Hot, Straight Step Brother Moves In

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At the age of 18, Neil had gotten used to being an only child. He liked it that way. He never had to share his parents attention with anyone and quite often he got his own way. That was until his parents separated, and a year after the divorce, his mum had met someone new. Neil didn’t care too much. He came out as gay three years back, and he was enjoying living his own life to care too much about what his mum was up to. He was happy for her. He wasn’t happy, however, with this new man moving into their family home and bringing his son along with him.

Neil had met his new brother in law once before over a meal. He goes by the name of Liam and is 20. Imagine a 20 year old jock made in a lab – he had a slim, muscle build torso, shaggy brown hair and, as much as Neil tried not to look, a peachy bum that stuck out through the black skinny jeans. Neil hated him. Neil hated how much Liam loves himself. He hated how he always smelt masculine, how he was so confident and how he spoke about girls like they were disposable.

Neil’s mum and Liam’s dad were going out for the night, and Liam brought his latest girl around to the house. Even though Neil was gay, he could appreciate a good looking girl, and Liam always seemed to get them. She was stunning. Neil was sat reading in book in the kitchen, and due to the layout of the house, he could see clearly into the Living Room. Liam was sat on the couch, with his girlfriend next to him. It didn’t take long for them to start kissing. Neil could hear the sounds of their lips and the subtle moaning and giggling coming from the girl. This casino siteleri just goes to show how annoying he is. He knows Neil is there, but he doesn’t care. Neil couldn’t stop watching, as much as he tried. Liams full lips were wrapped around her tongue, with his hands in her hair. Neil heart stopped beating when he saw Liam’s right eye open and look at him. He was relieved when Liam carried on, because this must mean he didn’t catch Neil looking.

It wasn’t long until Liam was in his bedroom having sex with the girl. He could hear her moaning and Liam calling her a dirty slut. Neil’s penis was pressed so hard against his trousers. He couldn’t help but go to his room, open his laptop and start to wank. He typed in ‘gay porn tight underwear’, as he had always been aroused by men wearing right boxer briefs and imagining them in his face, the smell and the texture against his mouth.

Next morning, neil was making himself some eggs and Liam was working on the kitchen island. He was studying towards his degree.

“Sorry if we kept you awake yesterday, man,” said Liam, “it’s been a while you see and I took advantage of the free house.”

“No worries. I hardly heard you.”

A loud grunt from Liam made Neil realise he was frustrated over something.

“What’s up?”

“This stupid computer. It’s died and the charger is in dad’s car.”

“Use mine. I won’t be needing it,” said neil. Liam used Neil’s computer and later on, a few hours later, delivered it back to Neil’s bedroom. While playing on his xbox, Neil remembered his wanking session. Did he slot oyna delete the history? Quickly, he leapt out of bed and ran to the computer and checked. In the browsing history, it had ‘gay porn tight underwear’, ‘gay porn step brother’ ‘gay porn smelling underwear’ ‘gay porn tight Calvin kliens’. Shit. Neil initially panicked, but then came to the conclusion that, if Liam had noticed it, he would have brought it to Neil’s attention.

A few days later, the parents were out again and once again it was just Liam and Neil. Neil was on the couch looking for a movie. Liam came out of his bedroom and walked into the kitchen to the fridge. He had just been for a run. From the couch, Neil could see him. He was clearly sweating from his run and needing some water. Liam turned around and saw Neil, and with a nod of the head, left for his bedroom. Moments later, Liam was back to the doorway of the living room. He was wearing nothing except from tight, white CK boxer brief underwear. Neil had seem Liam in underwear before, and he normal wore baggy boxers. Neil’s eyes widened and he instantly felt uncomfortable.

“Mind if I join you in a minute mate? Could do with a break from studying,” said Liam. “I’m just going to jump in the shower.”

“Course,” replied Neil without looking up.

Liam walked across the living room and looked out of the window, his back to Neil. Neil couldn’t help but look. Liam’s bum was perfect in the white underwear, the fabric riding up between his crack and the sweat from his run clearly visible on the white. Neil felt himself get hard and fixed himself canlı casino siteleri quickly. Liam turned around, smirked, and left the room. Fuck, thought Neil. He was so turned on by him and he hated it.

Moments later, Liam was out of the shower and came back into the living room with a T-shirt on and a new pair of underwear. Again, they were tight and clung to his tight, damp skin. This time, they were green and made his package look big. He came in and while asking Neil what movie he found, flung his white underwear in the wash basket. Throughout the movie, Liam sat opposite Neil with his legs spread. Neil couldn’t bear it. His biggest fetish. His biggest turn on. And it’s right in front of him. Neil had his head turned towards the TV, but his eyes fixed on Liam. He had visions of crawling over in all fours and burying his head in Liam’s crotch. After the movie, Liam went for a nap and neil was alone in the living room. Instantly, Neil’s eyes fell upon the washing basket. He crept over, picked out the white underwear and went back to his room.

He put them to his face and straightaway smelt the musky, dirty manly smell. Not content with that, Neil striped naked and pulled Liam’s underwear onto his own body. The thought of neil’s arse and cock now being where Liam’s was turned him on and he was oozing with pre-cum. Liam took them back off, lay down on the bed and put them over his face and started to wank furiously. He was imagining Liam’s cock in his mouth. The smell was overwhelming and he was in euphoria. Due to how turned on he was, he didn’t hear the door creak open and Liam enter. Liam stood at the end of the bed and with a cough, Neil was suddenly brought to his attention. With his cock in his hand and the underwear in the other, neil looked up to find his step brother staring at him.

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