His Mistress

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Rose was feeling especially nervous as the older gentleman came in with Madame Lily… Rose was new to the Flower House, having just been purchased from her family by the Madame. Of course, she’d had the choice to come, Madame didn’t like having girls that were unhappy to be there… and she was now living much better than she ever had in her own home.

She had been chosen because she was exceptionally beautiful, delicate features and soft hair, large eyes that men would just want to sink into. Her tiny waist and firm curves were a delight. The fact that she was this beautiful in a poor family made her a prime prospect to become a mistress. Madame Lily had been quite careful to explain that this would be very different from being a whore… whores went with one man for a night or two. A mistress would get a house and an allowance, she would be pampered and loved, and would stay with the man for a year – sometimes more.

Rose’s real name was Emily, but the Madame only allowed flower names in her house, it was kind of their way of slipping into a new life.

Standing quietly with her eyes downcast under heavy lashes, she peeked out at the man. Barely 18 years of age, she felt increasingly nervous as he made his way through the room, stopping to chat with some of the other men and women in the room. Not all of them were there to find a mistress, it was a party that Madame was having… but if she was escorting him around the room and introducing him to her girls then he was definitely looking. Probably in his late forties, Rose found him very intimidating, especially when she saw him pointing her out to Madame.

They were walking towards her and she felt her stomach fluttering… somehow she hadn’t pictured being mistress to a much older gentleman… she’d always thought she’d be in the care of a younger man. And then they were there, in front of her.

“Mr. Boyd, this is Rose. Rose, this is Mr. James Boyd.” Madame said with a flourish of her fan, smiling genially while her eyes told Rose to behave.

“How do you do Mr. Boyd,” she said softly with a smooth curtsy. Madame had spent months teaching her how to curtsy correctly, and also what manners to use and how to dress. The effect was incredibly flattering as her bosom heaved, pressing against the tight confines of her dress.

They stayed a few moments talking, about harmless chattering things. Rose even managed to get comfortable enough to slip in a sly joke, startling a laugh from the older man. Still, she felt very relieved when he and Madame left; her stomach finally settled back to where it was supposed to be.

To her shock, after the party Madame told her that Mr. Boyd would like to have her as his mistress… he was offering an allowance of 30 pounds a month, her own house over on Thornberry Street, and the contract would be for a year. After a moment of hesitation, Rose said yes. This wasn’t the first offer that she’d had, and at least he had kind eyes and casino siteleri had laughed at her joke. The first man that had made an offer to her had terrified her… she could probably do much worse than Mr. James Boyd, even if she had been hoping for a younger man.


Rose lay in bed, quivering in her nightgown as Mr. Boyd entered the room; he was dressed only in a heavy robe and she tried to still her breathing as he approached the bed.

“Hello darling,” his voice was low, as kind as it had been all afternoon and over dinner. She knew that he was trying to get her accustomed to him, that he was a nice and gentle man who liked her very much. Still, she was very nervous, she knew that this first time was going to hurt – Madame had warned her to hide the pain – and she also had never been anywhere near a man like this before. For the first time, she was almost starting to regret her decision to join Madame’s patronage.

“Hello Sir,” she managed to squeak out, her voice breathy and shrill at the same time.

He chuckled in the darkness, slipping off his robe as she turned her head for modesty’s sake and sliding in beside her, “Don’t worry… you’ll enjoy this very much.”

Madame had told her that he would say something like that, that men like James Boyd felt powerful and masculine for being able to sexually pleasure the feminine sex. It added to their stature… and in no way was she to displease Mr. Boyd. Rose felt another flash of fear as his hands went around her waist, pulling her close to him… she could not resist, in fact she had to respond. She had to make him happy… she had to make him believe that he was pleasing her…

Tentative hands rested on his shoulders as his lips found hers in the darkness. For awhile he just kissed her, gently, slowly, his tongue exploring her mouth and his lips caressing hers. Under this gentle treatment Rose slowly began to relax, his fingers were making little circles on her waist and her sides; it was as though his lips and hands were coaxing her anxieties from her. She began to kiss him back, feeling calmer and a little more confident… this wasn’t so bad. Surely she could handle this…

There had been so many stories from the other girls, about men who just jumped in, ramming in their thick meat without any attempt to giving the woman pleasure. Of course, Madame tried to avoid those that would actually cause her girls pain… bodily damage was never a good investment; and she was very protective of her girls, but Rose got the idea that it was rare that someone would take as much time to make the girl comfortable as Mr. Boyd was with her. Perhaps it was because he was older or maybe it was just something in his character.

Slowly the young, frightened girl seeped out of her and she was left with a curdling excitement that grew with every stroke of his deft fingers against her sides. Suddenly she realized that those deft finger strokes had raised slot oyna the hem of her night gown… he was taking it off of her… biting down panic she just tried to relax as her body was exposed to a man for the first time. Sure that the pain was coming, she tensed again, trembling at his touch. Instead he just started kissing her again, only this time his lips began to move down as his hand moved up… kisses down her neck and across her collarbone as his hand began to caress up her ribcage.

When the palm of his hand cupped her breast she gasped, the touch was so illicit and yet so thrilling… she was shocked at the feeling of completion, that she’d wanted him to touch her there as his hand had roamed up her body. It felt like his hand was now where it belonged after that journey across her hot flesh. Lips were kissing the swell of her other breast and she gasped as his hands squeezed both of them, his lips traveling ever closer to her nipple as he began to massage and knead her globes. When his mouth closed over her tender bud, she realized that her nipple was hard… electricty seemed to flow through her as he sucked the pink nipple into his mouth; she moaned before she realized what she was doing.

The noise definitely didn’t seem to bother him though, and as he rolled her nipple with his tongue, between his teeth, she moaned again. Rose was both shocked and thrilled at her response… although the girls had told her that love-making would eventually bring pleasure, she hadn’t realized that this much was possible! Especially not her first time. As she continued to moan, her body starting moving involuntarily, an ancient rhythm that she didn’t recognize although the man on top of her did.

His mouth moved to her other nipple, this time gently biting and nipping as her sighs of pleasure grew; one hand traveled down her body to spread her legs further apart, caressing the insides of her thighs. Rose’s head was filled with heady pleasures, she willingly parted her legs without even thinking about it, there was a kind of itch between them. Mr. Boyd’s hand was suddenly there on her mouth, his fingers stroking the wetness between her legs; she gasped at both the indignity and the incredible pleasure of it. Hips lifting in the air, she shuddered as the tip of one of his fingers actually pressed into her body, feeling so odd and yet very good as well.

Her hands clutched at his shoulders as he positioned himself, unable to wait any longer as her young and innocent body writhed before him. The head of his dick pressed against her virgin entrance and she gasped, her back arching as he began to press in. It felt both good and painful, the unaccustomed invasion that scratched an unbearable itch… and then he pressed up against her barrier. Rose didn’t realize it, she was so lost in this confusing mix of conflicting sensation, and then he pulled back and thrust through. Her shriek of pain was muffled by his lips as tears sparking in her eyes, her hands canlı casino siteleri trying vainly to push him off of her as he tore through her virginity.

When he was fully inside her, buried in her to the hilt, he stopped, holding himself there as her tight, deflowered pussy convulsed around him. Not that stopping was any real punishment the way her slick walls gripped him and massaged… taking his lips from hers he kissed the tears from her cheeks.

“That was the hard part,” he told her kindly, “it will get better from here.”

Rose only nodded and then whimpered as he began to pull out of her, not sure that she believed him. He was right though, although her pussy felt sore and stretched, there was no startling burst of pain as he thrust back in. Slowly he went, building up her pleasure again, using his hands and lips on her breasts as he pressed in and out of her body, allowing her to adjust and become accustomed to the strange invasion. The younger girl slowly began to respond, even though it hurt a little as she pressed her hips up against his downward thrust, it was starting to feel good again too.

And there was something else… something growing that she had never felt before, just on the edges of her senses… something that she longed for like a bitch in heat. James Boyd was astonished at Roses’ passionate response as she began to move against him, trying to draw that whispering promise closer. If he hadn’t just taken away her cherry himself he might have thought that he had been cheated out of a virgin, she was moaning so delightfully and writhing so enthusiastically.

Taking her response to be sufficiently passionate enough for him to go ahead and let up on his rigid control, Mr. Boyd started to really thrust and pound away at her. Rose cried out in pain and pleasure as his thrusts became rougher and faster, that alluring sensation seemed just out of reach. Rubbing herself furiously against his crotch, she determinedly ignored any pain, just trying to get closer and closer to the whispering promise.

With a sharp cry, her entire body tensed up and the most incredible feeling started to sweep over her, locking her pussy down on his dick as it moved within her. Her tight pussy wrapped up around him, almost as though it was sucking him into her body and he let out a hoarse groan as he slammed home and began to spurt within her. Rose convulsed beneath him, her legs rigidly tight around his waist as the pleasure roiled over her body.

It wasn’t until her orgasm was completely over and he was pulling himself off her that she realized how sore her pussy was. The poor thing had been brutalized by both her and his treatment of it, she’d been so desperate to reach her climax that she’d ignored how vulnerable she was. With a whimper she curled up around herself, not even noticing anything until Mr. Boyd returned with warm water and a soft clothe.

He bathed her thighs and her battered lips, cleaning off blood and sex juices and soothing the sore flesh. When he came back to the bed, Rose welcomed him with open arms; relaxed and without an ounce of anxiety, she fell asleep in his arms, thankful of the place she had come to.

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