I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found Pt. 02

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In Part 1 I found a friend in Leon. Having lived the greater part of my life alone, maintaining my bond with Leon was the most important mission I’d ever had. Sucking his cock was my way of showing him my appreciation for his comradery. He didn’t ask me to do that. He didn’t tell me to do that for him either. All Leon did was nudge me in the right direction.

Since then our friendship has blossomed into something much more. I love my big, strong, well hung black man. It may be unrequited love, but that matters to me, not in the least. Leon has helped me realize and celebrate my feminine side. Yes, I have the anatomy of a male. But that part of my anatomy is insignificant at best. It’s what’s inside a person that counts, the content of their character to paraphrase.

After Leon shared me with D and sent me home, I was walking on air. I belonged. I felt Leon really cared for me and that he was proud to show me off to one of his friends. I vowed never to disappoint him.

I quasi-moved in with Leon soon after I blew D. By quasi, I mean that Leon insisted that I maintain my own apartment for those times when he entertains his women. I respect his need for privacy and when he tells me to get the fuck out, I get the fuck out.

But when the guys are over Leon brags about me. He actually tells his buds that I’m a first-class cock sucker. I’m filled with pride those times Daddy calls me his bitch when his friends can hear it. Maybe its pride of ownership, don’t know. I only know that Daddy Leon is my dear friend.

My wardrobe has improved dramatically since I moved in with Daddy. He loves to see me in my most feminine garb. No longer do I try to fool others into thinking that I’m a man. My outward appearance tells the story of the true me. I’m a sissy, a lady boi, or as Daddy sometimes tells his friends, I’m a “crossdressing faggot.” Even I have to laugh when he calls me that.

Daddy Leon has strict rules for me regardless whether I’m with him or not. Rules that he enforces with a bare ass spanking or the vigorous use of his leather belt if my transgression is particularly egregious.

Doesn’t matter if we’re alone or if his friends are visiting. If I fuck up, Daddy Leon is quick to correct my behavior. Who wouldn’t appreciate that from their friend? I didn’t know before I met Leon that I was such a chronic fuck up. No matter how hard I try to please him, Daddy easily finds where I’m lacking and acts quickly to show me the errors of my ways.

Daddy says those sessions when he’s busy training me to be the best me, are also the means he uses to keep me down, keep me in my place. Daddy says that in the unwritten hierarchy of men and women, I am the lowest form of life. That’s why, he said that before him I had no one.

Even though Daddy has never admitted nor said that he loves me, I know he does. He must. He has told me several times that if I ever tried to leave him he’d kill me. Not in those exact words mind you. It was more like when I said, “Daddy, I’d die if I ever lost you.” He told me I was spot on 100% correct.

Daddy let me quit my job. “You come to work for me baby girl,” he said. “I’ll make you a star.”

His number one rule after never disrespecting him is that I must, at all times present myself as a sexy lady boi. Daddy has bought me some flimsy negligees, honest to goodness really nice hose, and panties. Lots and lots of pretty panties. He tells me they’re silk but I know they’re Walmart nylon, though I’d never ever tell him that. Daddy prefers me to wear a full, high waisted panty. His second fav. is the bikini type. He says that thongs are vulgar and I should be more lady-like at home. But he also insists that I wear thongs under an extremely short skirt when he loans me to a friend to wait tables in that friend’s bar. That only occurs on those nights when the usual waitress calls in sick or something.

I make great tips serving and flirting with those handsome black men. I give all that money to Daddy. I even gave him the money I had in the bank before we met. Daddy says casino oyna I’m an air headed bitch too stupid to handle money. That’s a man’s responsibility.

And Leon is nothing if not a man.

When I gave Daddy my savings, he said he invested it in catering. He has me deliver 2-pound packages around town, to various black-owned enterprises. I have no idea what’s in those packages. Daddy won’t say anything except that if I opened one it’s my ass.

Daddy Leon has replaced my fanny pack with large handbags and purses. He says they’re Coach or Gucci. I won’t say anything to him but they are knock-offs. Fakes. Still, they come in handy when delivering those packages for Daddy and returning with the money his customers pay for them.

I will never, ever forget the first time he made love to me. I’ll never forget because Daddy had a friend with a video camera capture the event and post it online. That’s how proud of me he is.

He had just trained me severely for being slow to fetch him his beer. His belt left welts on my thighs and buttocks. When Daddy saw those bruises, he called me to him, interrupting my house cleaning duties.

Taking my usual place, on my knees at his feet, Daddy explained that he hated to do that to me but it was my fault. “Sweet boi,” he said softly. “You need to be more attentive, more attuned to my needs. If you can do that, you won’t make me train you so hard.”

He had me suck his cock to relieve the stress I’d caused him. It was a task I loved.

I was lost in his crotch, dimly aware that he was on his phone. When he was finished with his call, he told me to get dressed in my sexiest outfit. “This a special night baby bitch. Tonight, I’m gonna make you a woman. Make sure you pretty yourself up now.”

He had promised that before. He even told D he was going to tap my ass. I guess he really was sorry I’d made him angry and this would be his way of making it up to me.

Daddy had me bathe and give myself an enema to make sure my boi pussy was clean.

He specified that I was to wear my high waisted pink panties, the kind Madonna wears sometimes. He also wanted me to have on black thigh highs with garter belt, a tube top, and my highest heels.

I did as Daddy told me. I always did as Daddy tells me.

I was ready when his friend Marco arrived. I greeted him warmly at the door and brought him a beer. He was busy setting up his taping equipment. He must have had 20 cameras, most were miniature.

When he was satisfied that there were no blind spots in the living room and bedroom Daddy said it was time.

I was nearly faint with excitement. We were going to consummate our relationship something I never thought could ever happen to someone like me.

The first thing Daddy had me do was to introduce myself to the make-believe audience. “Hi,: I began cheerfully. “My name is Adam Watson. My Daddy calls me Addie.”

I looked at Leon to see what I needed to do next.

“Tell em why we’re here bitch.”

“We’re here because Daddy says it’s time for him to make me a woman. I am so excited that Daddy wants me to reach my full potential as a lady boi.”

“Show em your pathetic excuse for a dick Addie. Jack that tiny thing off for the people who will see this.”

This would be the first time I would have an orgasm since meeting Daddy. He had warned me about masturbating without permission and threatened to cut off my weenie if I bugged him to let me beat off. Now, with his permission I was going to get my own nut.

I pulled my panty aside and showed my hairless pee-pee and little hairless balls to the video cameras. I was already erect thinking about Daddy taking my virginity.

I licked my thumb and two fingers to tug on my little hard-on, and smiled, Like I was told, for the camera.

Propped up against the headboard with my feet planted flat on the mattress I beat off for the cameras smiling brightly.

Off camera I heard Daddy say, taste yourself Addie. Taste that shit you’re leaking from your clit.”

I slot oyna used the index finger from my left hand and dabbed up some pre-cum. Smiling for the camera I licked my finger. “Hmm. Yummy,” I smiled sexily. “Not as good as Daddy’s though.”

I played with my balls and beat off when Daddy told me to finger fuck myself. “Oh Daddy, that’s so nasty.”

I saw him through the bright lights with a scowl and loosening his belt. I thought quickly.

“Daddy, it’s so nasty and so sexy.” I turned over and on hand and knees presented my big round ass to the camera. Again, pulling my panty aside I wet my thumb with spit and worked it into my boi pussy. I looked back at the camera as best I could as I thumb fucked myself.

Daddy and Marco were laughing as I was groaning. “You better not cum yet bitch,” Daddy warned.

They had me thumb fucking myself for 5-10 minutes before letting me finish. Tossing a clear plastic cup on the bed, Daddy told me to shoot my load in it. “Get up on your knees bitch. Look right at the camera and make sure you get every drop of that shit in your cup.”

I climaxed. Through gritted teeth I pumped and tugged at my boi clit pulsing my “shit”, as Daddy calls it, into the plastic up.

“Now put that shit back where it came from Addie.”

I didn’t understand and gave him a questioning look. “Drink it cunt. God damned stupid bitch.”

Smiling again for the camera I drank my sissy cream from the plastic cup. On a whim, I opened my filled mouth to show it full of cum. Then I swallowed.

Daddy came to the bed and had me remove his pants. I nuzzled his cock through the familiar silk briefs and lapped at his balls before pulling the garment down.

Filming stopped while Daddy got into position. Then I crawled between his legs and sucked his cock. The camera was everywhere getting full frontals of Daddy’s black cock entering my white face.

I moved down and lapped at his big balls while holding and gently jacking his thick hard cock.

Then Daddy did something new. He hooked his arms behind his knees and brought them back raising his hard-black ass. He didn’t have to say a word. I licked from his balls to his anus and back. After several passes I buried my face in Daddy’s bottom and stabbed his asshole with my tongue.

“You gettin this Marco?”

“Dayum. That faggot loves your black ass man.”

Daddy let me suck his ass and then his cock again before stopping the video filming to position himself behind my kneeling body.

“Okay Addie. Look at the camera and ask me to fuck you.”

“Please Daddy. Please fuck me Daddy. Make me your woman Daddy. Make me your little white bitch. Give me your wonderful big, black cock Daddy.”

I felt the pressure as Daddy pulled my panties aside and worked the head of his cock into my narrow passage. We both grunted at the same time. Daddy with effort, me in discomfort.

I was crying and wailing in pain as Daddy fucked his big cock up my ass. He calls it my boi pussy but right at that moment it was my very painful ass.

When he was fully in me, he slowly pulled back. Then he slid back in. After several times the pain began to subside. Daddy’s tempo built until he was fucking me like the bitch he wanted me to be.

“You like this bitch,?” Daddy growled.

“Oh yes Daddy. Fuck me. You fill me up so good. Fuck me Daddy fill me with your cum.”

It was at that moment that Marco stepped up to the edge of the bed. His cock drooling with pre-cum was offered to me. I opened my mouth and swallowed him until my face was in his pubic hair.

Marco and Daddy worked out a rhythm and both fucked me. I was filled with black cocks and never felt so alive, so desired. I couldn’t believe that I’d gone nearly 29 years of my life without knowing the pleasure of giving myself to black men. It took a 22-year-old Leon to teach me. His guidance and perseverance brought out the woman in me. Now he was treating me as such and I was so grateful for having met him.

“Cum on the bitch’s face,” canlı casino siteleri Daddy said to Marco. “Get that money shot.”

Daddy began to fuck me hard and I knew he was going to cum in me. I moaned around the cock in my mouth until Marco pulled it out and jacked his load on my face, my hair, and into my wide-open mouth.

I almost fell forward when Daddy gave a final violent shove and announced he was cumming. “Gonna fill your fat white ass baby girl. Fucking whore, faggot, cunt. Ahhh yeah.”

Marco used his cock to wipe some of his sperm from my face and offered it to me. I cleaned him dutifully as Daddy had taught me. He let me take him back in my mouth and I suckled the last of his seed and lovingly kissed the head when he pulled out.

“Let me see that edited shit before you post it,” Daddy told Marco as he was leaving.

That scared me. “Daddy,” I whined. “Are you going to put that online?”

“Told you I was going to make you a star baby doll. Now shut the fuck up and fetch me a beer.”

Daddy was in a mood. As much as I loved to make him cum, the aftermath could be hazardous to my health if I didn’t behave. After Daddy gets his nut, he likes to be left alone in his thoughts. I fetched him his beer and sat quietly at his feet as he brooded.

Two days later Daddy got an email with the edited version of my de-flowering. Daddy Leon lay propped up against the headboard while I rested my head on his tight ABs and suckled his cock. I Could see me beating off and thumb fucking myself. I thought I looked pretty cute smiling for those cameras.

The scene changed to me getting fucked. First it was just Daddy and me. Then Marco joined in feeding me his manhood. The thing I noticed was that neither Daddy nor Marco were visible on screen. For some reason their faces weren’t shown.

I asked Leon about that. “This ain’t about me Addie. It ain’t about my man Marco either. This is you baby girl. All about my sweet bitch losing her cherry.”

Then he added, ” I don’t want to be splashed all over the internet with no mother fucking punk ass bitch either. Fuck that.”

Daddy has a way of making me feel special.

Marco uploaded the video onto a couple a pay sites. When that didn’t generate the amount of money Daddy thought it should, Daddy told Marco to post it on Blacked dot Com, and Black Cock Cult dot Com. They even posted a lot of still pictures taken from the video of me sucking Marco and the money shot. Marco even cut a DVD, copies to be sold at the local porn shops.

Still Daddy Leon was disappointed in the revenue it brought in. “Damned air headed bitch,” he told me. “You ain’t making me the money I hoped for.”

He left me alone for a few hours to be with his friends. I used the time to wax the wood floors in his apartment. I was sad that I was disappointing my friend and tried hard to think of a way I could help him earn more money. “Damned air headed bitch,” I said to myself.

When Daddy came home, he was either drunk, high, or both. Whatever he was, he seemed to be in a great mood. “Come here little bitch.”

I took my place on my knees at his feet and began to remove his Timberland urban boots.

When his boots and socks were off he used one foot to tease my little pecker through my panties.

“You really need to step up Addie. I need you to show me you got what it takes girl.”

“I will Daddy. I do have what it takes. Please let me help.”

“I want you to go back to your shit hole and make it clean. I’m gonna send some friends by to see you. Now baby bitch, this is important so listen up. They coming over for one thing and one thing only. They either gonna tap that fine white ass, or have you suck their cocks.”

I was both scared and excited. Daddy had figured a way for me to help him earn. “Does this mean I’m a whore for you Daddy?”

“When times are slow, I’ll let you go down to the club in sexy clothes. Any brother wants his cock sucked; you suck it. They want to tap that ass, give it up like the horny bitch you are.”

“You a black cock ho Addie. Better never let me catch you fucking with a white dick. You a black man’s ho from now on. They gonna give you $10.00 for every nut they get. My money better be right too. If not Addie, you gonna be one sorry ho.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20