Hotel Adventures Ch. 01

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My momma knew real early on that I was going to be a lot more than she could handle. Her solution was to ship me off to an all-girls boarding school- as if nothing bad could ever happen THERE…

I thrived there in so many ways, and by the time I had graduated and was going through my choices of colleges, I figured I already had myself a degree-level education in eating pussy and riding cock.

My first two years of college had their share of adventures, but in my junior year I found a soulmate in my new roommate, and things really took off. Charley had never so much as sniffed a wet cunt before I met her, but she brought me off like nobody else ever had the very first night we roomed together. We were lascivious, voracious and inexhaustible- we habitually shared any and all of our conquests we could drag back to the room- male, female or somewhere in between, and, with one memorable exception, always to the delight of the lucky third party. If I had been a master at cock-sucking before, Charley’s patient tutelage brought me to the level of artistry.

We both hated labels- especially when applied to us- and decided that we weren’t hetero, lesbian or bi-sexual: we were simply purely sexual.

At the end of our junior year, her family invited me to accompany them on a summer trip to Orlando- a celebration of her younger brother Robbie’s graduation from High School, and I eagerly accepted.

We stayed at a semi-luxury resort hotel just outside of Mouseland, with non-stop shuttles running to and from the various theme-parks and attractions in the area. Her family had 2 separate suites, each with a pair of king-sized beds, joined by a center common area with a pull-out sofa, which is where Charley and I were designated to sleep. Her extended family consisted of an older sister and her husband, who had a couple of roughly 10 year old kids that worshipped both Charley and Robbie, and by extension me.

Robbie and his high-school buddy Tony also stayed with them in suite to the right of the common area. In the left-hand suite, Charley’s mom and step-father Bill shared a room with Bill’s brother Todd and his wife Gina, along with a couple of Gina’s kids from a previous marriage- a pair of spoiled rotten young pre-teen monsters.

So the sleeping arrangements were pretty tight.

Charley could tell right away that I was sizing Todd up. He was quite a few years younger than his brother- Charley’s step-dad was going to celebrate his 49th birthday during the trip- and Todd had a sort of rugged masculine quality to him. He had a certain mischievous twinkle in his eye when we were introduced that made me purr. For some reason the fact that I instantly disliked his wife Tina- which was certainly a shared response- only made me take another long glance at him.

“If you just have to fuck Todd, at least try and keep it on the down-low, huh?” Charley whispered to me a little while later- proof positive that we were always on the same wavelength, and I giggled. I figured Todd to be mid-to late 3o’s or so- nearly twice my age. He was pretty well-kept though, and funny and charming no matter if he was talking to the hotel staff in the lobby or the kids. I had dabbled with older men- and women- a time or two, and they had their uses, but as a rule I generally preferred younger, more energetic lovers.

The first few days of the trip everyone was sort of going their own ways, doing the theme park thing, and even though there were all kinds of beautiful people all about, Charley’s mom usually had us scheduled to meet somewhere or watch the kids, or something, so to our mutual amazement we weren’t able to get laid. Other than a few quick kisses, ass-pats and the occasional subtle grope with fellow tourists, we didn’t get to do more than flirt and tease a little, exchanging a few phone numbers but bringing nothing to a conclusion. So by the fourth day Charley and I decided we would circle back to the hotel early in the day and pick up something to fuck around the hotel if we could. At the very least we could get more done than just the quiet stroking of each other we were limited to on the sofa bed.

We hit the hotel pool in our bikinis and to our dismay found Robbie and Tony there. “What the fuck?” Charley asked her little brother. “How come you two aren’t out chasing down some pussy?”

Her casino siteleri brother’s jaw dropped to the ground, but his friend Tony just grinned. “Maybe that’s exactly what we’re doing.” He said smugly as his eyes travelled up and down our bodies.

Charley glanced at me briefly and we knew exactly what each other was thinking. “So Robbie,” she asked. “Have you ever been with a girl before?”

He flushed. He shared her shock of honey-blonde hair and light brown, almost golden eyes, and had the body of an athlete. He recovered quickly and angrily said. “C’mon, Sis- I’m eighteen years old. You had fucked half the football team by this age.”

She laughed. “Only the ones I wanted. I liked the baseball team better,” She stepped close in to Tony and dragged a slow finger down his muscled chest. His confident grin grew, and she winked at me.

I moved in to wrap my arms around Robbie’s neck. I stared deeply into those almost familiar eyes as I slipped an ankle around his right calf, rubbing lightly. “Well, I think we have the makings of a decent morning ahead of us. What do you all think?”

Within seconds we were heading for the hotel room. By unspoken agreement Robbie and I headed towards the left-hand room while Charley and Tony went into the other. I wondered idly how far Charley was going to be willing to take this: I didn’t have any siblings of my own, but thought that if I had one as hot as Robbie was I’d probably be eager to fuck him- but for the first time since I met her I wasn’t sure.

But just the notion of watching her with her brother was enough to make me leave our door open. I was a slightly disappointed to note that the opposite door was closed, though.

I pushed Robbie over to the bed near the window and expertly yanked down his swimsuit in one motion. Like a typical eighteen year old boys in my experience, his cock was nearly always at least semi-hard, and it bounced seductively

“Hey!” He began, and I clamped my mouth over his as I took his shaft in my hand, my other hand tracing a path up his lightly furred stomach up toward his delicious pecs. He was fully hard in seconds, and I shoved him back to a sitting position on the bed, sliding to my knees.

He had a nice cock with a very definite right-hand bend in it. I slipped it into my warm mouth and he groaned. I rammed my head back and forth, taking him balls-deep, and on my third stroke he made a half-choking sound and spurted deep into my throat. I had half-expected this technique to have this effect on a youngster, and when he started to protest in something like embarrassment I lifted a finger up to his lips to silence him, never taking my mouth off his meat as I sucked him dry.

I chuckled as I finally pulled my lips off his pole, having worked him clean: the best thing about 18 year olds was that they got hard again so fast it hardly mattered, and he was already stiffening again. I stood up and pulled his head to my chest. He took the hint and slipped my bikini top off and began paying homage to my left tit.

Suddenly, the sound of the front door opening froze us in our tracks. We stared at each other in horror, and then both dove simultaneously for the far side of the bed. There were only a couple of feet between the edge of the bed and the window and air conditioner unit, so we were piled on top of each other. The shades were drawn all the way against the bright Florida sun, and we hadn’t turned on a single light, so we were in a very dark corner of the room.

The beds were made, so it wasn’t room service. I poked my head up over the edge of the bed, and saw that it was Todd. He paused to turn on the TV in the common room, setting it to ESPN, then entered the room Robbie and I were in, peeling off his shirt as he entered. He turned left towards the bathroom and slid his shorts off. I gasped as I caught just a glimpse of a long, thick cylinder of meat dangling down, then he was around the corner and the shower started up.

“Who is it?” Robbie hissed. He was trapped beneath me and seemingly too afraid to stick his head up- probably for fear of seeing his mother standing there, I figured.

The front door opened again- I realized that Todd had left it unlocked with the night-latch blocking it from closing all the way. I could see through the wedge of the door that a tall late-middle slot oyna aged platinum blonde entered somewhat timidly, looking around carefully. She apparently heard the shower going and a wide smile crossed her face. She was dressed in a yellow and white sundress, and she reached up to untie it as she padded into our room headed for the shower. Her massive tits sprang free just as she rounded the corner: store-bought, I thought immediately- they were far too perfect and upright even for a young woman. I wasn’t philosophically opposed to plastic surgery, and she obviously paid a lot of attention to keeping the rest of her body looking young, so more power to her, I figured.

Robbie was struggling to get up, but after only a moments hesitation I pushed him back down with a shush. I wondered if Charley was even aware other people had come in, but I figured it was just another thing, and could get really good.

I heard low laughter coming from the direction of the shower, and I quickly half rose. “Lay down.” I hissed to Robbie.

“What? We have to get out of here- what if we get found out?”

“This might be your only chance to get laid, knuckle-head.” I pointed out as I reached down to twist at his cock. That won the argument hands down.

He was rock-hard in seconds, and I squatted down over him and mounted him, facing away from him so I could have a better view of the rest of the room. He moaned- I was wetter than hell and sank down to the root in one easy slide. I held him there and keggled for a second, then slowly rose up off him. I was grateful that he had just come- this fuck would last.

I began a nice languorous pace- ignoring Robbie’s efforts to speed it up. I saw Charley and Tony sneak out quietly- she threw a glance our way but I was sure she couldn’t see me in the dark.

As we fucked, I reached out and gathered my purse close. I had to keep reminding Robbie to be quiet, then the shower stopped, and I heard the woman speak in a deep, throaty voice. They dried off for a moment, then she came leading him out with a hand around a hard on so huge that I felt myself flutter around Robbie’s own length.

I had made my preparations, and my phone was recording the whole scene, the light from its back screen carefully covered by a fold in the sheets. Todd’s cock was truly massive, like something out of a porno movie. The woman pushed him to a seat on the other bed much like I had just done for Robbie a few minutes before. I thought “wtf- they aint going to fuck?” Had Todd already worn out her pussy in such a short time or something? Why in world would she not want to ride that monster?

But for whatever reason, she instead knelt between his legs and brought that tool to her mouth. And she wasn’t even much of a man-eater, I judged: she could only barely handle the huge knob of his cock, and as a maestro I was almost offended that she had the gall to bob back and forth on it like she was deep-throating him or something. But her hand was furiously pumping up and down the shaft, and that had to be better than a kick in the face. I watched Todd’s face- he seemed to share my lack of awe, but seemed appreciative of her efforts. I reflected that maybe he had become been used to such sub-standard treatment- I wondered if a lot of women were intimidated by that thing between his legs or something…

As for me, it just made me that much hornier. I began grinding hard down on Robbie, in circular and figure-eight patterns, using all my favorite belly-dancer moves and milking at his pole with my cunt muscles. I thought this varied attack might drive him over the edge, but was pleasantly surprised to find that he stuck a wet finger up against my tight asshole. I rewarded his initiative and stamina by reaching down and cupping his balls, and he worked his way inside me as I began gently kneading his nutsack.

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” I thought as he began thrusting in and out of my ass, but my eyes were drawn again over to Todd as he stood up and moved the woman to lie back on the bed. He darted over to the counter by the sink quickly and then poured some sort of lotion onto her tits, throwing the bottle to the side and lubing up her mounds before straddling her torso. She squeezed her massive orbs together to accommodate him, and he began pumping. For the first time I was canlı casino siteleri a little jealous of those melons: my tits weren’t quite big enough to give a first rate tit-fuck. I felt a little better as I was again able to critique the blonde- on the upstroke, Todd’s knob easily came into reach of her mouth, and she could have added to his pleasure, but instead she ignored it, throwing her head back and forth in what I judged was false ecstasy instead.

Before too long Todd spewed all over the blondes tits and face, and it was enough to make me cum as well, one of those beautiful ten-second orgasms that make life worth living. Robbie felt it and responded, pumping upwards furiously into me with his cock and simultaneously working a second finger into my asshole

I kept it quiet somehow throughought it, silently riding Robbie as Todd toweled off the woman in a gentlemanly manner, his softening cock glistening and bobbing enticingly with his every motion.

They said something too low for me to catch, then she quickly donned her sundress, kissed him briefly and headed out the door. Todd shrugged and headed back into the shower, and I thought he was probably less than fully thrilled by the encounter. “I would do you much better than that tramp.” I promised him silently. I was half-way ready to dismount from Robbie and head into the shower right there, but a burst of common sense stopped me: that probably wouldn’t go so well. Besides, I had a plan to get me some of that.

Todd’s shower was very brief, and he came out fully clothed and left the room immediately. I leapt up off of Robbie and onto the bed, spreading my legs wide.

“Get up here, stud!” I said. “You deserve a reward!”

I meant for him to plunge his cock inside me, but was surprised to find that he dove eagerly face-first towards my pussy. He was pretty good- alternating between worshiping my clit, laving my cunt lips and lapping at my gash. Not in his sisters class, I judged, but then very few were. I grabbed his shoulder and pulled, and was again pleasantly surprised to find that he knew what I meant, and he twisted his body up into a 69 position. Maybe there was a little of that shared wavelength thing that I had going on with Charley here…

I love 69- with either a male or female, it’s my very favorite thing. I prefer it leisurely and slow, but it suddenly occurred to me that we probably ought to make this quick- we were already pushing our luck being in the family rooms so long.

So I gobbled him up and began humming some old Donna Summers stuff that I had discovered on U-tube, and made my own digital explorations of his ass hole, and soon enough I was rewarded with a quickening and tensing that I recognized as the signs of an imminent explosion.

I pulled off his cock quickly. “Come in my pussy, Robbie.” I panted.

He obliging removed himself and his cock was almost instantly deep inside me. Within a few quick thrusts, he was shooting jet after jet of hot jizm deep inside me, and I came yet again.

He shuddered as he collapsed on top of me, and I reached up to kiss him deeply. “We’ll have to do this again real soon.” I whispered huskily. “But right now we better get the hell out of here.”

We went out to the pool again, to find Charley and Tony nervously waiting for us. “Did you get busted?” Tony blurted, but Charley could see from my smile that things had progressed nicely.

As the boys dove into the water to cool off, we set on the side of the pool, legs dangling in the water. “So?” Charley asked.

I smiled. “Your little bro has a whole ton of potential.” I noted. “How was Tony?”

She grinned back. “He has a great cock. A little short, but nice and fat. We had hardly started fucking when someone came in, so I had to finish him off with a quick blow job in the public restroom in the lobby. So who was it, and how did you not get caught?”

In answer, I pulled out my phone and showed her the video, and I could see it had the same effect on her as it had on me.

“You know, I have a twat-full of your brothers come inside me right now.” I mentioned casually. “Care to help a girl get cleaned out?”

I knew that look in her eyes, but I could see the dilemma too. She wasn’t past this whole incest thing yet, and I wasn’t ready to push it, so I dove into the water. I turned and splashed her playfully. “We’ll talk about this later.” I promised.

She laughed and dove in after me, seeking to dunk me. As we wrestled in the water, my mind was wrestling with my plans for the rest of the trip…

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20