Her Petite Possession Ch. 05

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Kate and Brad were about to leave for a holiday when an argument started about whether Kate should wear jeans. They’d already agreed that they would buy only one plane ticket and that Kate would turn Brad into her underwear and wear him during the flight. That saved money and so made sense, but they had failed to agree on her outfit for the trip.

“Come on Katie, not ten hours in your jeans,” Brad tried to reason with her, “It’ll be hot, airless and dark,” He held up her shortest summer dresses, “What about this?”

Kate crossed her arms defensively, “I’ll dress as a tart for you when we get there if you like, but not on the plane.”

“I’m not going to be your underwear when we get there!” he reminded her.

“Well, keep going on about my jeans and you might!”


Kate’s magic power had made their relationship even stronger, even if Kate was increasingly in control with Brad often stepping back from arguments that he would have previously contested. He knew that she had the ultimate power over him, able to turn him into a piece of her intimate clothing at any time.

Now when arguments or differences of opinions arose, she would stop and just look at him calmly and with complete confidence. Her big innocent brown eyes took on a certain, indescribable gaze as they asked ‘do you really want to go there?’

Brad would then break eye contact and look down to see what she was wearing. Was she wearing tight jeans, or worst, leather trousers? Was she sweaty from a run, or was she about to go out drinking with the girls.

Despite this, Brad still found her the most attractive and sexy woman that he’d ever met and even without her new powers, he would have had no plans to leave her. This was fortunately, as one on night after too many drinks, Kate had made it abundantly clear what she’d do to him if he ever left her or cheated on her. She’d explained in detail how she would instantly turn him into panties, a move that for him would be permanent. Using her body to demonstrate the point, she’d gone on to graphically explain why there would be no escape from her body.

This disagreement about what Kate would wear on the plane was no different. Brad stopped talking and instead walked over to kiss his five foot eight inch girlfriend on the cheek. He ran his hands up over her cute hips and up to her narrow hips, once more exploring her perfect female body.

“You know, one day I’ll work out how to wriggle off your hips and down your legs.”

“Really?” Kate smiled, rolling her eyes.


“And how exactly will you escape from inside my tight jeans?” Kate asked touching herself between her legs, “The crotch of these jeans will scupper any escape attempt.”


“And what will you do if you escape me? You’ll just be a pair of used women’s undies lying helpless on the floor.”

“I’ll work out how to move on my own.”

“And go off to enjoy a happy life as a pair of my pink panties?”

Brad didn’t have an answer to that one, but then it was all academic as the small movements he could make as a pair of panties could in no way get him off her body.

“Let’s face it, when you’re in panty form, my crotch is the safest place, and I’m sure the loveliness, place to be!”

Brad raised his eyebrows in mock surprise.

“Isn’t it!” Kate insisted, giving him the certain look.


They reached the airport and Kate checked in for the flight. They then slipped into the female toilets and locked themselves inside a cubical. Kate was smiling as she always did when she transformed Brad. It wasn’t only because of how ‘Panty Brad’, as she liked to call him, could stimulate her with amazing intimacy, but also because it felt like they were one. She could control him and protecting and he also provided her with a secret weapon that she could release if anyone ever tried to hurt her.

Brad playfully tried to kiss her, to stop her mouthing the magic words, but she pulled away and quickly ran them off. Bang, he was gone and she was now wearing underwear. She quickly picked up his clothes that had dropped to the floor and walked back of the toilets ready to board the flight.

Brad listened carefully to the muffled noises, trying to understand what was happening outside his tight jeans confine. He could hear when Kate boarded the plane and could feel her weight bear down on to him as she took her seat. He knew from the ticket that it was a window seat and he knew from past experience that she’d probably not move during the flight. He felt his cell tighten further as she clipped her seat belt in place and then pulled it extra tight, presumably for his benefit. He felt her body relax, her butt muscles release and rest gently down on to him.

Brad casino siteleri tightened himself to rub gently across her clit and at first he felt her legs open a little wider to enjoy the sensation. He then heard Kate acknowledge a woman who had sat down in the seat next to her and obviously feeling self conscience of what was happening inside her jeans, Kate crossed her legs tightly, crushing the front of him in between. This was her signal to stop and he reluctantly released.

Kate sitting in tight jeans with cross legs was the most restrictive position for Brad. Kate obviously couldn’t talk to him with others around and she’d made it clear that he wasn’t to play with her clit or vagina. He thought about tightening and pulling himself between her butt cheeks to amuse himself, but with her weight on top of him, he doubted whether he’d be able to pull himself back out. It was dark and the hum of the aircraft was muffled, making time pass slowly as he lay helplessly in his warm comfortable prison.


When they arrived, Kate collected their suitcase and started to walk out towards the taxis. She removed her leather jacket revealing a tight damp white t-shirt underneath.

“Come on Katie, time to turn me back!”

It had been over ten hours and Brad felt every bit like a ‘used’ pair of panties, with the temperature rising even higher as Kate strode through the hot and humid arrivals hall. The moisture in the air made him stick to her glutes as they pushed her long slim legs forward through the crowds.

“There’s nowhere private to turn you back,” Kate breathed as she pushed forward, her whole body starting to perspire.

“The toilet?”

“They were yuck!” she snapped.

“Well it’s starting to get a bit ‘yuck’ in here.”

“Too bad, you’ll not getting out until we reach the hotel,” she snapped, “and maybe not even then if you call me yuck again!”

Brad tightened up as much as he could in an attempt to get his own back on the intransigent girl. Kate noticed, but having slightly tighter pants was not a big issue for her right then and she just walked faster to raise the temperature inside her jeans even more.

It was almost half an hour later when Kate finally slid into back of a taxi where the aircon was only slightly better that the atmosphere outside. The driver kept glancing at her as he drove and Kate stared resolutely out of the window to avoid his gaze. Normally she would have been concerned, but she knew had a secret weapon between her legs that she could release into his human form and who would happily kick the shit out of anyone who threatened her. He’d done it once before when some guy had shoved her. That guy had had no chance and neither would anyone else who dared to touch her. That thought made her feel happy, as did the twitching that was now gently massaging the lips of her vagina.


They reached the resort and Kate gratefully closed the door of their secluded one bed villa. The whole resort had been built around an ancient ruin and their villa even had a piece of the original wall along one side of the living space, which was protected by a metal grille.

“We’re here!” she cried as she walked out on the veranda and looked down on their private pool.

“Turn me back now Katie!”

“Mmm, nice bed,” she continued to tease as she kicked off her boots and stretched out.

The brunette eventually unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs, “You still there?” she asked, tapping the front of her underwear.”

Kate then played her favourite trick and clamped her legs together before repeating the magic words. She knew from experience that when Brad turned back into the sexy guy he was, his neck would be trapped between her thighs. As usual an intimate wrestling match followed as Brad tried to get free from her legs and as usual, she didn’t let him out until he’d kissed and worshipped her some more.

“Fuck, I’m finally free of your body!” Brad cried, standing up and stretching his broad shoulders.

“So now what are you going to do?”

“Go back to your body…”

Brad was already naked and once he’d pulled off her tight white t-shirt, so was she. He pulled her legs apart and lay down on to her, both of them already aroused from Brad’s failed attempt to escape Kate’s uncannily secure head scissors. Within seconds he was inside her, thrusting down, his lips covering hers for both his pleasure, and to make sure she couldn’t use her powers.


They showered together after which Kate put on her black bikini and walked barefoot outside to the pool.

“Our very own pool,” she giggled, “maybe you should be my news bikini bottoms.”

Kate was now sitting on the side of the pool with her feet slot oyna in the warm water. The black Lycra material of her skimpy bikini curved erotically over her butt, with a slight wrinkle where one side had pulled further between her cheeks. It then ran tightly up and over her shaved pussy with thin straps knotted together over both hips to hold the garment tightly in place.

“You already have some,” Brad replied.

“Well, yes…”

“Kate, I thought we agreed?”

“I promised no jeans after the flight.”

“You promised you would manage your fetish of turning me into your fucking panties.”

Kate looked at him with her big eyes, as if bating him. She was looking for an excuse to turn him back into her ‘fucking panties’ and language like that was all the reason she needed. She stood up and removed her bikini top and bottoms and sat back down, her naked butt resting on the warm stone surround of the pool.

Brad slipped into the water and swam over until his head squeezed through the gap between her knees. His lips were frantically trying to reach her vagina, to kiss it, worship it and make her change her mind.

Kate opened her legs further to let him in so she could enjoy the feel of his tongue as it twisted and turned inside her. Brad patiently brought her to orgasm and then continued to give her vagina loving kisses as she caught her breath. With Kate now breathing slowly again, he looked up at her big brown eyes and smiled. Kate smiled back as she silently mouthed the magic words and within less than a second she was wearing him.

“Katie!” Brad cried exasperatedly as he looked out across the pool from between his girlfriend’s legs.


Kate slipped her body down into the warm pool, submerging Brad far below the still blue water and glided across to the other side. Her body easily held him underneath the water from where he could enjoy being pulled along, her muscles tensing and releasing with each breaststroke kick. She kicked back to the side of the side of the pool and climbed the stairs. She reached for one of the large white towels and walked back into villa, with Brad’s form constantly shaped by her butt as she walked.

She leaned against the vertical steel bars that formed the grille protecting the remains of the ancient wall. The space behind the bars was about one foot deep and four feet wide and was artfully lit with two spotlights. The bars were built into the concrete structure, with no door as there was no need to get in or out. Brad knew what she was thinking.

“No Kate! That’s not funny!”

Kate evidently disagreed as she had a big smile on her face as she eased Brad off her hips and down on to the floor. She then hooked him up with her toes and tossed him into the small sealed space behind the bars. Brad lay helplessly on the stone floor as Kate repeated the magic words.

“You bitch!” Brad growled, now back in his strong six foot tall body and looking at his naked girlfriend from behind solid bars.

Kate walked up to the bars and grabbed his rock hard cock, “It appears that I’m a sexy bitch.”

Brad grabbed her through the bars and pulled her up and lowered her gently on to his cock. The look in her eyes changed from arrogant confidence to innocent amazement and she held on tightly as he thrust into her. They climaxed, but still Brad held her through the bars, knowing that she could so easily walk off and leave him helpless. They went again, after which Brad had to let go and hold the bars instead to steady himself from the rush of endorphins.

“I’m going to get dressed for tonight,” Kate smiled as she flicked her hair back and walked away to the bathroom.

“Hey, you gotta let me out of here!”

“Really don’t think you want me to do that right now… I’m on the toilet,” she giggled back


When Kate returned, she looked stunning, in a tight pale pink top which emphasised her modest breasts, and short black vinyl fared skirt. The skirt and matching heels extenuated her long legs, which were covered in thin tights. Her long dark hair was down and looked fantastic thanks to twenty minutes with the hairdryer. She gave Brad her best model walk as she reached the bars and let him kiss her on the cheek.

“You look fantastic,” Brad smiled.

“So do you.”

“I’m naked!”

“Mmm, I know.”

“Well then why don’t you transform me and get me out this bloody cell!”

Kate smiled and ran her painted nail across the steel bars, “So now you’re asking to be turned into my panties?”

“Just to get me out of here.”

“Oh no, once transformed, that’s it for the night,” Kate purred, exploring every inch of his naked body through the bars.

“Please don’t Katie.”

She stopped canlı casino siteleri and looked at him sternly, “On your knees.”

Brad complied and looked up at her pleadingly as Kate pushed one leg through the bars. From his kneeling position, her long pantyhose covered limbs stretched up above him and he could see that she wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Kiss my leg.”

“Yes Kate.”

Something about her look, her pose, her perfume and the control she had over him was playing with his mind. He carefully took in her scent as he tenderly kissed her thigh.


“Yes Kate,” he breathed

He was now kissing her as intimately as he could through the bars.

“I don’t have any panties,” she purred, “maybe you can help?”

“I thought we could eat and then take a walk along the beach tonight?”

“Is that really better than being in here?”

Kate had pulled her skirt through the grille so that Brad’s head was now inside. Kate’s thigh had wrapped around Brad’s neck and was now pinning it against the bars. Her skin was warm and smelt so Katie.

“Don’t you want to be trapped inside these tight?” she continued, her own words turning her on, “where you can worship my pussy and my butt all night.”

Brad knew she was becoming obsessed with wearing him, and with each time she was becoming more and more insistent. Maybe she wouldn’t transform him tonight without his permission, but she would probably refuse to release him from inside the grille.

The cute little brunette’s desires could ultimately only be met by wearing him twenty four hours a day, and because she was stubborn and ultimately powerful, he had no doubt that that’s how he’d end up. It wasn’t that she thought she was being cruel to him, in her mind being worn by her was the best thing in the world.

While he didn’t dare to admit it, Brad was also becoming obsessed with being her underwear and was now totally aroused and trying desperately to kiss her damp vagina, “Do it,” he panted.

“For the whole week?”

“If that’s what you want Kate.”

“It is,” she beamed as she once more mouthed the magic words.


Brad reformed as panties inside Kate’s skirt, tucked tightly underneath Kate’s pantyhose. His cock had been hard before she transformed him and he was enjoying the panty equivalent now. Kate’s long legs moved beneath him and then bent as she turned to sit down. As she settled down, the back of her skirt crushed against him as he endured her full weight.

Brad was about to tease her, when Kate started to roll her hips from side to side so that the part of her underwear that was now Brad’s sexual organs was stretched and pulled against the wooden seat.

“Oh that’s nice,” Brad moaned as he tightened and pulled around her clit.

“Yeah, do it to me!”

“Fuck, yeah!”

They both took their time and came together. As Brad lay still pinned beneath her, he had to admit that sex as Kate’s underwear was even better and more intimate than sex as a guy. The cries from above him suggested that Kate thought the same. Even though they had now finished and Kate was walking down on to the beach, the movement and feel of her warm body against him left him in a constant state of arousal. If she was to sit down and wiggle her hips again, it would take only seconds to climax.

Kate had kicked off her heels and had now reached the water.

“Want to see the sunset?” she asked, as she lifted her skirt so he could see.

“Wow, it’s beautiful.”

Kate let her skirt fall back down, reducing Brad’s view to just the sand beneath her feet. He turned his attention back inwards and pulled himself between her cheeks to massage her deep inside.


A few weeks later and Kate arrived at work in a black suit skirt and white blouse. With her hair in a neat ponytail, she clipped through the office in heels, as usual drawing discrete glances from some of the guys. They were interested in her of course, but despite not having seen Brad around recently, Kate didn’t seem interested in anyone’s advances.

She sat down behind her desk, from where no one could see her hips rock gently from side to side. They certainly couldn’t see the tiny twitching of her underwear, completely hidden from view deep inside her fitted skirt.

The hypnotist had replied to her email and had agreed to help.

“Are you sure we should do this?” Kate whispered.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” Brad replied and gave her a reassuring hug around her butt.

Kate left the office for her appointment. Within an hour she would be in a trance, after which she’d be unable to remember the magic words. She would be condemning Brad to life as her underwear, spending every hour of the day under her skirts, her dresses or inside her jeans and shorts. He would have to worship her constantly and in return she’d use her perfect body to keep him in a constant state of arousal. It was a deal that both were happy to accept.

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