to find me a black guy.”

That statement came as I was leaving Dean and Stacy’s home at the end of my regular Friday night visit. Dean has erectile problems and I have been taking care of his wife’s sexual needs for several years. I looked at Dean and saw from his expression that he was as surprised as I was to hear Stacy say that. We had teased her for quite a while about wanting to watch her with a black guy. We had watched porn movies together and black guys did arouse her but she had several reservations. She disliked condoms so disease was a serious consideration. She didn’t want such a liaison to occur in her home and going to a hotel would make her feel like a hooker. The only option left was to meet at the man’s home which should be relatively close by. We had discussed this many times but Dean and I never thought we would hear what she had just said.

“Are you serious?” I said, not able to hide my surprise.

“Yes, I’ve decided I want to and I trust you to find the right man for me,” she said firmly.

My heart raced with excitement and I imagined Dean’s did also. I had often fantasized about her getting fucked by a big, black cock but now there was at least a chance, if I could find the right person. Stacy had just tuned 60 and was in great physical shape. She stands 5′ 5″ and has an erotic body; shapely legs, lovely ass, and big tits. She likes to wear sexy clothes, lingerie, stockings and heels etc. for sex and enjoys showing off her body. Occasionally she does a striptease for Dean and me before sex and could earn money doing it if she ever had the inclination. She’s a very sexy, horny mature woman with a fine body who loves sex and experiences multiple orgasms. I think I’m a very lucky man to be involved sexually with her.

I was still somewhat in shock and I heard myself saying, Okay, leave it with me and I see what I can do.”

I drove home with a great sense of responsibility. I took the trust she had placed in me seriously and I wanted to get it right. There was not much sleep for me that night, ideas and images coursed through my brain and I was up at five working on an ad for Adult Friend Finder. After several rewrites I settled on the following and emailed it to Stacy and Dean.

‘Happily Married Mature Couple and Male Friend in 60’s: Seeking a well educated, intelligent and humorous Black Male to join us on a regular basis for threesomes and foursomes. Wife is highly sexual and needs lots of attention. Loves foreplay, oral, toys, long sessions, stockings, heels, lingerie and flaunting her body. We enjoy occasional, light B&D and spanking, role play and innovative ideas for sexual enjoyment. No anal. You must be considerate, polite, D/D free (proof required), inventive, non-smoking, well-endowed and be able to host at your home. Send at least a facial to be considered and more if you wish.’

On the following Friday Dean took photos. The first one of Stacy and me together, she was in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels and I was naked with one arm around her waist and sporting an erection, as I usually do when I’m with her. The other was a horny rear view of Stacy bent over showing off her lovely legs, ass and pussy. We went to the website, paid and submitted our ad. It was agreed that I would vet any replies and only show Stacy facial photographs for her approval. It was a given that the prospective man would have a big cock, Stacy wanted that as much as Dean and I but she didn’t need to see photos of his endowment, she would wait until meeting the person. If anyone met our strict requirements I would arrange to meet them at a neutral location to consider compatibility, age and general feelings about him.

Over the next week there were seven replies. Four were from white guys who obviously had trouble reading English and were automatically disqualified. The other three were black but for one reason or another were not suitable. Stacy was disappointed but Dean and I encouraged her to be patient, it had only been a week. A month passed without success then I received a reply that looked very promising. He was 55, recently divorced and worked as an architect. Two photos were attached; the first showed a handsome face and the second a well-built, naked body, that Stacy would like, and a big, very thick erection that his ad said was over 10″ long and almost 8″ in girth. He was 6 feet tall and weighed 200lbs. He had attached a copy of a recent clear bill of health report, was a non-smoker, didn’t use drugs and owned a condo a fifteen minute drive from Dean and Stacy. He had ticked all the boxes, the only respondent to do so and I emailed his facial photo to Stacy with the caption, ‘LOOKS VERY PROMISING.’

“So what do you think of him?” I asked Stacy upon arrival at her home on Friday night.

“Umm, he looks very nice,” she replied with a big smile.

“She’s been horny ever since she received the photo,” Dean said.

“So, do I proceed?”

“Yes…definitely! Now I’ve said it I’m suddenly casino siteleri nervous but very excited,” she said with a smile and a slight flushing of her face.

“I thought you would like him, I already have a meeting arranged with him for Sunday at a coffee shop. If everything goes well are you prepared to meet with him next Friday?”

“Yes, I can’t stop thinking what it will be like to have sex with a black guy, it makes me really horny.”

I gave my friends the other details about Elliot, leaving out any mention of his endowment; that would stay a surprise for Stacy. I met with Elliot on Sunday afternoon and his credentials were excellent, he was perfect for us. We chatted for over an hour and it ended with an invitation to his condo on Friday night. I said I would discuss it with my friends but I was sure that Stacy would be very eager to meet him. I called her from the car on my way home and the excitement was evident in her voice.

“It’s going to feel like a long week,” she said before we said bye.

And it was a long week for all of us I’m sure but Friday evening finally arrived and I drove into Stacy and Dean’s driveway a little before seven. Dean opened the door and Stacy was standing just behind him looking very sexy and a little nervous. She gave me a big smile as we embraced and kissed and she felt my erection press against her.

“You feel as horny as I am,” she said sultrily and rubbed my crotch.

I squeezed her bottom, “I hope you’re ready for a lot of cock, including a black one, in that hot pussy tonight. Dean and I have waited a long time to see this.”

“Oh, I’m ready, I’ve been ready all week,” she said smiling.

“C’mon,” Dean chimed, “you don’t want to be late for your first black cock,” and he picked up a small hold-all bag.

We piled into the car for the short drive and parked in the visitor parking lot. It was an upscale condo with well-designed landscaping and when we entered the front doors it just got better. I looked through the security doors as I pressed the buzzer for Suite 2624 and the foyer looked very smart indeed. Elliot said hello, and when I responded he released the door and we made our way to the elevator. I pressed the button 26 and we were on our way to the top floor. The elevator purred quietly as it went up and Stacy immediately began to fondle our cocks and we playfully mauled her. The elevator stopped and there was a collective sigh as we stepped out and proceeded down the hallway to 2624 and I rang the bell.

Elliot welcomed us into his spacious, tastefully decorated, two-storey condo. There were several abstract paintings on the walls and a piano took pride of place sitting in front of a bank of high windows leading to the veranda and the view of Lake Ontario beyond. The furniture and fittings looked modern, comfortable and expensive. I introduced Elliot to Dean and Stacy and by the warm smile on her face I knew that she approved of my choice. He took our jackets, invited us to sit and offered wine. We chatted as we sipped our Reisling and the overall relaxed mood was tinged with sexual excitement and anticipation. No one seemed to know how to proceed from the chatting stage until Stacy drained her glass, stood and picked up the hold-all.

“Elliot, I’d like to get changed if it’s okay with you. Is there someplace I can do that, please?” she asked.

“Of course,” he replied, rising from the sofa and led Stacy to the spiral staircase. “Second door on the left, it has an en-suite and you should find everything there you might need.”

Stacy started up the stairs, exaggerating the sway of her hips and, of course we all leered at her lovely ass as she went.

Elliot returned to the sofa, emptied his glass.”Wow!” he exclaimed, she is lovely and so sexy! Is there anything I need to know before she comes back?”

“She’ll be eager to get fucked,” Dean said with a laugh. “She loves to fuck, suck cock and have her pussy eaten. That’s really all you need to know so just give it to her. You can’t tire her out, the more she gets the more she wants and she’ll go all night, so feel free to fuck her for as long as you can.

Elliot just nodded and I wondered if Dean had laid it on a bit too strong and scared him but after a few seconds of thought he said, “Right, can do.”

A short while later Stacy slinked down the staircase and into the room looking absolutely ravishing, which is exactly what was going to happen to her and what she wanted.

She had decided on the horny, slutty secretary look, one of my favourite outfits; black stilettos, fishnet stockings, garter belt, a tiny thong, a half-cup bra and a very short, micro mini skirt that didn’t quite cover her ass. Several buttons of her white, silk blouse were undone showing a lot of her ample cleavage and the outline of her hard nipple pressing against the silk. Glasses added to her incredibly erotic appearance and Dean had already begun to take photos of her. She paraded around with her slot oyna sexy, mischievous smile I had become so accustomed to yet never tire of seeing, showing off her lovely body which she was rightly proud of. She fondled her boobs and briefly placed a hand between her legs then blew on it in an exaggerated motion indicating her pussy was hot and I knew that to be true. When she was satisfied that we had seen her from every angle she sat in a chair opposite the large sofa that Elliot and I were sitting on and spread her legs wide over the arms. Her hands moved over her breasts seductively then travelled down to her ass where she spanked each cheek a couple of times then onto her pussy, barely covered by the smallest of thongs, and caressed it suggestively. She stood up and walked towards us, smiling and feeling her tits then she turned and bent over, spreading her legs and placing her hands on the floor.

“Now that’s one way she likes to get fucked,” Dean said as he photographed her.

We had a lovely view of her ass and could see that the tiny strip of material that fought a losing battle to cover her pussy was already damp. She was really horny and ready to be fucked. She backed up to the sofa in a lewd invitation for us to feel her. Elliott followed my lead and our hands roamed over her body, paying special attention to that tiny piece of black material between her legs. I pulled her back onto the sofa between us and her hands went immediately to our crotches. She rubbed our erections and when she felt what was waiting for her beneath Elliot’s pants she turned to me with a big smile and said, “You have done well, I’m going to enjoy this!”

I wanted to watch her with Elliot and I stood up, Get to know Elliot, I’ll watch with Dean for a while,” I said.

“Don’t go too far away,” she said, “I want your cock too.”

Stacy turned her attention to Elliot and they kissed, their tongues exploring each others mouths and she rubbed the growing bulge in his pants and he fondled her pussy and tits. She grinned as she knelt on the floor between his legs and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear. His very long, thick erection sprang into view and she stared at it briefly, taking in the length and girth of the cock she had just exposed. Her fingers explored it gently, as if it were a fragile and expensive piece of crystal, from the massive head, down the thick shaft on then his balls.

“Here, take some photos,” Dean said and handed me the camera. He began to undress and I knew this meant he was having one of those rare occasions when his chemical balance was right and he would be able to get an erection. I wanted to see him fuck Stacy, it didn’t happen very often but I always enjoyed it when both of us fucked her.

I took close-up and distance shots of her playing with her first black cock and balls and shot lots of frames as she leaned forward and took the cock in her mouth. She had to open very wide and her mouth was crammed full but a lot of dick was still left for her hands to jerk. Her tongue danced over the head and lingered to tease the piss hole then went down the shaft to his nuts. Elliot’s cock began to glisten with saliva as she worked on his erection. He lay back moaning quietly and watched her suck his cock. Stacy was really into it now and choked occasionally as she took too much down her throat but there was no question she was thoroughly enjoying it.

As I watched and took photos I began to wonder about this very thick cock and Stacy’s pussy. Although she liked to be fucked hard and deep her pussy was tight. Dean and I had tried to get both our cocks into it at the same time once and it was quite impossible, however much lubricant we used. Elliott would certainly challenge her cunt and the prospect of seeing such a big, thick cock fucking her and listening to her whimper and cry through multiple orgasms was an extremely erotic thought.

Stacy stood up and knelt beside Elliot on the sofa, never letting go of his cock. He unbuttoned her blouse while she jerked him, fully exposing her tits which he fondled then kissed. He pushed her back and looked down at her thong and she spread her legs wide and pulled the thong up between her labia.

“Stand up and stroke your big cock for me, I like to see a man play with his cock before he fucks me,” she said in a husky tone. Elliot stood and removed the rest of his clothes then took hold of his erection. “Oh yeah, stroke it, baby. Jerk it and show me that huge knob that will be pushing its way into my little pussy soon. You want to put in there, don’t you?”

“More than anything,” he panted.

“Eat me first,” she said and pulled her thong to one side.

He knelt down and fingered her pussy and clit then his tongue went to work while his hands mauled her tits.

“Ooh yesss, lick it, lick my clit, oooohhh that’s it” she cried and held his head tight to her pussy. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, oooohhhh,” she moaned and her first orgasm ripped through her body canlı casino siteleri and the camera captured it all.

Stacy beckoned me over; I handed the camera back to Dean, stripped off and sat on the sofa beside her. She grabbed my cock and looked up at me with her mouth open and that ‘lost in lust look’ in her eyes that she always got when she climaxed and just wanted to be fucked and fucked. There was no turning back for her now, she would take cock all night and still want more in the morning. Elliot’s tongue continued on her pussy and she whimpered as another orgasm overtook her.

“You want to get fucked now don’t you, you horny slut,” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes, oh yes,” she gasped.

“Are you ready for Elliot’s big, black cock to force its way into your tight, wet cunt?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I want him to fuck my cunt now. I want his black cock deep inside me,” she panted with urgency.

“Then tell him,” I said.

Dean came over, “Tell him you want to get fucked like the slut you are. Tell him you want his big cock in your wet hole,” he said.

It always excited Stacy when Dean talked dirty to her and it had its effect, “Oh, ooh, fuck me Elliot, I’m a horny slut and I need you to fuck me hard and deep. Stick that big, black dick in me and fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me.

“I do believe she wants to be fucked, Elliot. I think you should oblige her, don’t you?” Dean said with his typical humour.

Elliot stood up and hooked Stacy’s legs over his arms pushing them back and spreading her pussy. She looked at his massive, hard cock nearing her pussy and sighed, “Ooh, yeah, yes, fuck me, stick it in and fuck me.”

Stacy jerked my cock while I teased her clit as her first black cock nudged against her pussy lips. She sucked in her breath sharply in anticipation and Dean had the camera working overtime. I held Stacy’s head so she could see Elliot’s cock enter her for the first time as he flexed his legs and pushed in.

“Urrgh, yeah, oh god yeah, yes, yes,” she cried as the big dick pushed into her vagina. Elliot stayed still for a while allowing Stacy to adjust to his giant size then pushed in a little more.

She jerked my cock erratically as Elliot thrust deeper and moved back and forth quicker. Stacy whimpered constantly and Dean moved about with the camera taking photos from different distances and angles and I was glad to see that he was erect. He sat beside his wife and she grabbed his cock and began to masturbate him. Elliot’s cock glistened with pussy juice and he was now giving it to her the way she liked it, hard and deep. Her pussy had taken all of him and she loved it, her orgasms came one after the other and various sounds she emitted were unintelligible. It must have been fifteen minutes before Elliot slowed and pulled out. Stacy’s pussy gaped open and Dean quickly drove his cock into it. Elliot stood on the sofa and straddled Stacy’s chest and fed his cock into her mouth which she took hungrily. Dean pulled out and I had my turn and fucked her hard. Elliot got down and the three of us looked down at Stacy laying on the sofa, her legs still spread and her pussy stretched open and wet. Her eyes were glazed and as she looked up at the three erections she pleaded in little more than a whisper, “Fuck me.”

“I bet we could get both our cock into her now,” I said to Dean.

“You’ve got that right, pal, let’s have a go and he passed the camera to Elliott and gave him the briefest of instructions how to use it.

Dean and I each took a hand and we pulled Stacy onto her feet. She was still in an orgasmic daze and I don’t think she had a clue what we going to do. I lay on the floor and Dean directed Stacy on top of me and I entered her. I eased her forward allowing Dean better access and I felt his cock push in beside mine.

“Oooh,” Stacy cried as we began to move inside her, we coordinated our thrusts so that when Dean pulled back, I pushed in. “Oh my god, that feels so good,” she moaned. Dean never could last to long on the rare occasions that he could stay hard and he got out of sync with me as he closed in on ejaculation.

My cock was all the way inside Stacy’s pussy and I left it there when Dean started to groan. He fucked his wife hard and wild and both of them shrieked and felt his hot cum bathe my cock and Stacy’s vagina. She climbed off me and sucked my cock clean of Dean’s cum.

“Fuck the slut from behind,” Dean said and took the camera from Elliot. Stacy got onto her hands and knees and pushed her ass in the air. I fondled her ass then probed her pussy with his fingers. She was so aroused and after being fucked by Elliot her pussy easily accepted my cock and I began to steadily screw her. Elliot knelt in front of her and stuffed his dick into her mouth.

We changed places after a while and as Elliot got into position Dean called out with excitement in his voice, “Fuck her, Elliot; give it to her hard with that big cock, she loves it from behind. Fuck my slutty wife; make her scream and cream all over your dick.”

Stacy lifted her mouth from my cock just long enough to blurt, “Oh yes, fuck me,” excited by her husband’s words and he photographed her being fucked at both ends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20