High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 10

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Ch 10: Nearing the end

I finished the track season with an average of 3rd place in the last few meets. I failed to qualify for Districts, which was no surprise, but had decided to go to the District Track and Field Meet anyway to cheer on Sarah, Jeff, and the other team members I knew that qualified.

Jeff managed a record-breaking throw and beat out the rest of his field by over three feet. I saw him after his last throw talking to a recruiter from A&M and a few other recruiters orbiting him like hawks. I gave him a wave and gestured I would see him later.

I picked a spot of fence on the back straight where I could see Sarah round the last sets of turns into the finish of her 1500M.

When the gun went off I saw the girls take off running. I cheered as Sarah ran by. The stadium was pretty loud as there were people cheering from well over 20 schools in our district. I could only imagine what this place would be like when the All-State meet was here in a few weeks.

“That’s it! Good pace Sarah,” I yelled as she went by. I checked the timer on my stopwatch to be sure.

On her second lap I could already see her start to get winded. She had gotten a cold last week and hadn’t slept well. The last thing you want to be is sick going into the biggest meet of your high school career.

“Run through it,” I yelled as she went by, “Sleep when you’re dead!”

By her third lap she was back on pace. I almost regretted not being on the other side of the track and able to cheer her through her last 200 M.

“Aww screw it,” I said out loud to myself, “I can just run with her.”

When she came around on her forth and final lap I could see the tears running down her cheeks. She had slipped from 2nd to 5th over the past 100 M.

“Run damn it!” I screamed as I started jogging along the fence. “Run through it. You have this. You’ve been waiting for this all year.”

5th to 4th.

“Come on. That’s it. Breath!” I screamed.

I was now having flashbacks to my days on the swim team cheering Summer and Ben on in their races.

4th to 3rd.

“This is your race Sarah!” I yelled as I did my best to keep pace with her. I was okay over the short run, so hopefully I could stay with her.

3rd back to 2nd.

“You got it!” I continued to cheer.

2nd to 1st.

The stadium was on its feet and the place was the loudest I had ever heard an outdoor stadium be.

1st to 2nd. 2nd to 1st. Now she was side by side with the other runner and they were egging each other on. Tears poured down Sarah’s face and her eyes fixated on the finish line.

In the end Sarah got 2nd place but managed to beat her time by nearly 6 seconds. Her last lap split was actually 2 seconds faster than her first lap split.

When I finally made my way around the backside of the bleachers to the fence near the finish line I was able to get Sarah’s attention. Jeff, Sasha, Summer, and Jenn were all there as well.

Sarah came running over the jumped into our arms.

“Thank you,” she said looking back and forth between us. “I could hear all of you on every lap.”

I smiled knowing that as a group we would always be stronger than we were individually.

“And you,” Sarah said looking me square in the eyes, “thank you most of all.” She then wrapped her arms tight around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

After the long drive back from the district meet we were too bushed to get into too much trouble. Jenn invited Sarah, Summer, and I over to her place for a sleep over. For once, sleep was all we did.

Four people on a queen sized bed is a little tight. Luckily Jenn and Summer are pretty thin, and Sarah isn’t much bigger. I managed to flop down first and let the girls squeeze in around me. With me on my back and two girls on one side and one girl on the other I fell asleep feeling like a king.

Sarah went on to run at the All-State meet and managed to finish in the top 12. Not a bad run considering she was still feeling kind of sick. With the track season finally under wraps it was time to focus on finals.


“This is intense,” Jenn said slamming her physics book shut.

“Yeah,” I said rubbing my temples, “every time I think I got it I check my answers and I don’t.”

The week before finals was pretty much one giant unending cram session. Luckily as a group we had all our bases covered.

“Will buddy old man,” I asked, “how about a little help?”

“Only if you help me with this humanities bull crap,” he said sarcastically throwing a handful of 8×10 photos of famous paintings on the table in front of him.

“Deal!” I said. That was right up my ally anyway and I knew I could explain it in a way it would make sense. I just hope

By the time we were done studying we were so burnt out we pretty much slept were we sat. Each morning we would go to school for the teacher-lead review sessions in the morning and then come back to Jenn’s house to study. The upstairs TV room that had been host to more than a few teenage orgies, porn video illegal bahis sessions, and naughty photo-shoots now rivaled the school library. There were stacks of textbooks, piles of papers, and pools of notes that covered every flat surface.

We were pretty much living for the weekend at that point.

When Friday 5:00 rolled around Jenn stood up and got everyone’s attention. “Okay, that’s it,” she said making a grand gesture he hands symbolizing defeat. “No more studying. We either know it or we don’t.” Everyone let out an sympathetic groan and nodded in agreement.

“First we clean up,” she said holding up one finger. “Second,” she said holding up another finger, “we order pizza for dinner.” Holding up yet another finger she continued, “Third we put in a movie and veg out.” At this point the energy level in the room was starting creep back up. “And lastly,” she said holding up four fingers and drawing out her pause, “we fuck.”

The last part brought out a few cheers from the group. Most of them were still half-hearted given how burnt out we were but I was pretty sure after some food, some soda, and some time to de-stress in front of the TV we would all be ready and willing to blow off some steam and release some pent up tension.

At the start of the movie Summer sat between my legs and begged for a back rub. By the middle of the movie I had run my hands over every square inch of neck, back, and arm muscle she had. After a while she relaxed and leaned back into my chest. I playfully slipped my hands up under her shirt palming the underside of her breasts.

“Do these need massaged too?” I whispered into her ear as I ran my finger tips along the bottom of her breasts.

“Maybe later,” she cooed, “right now I just want to relax.”

I scanned around the room and saw that there were plenty of other pairs. Most people were relaxed but I did spot some subtle and not-so-subtle flirtatious movements going on..

The twins, as insatiable as they are, were the first ones to get things started. They started making out with Ben and Doug which triggered the rest of the couples to start. Summer and I wasted no time and she quickly spun around in my lap.

“How about you massage them now,” she said peeling off her shirt.

With her straddling my lap I ran my hands up her sides and cupped them over her bra clad breasts. I then reached around and pulled her closer me. While I undid her bra I gave her a slow sensual kiss.

As the bra slipped off her shoulders and down her arms I slid my hands back around and resumed cupping her breasts. Not free from her bra I could feel her stiff nipples rub against my palms.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” Summer said as I began gently kneading her breasts.

She always enjoyed having them played with. At first she was a little insecure and felt they were a little small. I thought they were absolutely perfect. A full firm B-cup that filled your hands just right. Big enough to give her curves, small enough they didn’t sag or get in your way.

“I thought you weren’t a boob man,” Summer said.

“Oh, I’m not,” I said, “but I am a Summer man.”

“A Summer man?” She asked with a disbelieving laugh.

“Yup,” I said squeezing her boob for emphasis. “Summer boobs. Summer ass.” I then slid my hands down and grabbed two handfuls of her firm athletic toned ass. “Summer lips,” I said as I leaned in to give her another kiss.

“I guess that makes me a Steve girl,” she said when our lips parted.

“A Steve girl?” I asked chuckling at her mimicking me.

“Yup,” she said running her hands up my arms. “Steve shoulders. Steve chest.” Her hands when across my shoulders and then down my chest. She then leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, “Steve cock.”

My dick twitched involuntarily and the blood started to rush to it from the rest of my body.

Summer slid herself backwards off and undid the clasp to my shorts. I lifted my ass up off the sofa that helped her shimmy my shorts down. She looked up and gave me a wink before taking my hardening cock in her hand.

I closed my eyes and rested my head on the couch cushion behind me and just gave myself over to the moment.

Summer’s blow jobs were very different from Heather’s. Heather had a lot more practice and was more proficient with the use of her tongue. Heather also had a distinct style and rhythm that was almost predictable. When she went down on your cock you knew exactly what you were in for. In contrast, Summer was much less experienced and did not have a distinctive style. It wasn’t that she had bad technique, her blow jobs were still very pleasureful. You just never knew what you were going to get when Summer took ahold of your cock – and that is what made it fun.

She started off licking my cock from tip to balls like it was an ice-cream cone. She savored every inch and let her tongue snake its way across every veiny ridge and ripple. Summer rarely used her hands during a blow job. As such her hands were resting on my hip bones as her head bobbed up and down illegal bahis siteleri and side to side around my cock.

When she finally took the tip of my cock into her mouth it sent a wave of pleasure through my body. A soft moan escaped my lips as I felt the sensitivity in my cock intensify.

Her next move was to go back to licking the outside that made me to moan in displeasure. Then she took me in her mouth again. This cycle continued. Each time she took me in her mouth for a longer time and then went back to licking me for a longer amount of time. Just when I would get close she would remove her mouth. When I was begging and clawing for more she would take me into her mouth. It was driving me up a wall.

“That’s it,” I said egging her one, “just like that. So close.”

She kept going with my cock in her mouth. She couldn’t exactly deep throat me the way Ashley could, but she was learning. Each time it felt like I was an extra fraction of an inch back there. With a few more bobs of her head I felt my orgasm start. I gave Summer a warning and then felt every muscle in my upper legs, hips, and abdomen tighten. When the first jets of cum sprayed into her mouth my muscles unclenched and then started to twitch with every subsequent jet of cum.

I grunted as the last jet squirted from my cock. “So good,” I cooed.

Summer smiled and then wiped a small dribbled of cum that had leaked out of her mouth up with her finger and then licked it clean. “Yes, very good,” she said with a mischievous smile.

We cuddled for a little while as I basked in the afterglow of my orgasm. I absentmindedly twirled my fingers through Summer’s brunette curls.

“You two are too cute,” Jenn said as she stepped over us heading to the bathroom. I just smiled and looked over her naked body and then pulled Summer close to me. How could I argue?

Most of the other couples had finished their first round of fucking and oral play.

By now it was late and those that were not spending the night started to say their goodbyes and make their exits. The rest of us looked around at each other and debated out next move.

“How about a midnight swim?” I suggested to the group.

“Sounds like a plan,” the rest group echoed one by one.

I ran outside real quick and grabbed my duffle bag from my Jeep before making my way to the guest bedroom. As I stripped out of my shorts Summer came up behind me.

“Is there room enough for two in this bed later?” She asked as she hugged me from behind.

“There might be room for three,” I said with a laugh.

Summer laughed as well and proceeded to unpack her own overnight bag. She withdrew a small ziplock bag with what appeared to be tiny scraps of red fabric.

“No peaking,” she said as she took the bag and headed off to the bathroom.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before sweetheart,” I said sarcastically. I then finished tying the knot on my board shorts and headed out to the pool.

It was no surprise that I was the first one outside. Most of the girls were already half naked and would only be putting on bikinis, if anything at all, but for some reason they always seemed to take forever.

I jumped in and the cool water felt refreshing. The official start of the summer season was still a few days away but it was already getting warm. The warm night air and the cool water made for a very relaxing combination. I did a few laps and then just started listlessly floating around occasionally looking towards the door waiting for the girls.

Sadly Ben, Doug, and the twins had headed home most likely to have their own private four-way orgy. Will and Heather made their own exit looking like they had private plans of their own too. Jeff and Sasha had left before the movie started and it seemed it would just be Jenn, Sarah, Summer and I for the midnight swim.

As I floated around looking up at the few stars currently visible in the night sky I heard a storm of giggles coming my way. The three girls came out together each holding a half-empty wine glass and Jenn holding the bottle. Our group weren’t huge drinkers and were never ones to party till we were drunk. However, that didn’t stop us from enjoying the occasional glass or two. My family had always had a glass of wine with dinner and ever since I was sixteen I had been allowed a glass. Jenn’s parents were the same way. So long as we weren’t causing trouble or supplying anything to anyone outside our immediate circle it wasn’t uncommon for our parents to leave us a bottle of wine.

“Yellow Tail Merlot,” Jenn said holding up the bottle. “You want a glass?”

“Sure,” I said as I swam over to the side of the pool.

Summer was wearing the red bikini I had seen earlier which looked way more stunning on her than I had thought it was going to. It had rather modest sized triangles of fabric that covered her breasts with a metallic ring hovering over her sternum that joined them together. Her bottoms were equally modest with matching rings on her hips.

Jenn’s suit was less modest. canlı bahis siteleri I think if you cut up one triangle from Summer’s suit you could make two of Jenn’s suit. It is a good thing she was clean shaven because her suit was not covering anything but the bare essentials.

Sarah’s suit was somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It fit her runners body really well and the blue color looked good on her. It was tied together with bows on each hip, a bow on her back, and one more behind her neck. ‘That’s just begging to be pulled,’ I thought to myself looking her over.

As I sat back and took a sip of the glass of wine Jenn poured for me I watched the girls take up spots next to each other on the lip of the deck sipping their wine and chatting back and forth. I started laughing which caught the girls’ attention.

“What’s so funny?” Sarah asked.

“It’s like the start of a bad porno or an even worse joke,” I said laughing, “a blond, a brunette, and a redhead all walk out to the pool.” You couldn’t get any more to the point than that with those three girls. Jenn’s hair was fiery red. Sarah’s hair was a dirty blond but always lightened up over the summer. Summer’s hair was a dark brunette shade that just hung well past her shoulders.

“So, is this the one where I go sniff the bottom of the pool?” Sarah asked.

“Or is this the one where we all take our tops off and seduce the pool boy?” Summer asked in a sultry porn-star voice.

“I like option two,” I said, “although with those suits on it won’t be hard to seduce the pool boy.”

Despite my suggestion for a late night swim the girls never got in the pool. They dangled their feet in and sipped their wine while I swam around. After a while Jenn suggested that we move the party to the hot-tub. Before getting in she undid her suit and set it on the patio railing. The other two girls just stared at her blankly.

“What? It’s dry. Why should I get it wet?” She then shrugged and got in. “Plus look around. No one can see us.”

Jenn was right. The hot-tub was nestled in the corner of the patio and unless you were in their back yard you couldn’t see in. Jenn’s neighborhood was also spread out enough that being on the end of the cul-de-sac meant the backs of the houses actually faced out and away from each other rather than next to each other like they would in a row. Behind her house was a farmer’s field and then more of the same for a few miles.

After jumping out of the pool I quickly shed my shorts and tossed them aside. “What? It’s wet with pool water. Why should I get hot tub water on it too,” I said sarcastically. The warm water was soothing and much more relaxing than the relatively chilly pool water.

Sarah and Summer finished their glasses of win and shrugged taking off their suits as well.

‘Yeah, a blond, a brunette, and a redhead get into a hot tub,’ I said to myself, ‘bow-chicka-wow-wow.’

At first everyone behaved themselves and just enjoyed the warmth of the hot tub. It didn’t take too long though before an epic battle of footsies and poking broke out. Soon I had my arms around Sarah holding her by the wrists using her hands to poke at Jenn and Summer. It wasn’t much of a defense since I was able to get flanked on both sides. Also it didn’t help that Sarah was super ticklish and soon became more of a hazard than a shield.

“Okay, we have to stop,” Jenn said trying to stifle her laughs. “We’re splashing too much water out of the hot tub. If we’re going to play we need to either take it to the pool or take it inside.”

“Yes mom,” I said sarcastically.

As I watched the girls climb out one by one I couldn’t help but drool over the parade of tight teenage bodies pass before me. Jenn was naturally skinny and had a small firm ass. Sarah being a runner was a little bigger and had a tight ass, but it was rounder and more full than Jenn’s. Summer was by far my favorite. She had very long legs that were toned from swimming and an ass that was as tight as could be.

“You coming with us stud, or are you just going to sit there and refill the hot-tub with your drool?” Sarah asked staring back at me.

“Uh, how about we all shower and then reconvene in the guest room downstairs?” I suggested.

“That works. Sarah you’re with me,” Jenn said.

“I guess you’re stuck with me,” I said to Summer with a wink.

Summer and I playfully rinsed each other off and let our hands roam around each other’s bodies to tease and tantalize. We exchanged a few kisses but nothing that would fire us up too quickly too soon.

Leaving Summer to rinse out her hair one last time, I jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I quickly made my rounds of the guest room setting up and lighting candles. After turning off all but a small lamp in the corner that I dimmed to a low setting, I survey the room and was satisfied with the mood.

As I was turning down the blanket and fluffing the pillows Summer came out with one towel around her body and another around her hair.

“Ooo, I love it,” she said in amazement.

Candlelight provides a certain warmth that you don’t get with electric bulbs. It is also much more dynamic the way it flickers around the room. Get enough candles going and you can get a neat lighting arrangement.

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