Hot Swap Session

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This story is dedicated to one of my readers who sent me the basics for making a story about their hot sex life….Kandie.

Joe and Jane are a happily married who wanted to spice up our sex life. But with kids around it’s hard to do. So when our youngest left for college we celebrated by exploring wild sexual action, including wife swapping.

In our younger days, we called it soft shared sex. This usually included watching porn while having sex in the presence of Roger and Rita. We planned these hot sexy session on weekends retreats in the mountains. We would fuck each other in eyesight of the other couple. As well as doing many versions of masturbation. In the back of my mind I always wondered what it would feel like to fuck this man’s wife while he did the same to mine.

Roger and I used to talk about the different things we could do on these outing. One such idea was wife swapping. Like me he stated he really wanted to try it, but like me did not think the women would go along with it.

I suggested we try it on our next weekend. We would do more then the mere touchy, feely, kissing and masturbation. We could first lower our wives inhibitions with wine, then lure then into a hot fucking session. While fucking them we could approach them about swapping partners.

Oh my god, it turned out better then I expected. The women got very aroused during casino siteleri the hot fuck session. When we asked to switch places they did without complaining. It was on night of wild hot sex, the first of many to come.

The evening started with us fucking our own wives. Then in the heat of passion I glanced over at him and said, “How would you like to try some on my wife’s hot steamy cunt? She has been ogling the two of you for awhile and says you look like one red hot fucker, one she would love to have deep in her cunt!”

You grinned and me then looked at your wife and said, “Honey, let’s do what we always talked about. I want you to let Joe fuck you as I fuck Jane!”

Jane kissed me and said, “It’s about time lover! I thought you would never ask!”

Rita kissed Roger and uttered, “Sickem tiger! You make me so hot, I cannot wait to see you fucking Jane.”

Roger then walked over to Jane and kissed her lips, nipples then cunt. Then said, “Spread those beautiful legs honey, Roger is going to fuck you like you never been fucked before!”

Jane was so wet and excited that it did not take much for him to slide his hard member into her wanting pussy. Her moans of passion told me she was loving every minute of it.

I then walked over to his wife Rita and said, “Hello Doll, let’s fuck! I cannot wait to hear your cries of passion as I slot oyna drive my cock deep into you hot pussy!”

She spread her legs wide and pulled my hips toward her wanting pussy. I positioned my wet throbbing cock at the entrance to her love tunnel and fucked her deep and hard with her leg spread as far as they would go.

We all fucked for the next two or three hours with consecutive orgasms for all of us. Needless to say, we did not sleep much that night.

The next morning during breakfast Jane was sitting next to Rita saying, “Oh my god, Rita. I have never felt so turned on before. I do not know why I did not agree to this sooner. My pussy is still throbbing.

I looked at Roger and said, “Wow, man that was some hot fucking last night. I did not think Jane would ever quit climaxing. My cock is hardening just hearing the woman say how much they enjoyed it.”

Roger took a sip of his coffee and stated, “You are right Joe! I never seen the woman so turned on! I bet we can fuck them again, right now!”

Joe went over to Rita and said, “I’m not hungry for food this morning! I want some of your pussy pie!”

My wife Jane had her arms around Rogers neck and was kissing him and saying, “I want to fuck you again!”

We all got so damn excited that we fucked and swapped partners again. Ooooh, my cock is hard now just writing about it, and canlı casino siteleri of course Jane’s lips are wrapped around my hot member.

That long weekend was the first time we swapped partners with another couple. We continued to swap after that every week-end for about six months.

My wife and Rita became very needy of the hot extra fucking sessions. They are not bisexual, but did have a few ideas of their own. One which was seeing the two of Roger and I touch each other’s cock on occasion. So we let the watch as we jacked each other off. Other times I would see Jane getting fucked by him and get her more aroused by letting her watch as Rita jacked me off. Or we would do the alternative, Roger would have Jane jack him off while I fucked Rita.

We all developed into a four person marriage and every time we socialized we knew sex would happen. About 1 years went by and we continued the swapping. The other couple introduced another couple John and Tammy to the hot sexy swapping idea.

The third couple was not experienced and fucked while watching us all until they were ready to join us. They did there first swap session with the four of us. It was very hot for us males to focus all our male energy toward the new lady. The ladies dedicated there female energy to that one new male.

It was the kind of fun we like, very hot, intense and everyone had all the intercourse they wanted during that evening. So much so that we would sit around just talking in the nude after the first round of sex. Then I winked at Tammy held up my drink and shouted, “Who’s ready for round two!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20