Idle Hands Ch. 02

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Tim’s hand moved back to his cock. The moisture from Hugh’s sucking and stroking had dried, but his cock was already growing hard again. He saw the younger gentleman walk into the house and heard his demand that Tim not come in unless he was ready to submit to him, with a swollen dick to prove it. That didn’t take long. Tim left his cock out as he opened the truck door and walked toward the farmhouse. His heart was beating fast, every step taking him closer to an experience he’d never had before, one where he would allow another to be the Boss, and not just another, but a younger man who he’d been infatuated with for weeks.

He opened the screen door, the main door having been left ajar; a rare Arizona breeze brushed in behind him. He closed the screen door; his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room as he walked into the living room. The sound of another reached him just as he felt strong hands grab his hips and pull him back. “I’m gonna fuck your ass,” the deep voice hissed into his ear.

Tim’s cock jerked, his breath stolen for a moment. He moaned, feeling Hugh’s hands move down to splay over his stomach and then one wrapped around his dick. His lip shivered as the man worked his rod up and down with a firm grasp. “Strip and then head to the room at the top right of the stairs. Take a leak or a crap, if you need to, then wait for me.”

Hugh released Tim and slapped his ass, then walked away. Tim took in a deep drag of air, trying to comprehend how he felt being spoken to so harshly and slapped with a firm and steady hand. He pulled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and peeled off his shorts. Tim headed up the stairs, his long legs making short work of the steep steps. Once he reached the landing, he found a bathroom and took care of his needs, though they only consisted of relieving a very beer-filled bladder and that was a bit difficult with his raging hard-on. He then made his way to the room Hugh had instructed him to go to and waited. His eyes never left the dark mahogany, four poster bed.

He heard Hugh’s steps coming up the stairs and turned to greet him. His cock had lost some of its spunk, but with the thought of the blond hair, blue-eyed lover taking his ass, it wasn’t long before his cock was jerking up and down and wanting to sink itself into the young man’s tight hole. Tim watched the younger gentleman move closer to him. He wanted to reach out, pull the Adonis to him and cover his lips with hungry bites. His hand did lift, hoping to cup the soft strand’s of Hugh’s hair and pull him closer. It didn’t happen, though. Tim’s eyes grew wide as Hugh’s hand lifted and a pair steel cuff was slipped over his thick wrist.

“Still game?” Hugh asked.

Tim saw the seriousness of both Hugh’s question, and the situation itself. He stared down at the cuff that dangled from its matching pair. It seemed like minutes passed, the unanswered question hanging in the air. Tim looked back into the cobalt blue eyes that he’d been dreaming of for weeks and knew that whatever happened he trusted this man, a man he’d wanted for so long, but had denied his desires in order to help out another. “Yes.”

That one word changed Tim’s life and sent his head spinning. Hugh acted quickly, snapping the cuff over the other wrist and then leading Tim over to the bed where he was pushed down. Hugh took both of Tim’s legs and dragged them toward the foot of the bed. “Get comfortable,” Hugh told him; a soft chuckle fell from his lips as he watched Tim struggle to the center of the bed. His thick rod, bounced and jerked, but the erection held firm.

“Lift your arms over your casino siteleri head.”

Tim did as he’d been told, and soon was rewarded with his arms being stretched, the shoulders drawn back. He watched as Hugh pulled a thin strip of cord from his back pocket and secured the small chain between the cuffs to a set of rings, screwed into the wall. Tim chastised himself for not even noticing the rings, too enthralled with just being fucked on the bed by his blond god.

Once Hugh had Tim’s arms restrained, he moved to his ankles, spread his legs and pulled two more cords, securing both of his feet to the posts of the bed. Tim felt his pulse quicken. Hugh sat down, next to the bed and ran his hand over the salt and pepper chest hairs on Tim’s torso. He flicked one nipple, then its twin, before moving his palm down to cup and toy with Tim’s balls. “If you decide you want me to stop anything or you have questions, say ‘red’ and I’ll stop . . . deal?”

Tim licked his lips. He nodded, then voiced his acceptance. He looked down the length of his body, his eyes fluttering open and closed as he watched Hugh play with his balls. When he saw Hugh reach into his front pocket, with his free hand, Tim’s attention shifted from his aroused sex. “Ooh fuck,” he muttered; his cock jumped.

Hugh smirked. “Yeah, I figured you’d like this.” Hugh opened the nightstand’s drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. He flicked the top, squeezed a liberal amount on the toy and then touched Tim’s ass with the thick fingers that had been playing with his sack. “Lift up a bit.”

His ass lifted; he felt the cool metal of the slim vibe slide across his tight entrance. A soft moan fell from his lips as the toy was pushed in. Once it was snuggled in the walls of his ass, he relaxed and then tensed as Hugh twisted the base and turned the little invading tool on. The vibrations rolled up and down his ass, sending tremors of pleasure throughout his ass and groin.

The rippling of the toy was lost for a moment when Tim felt his balls being rubbed. He opened his eyes to see his lover closing the clasp of a steel cock ring onto the base of his dick. The already aroused shaft seemed to grow thicker and more angry as the blood was forced to pool in the swollen veins of his dick. Hugh stroked Tim’s cock. More moans of desire poured from Tim’s lips. He felt his pre cum sneak out and then slide down over his spongy head, where Hugh’s fingers captured it and used it to make oily paths all across his shaft. “I’ve been picturing you here, in my bed, all trussed up and begging for me to fuck you, or to let you come. But you took that pleasure yourself, didn’t you . . . coming in the truck, in my mouth, after I told you not to. Didn’t you?”

Tim knew he didn’t have to answer Hugh. He had come in the young stud’s mouth. His hot milk shooting back against the man’s throat and his balls emptying themselves, only to fill up with more milk as he thought of fucking the lad’s asshole.

“You’re going to wait this time. Aren’t you?”

“Fuck yeah.” Tim wanted to hold out. He wanted to see how long he could contain his climax, pleasing both Hugh and himself.

“Good.” Hugh reached into the drawer by the bed and pulled out another toy. The chain clinked against the wood of the night stand. Tim’s eyes grew wide, and his body tensed. The vibe in his ass thumped harder against his clenched muscles and his dick strained in its gleaming ring. His brown eyes locked with the ends of the chain. Hugh calmly placed the clip onto Tim’s nipple, tightened the clasp and then proceeded to lock its twin in a matching vise. slot oyna “Too tight?” he asked.

Tim groaned. His nipples were rarely sensitive. A hard bite from his partner would often be the only way he gained any pleasure from his nipples. Now with the clamps on his hardened beads he was enjoying tingling and found himself wanting more. “You can keep going.” His breath was a bit ragged as his body enjoyed all the different feelings. Hugh twisted the clamps, adjusting the pressure, bringing another growl from deep within Tim’s chest. “Damn, Hugh. That . . . this . . . everything feels wonderful.”

Hugh grinned and lowered his mouth to Tim’s. “Good. It is supposed to.” He then pushed his tongue against the older man’s and Tim hungrily licked at the invading muscle. He lifted his head as Hugh gripped the sides and held him still. The kiss spoke of hunger and desire, lust and need. Both men felt it, yet Tim was at the mercy of his young tormentor and so when Hugh pulled away, Tim jerked instinctively against his restraints, wanting to recapture the man above him.

Tim felt Hugh’s hand move back to his ass. The vibe’s sensations were increased; Tim’s hips jerked to one side. He closed his eyes, locking in the feelings of all the toys. Without warning he felt a lube-covered palm caress his cock. His eyes rolled back and his mouth opened and he drew in several gulps of air. The bed shifted under him, warning Tim, that Hugh was ready for him. He opened his chocolate eyes and stared into those of cobalt blue.

Straddling his blond lover, Hugh raised his ass up, gripped Tim’s dick and then pushed it back toward the dark hole that was soon rubbed in pre cum and gel. Tim felt on fire. He lifted his hips, wanting to drive his tool into his lover. The tip of Hugh’s cock pressed against Tim’s hole. Tim’s body tensed, the vibrations of the toy made him shudder, but still he remained tense as he watched Hugh lower himself onto the thick rod. “Ooh fuck,” Tim groaned as the head of his cock disappeared and became sheathed in the hard, young muscles of Hugh’s ass.

He glanced up at the man’s face and their eyes held as another inch slid into the welcoming cavern. Tim’s fingers curled into fists as he lifted his hips, offering more of his dick to the sweltering heated core. Soon Tim’s head fell to the pillows and a sigh of pleasure and acceptance washed from him as Hugh settled fully on Tim’s cock. He took a deep breath and looked at his lover. Hugh’s arms were behind his back, resting between Tim’s spread legs. His cock was stiff and jerked against his lean stomach. His balls were tight, the velvet skin stretched over the hidden spheres. Their pubes mingled together. Globs of lube glistened in the light and then Hugh began to move. Tim muttered a curse; his toes curls and his breath came faster.

The motions were slow and steady. Hugh rose himself up, his arms bearing most of the weight as he lifted his ass from Tim’s tool and then slipped back down. He rocked his body up and down, squeezed his muscles with each trip he made. Tim bit the inside of his cheek as he took in the erotic scene of his lover’s cock bounding back and forth, as if it were begging for attention. The toy in his ass, rolled shivers of feelings that were drilled into the cock ring. Those feelings ricochet up into his dick and he felt every pulse of his veins become assaulted with the taunting motions of lover and man-made implements of lust.

“Tim. . .Ooh fuck; you’re so thick man.”

Hugh’s words please the older man and he felt a surge of heat flow through him. “Harder Hugh . . . Please man, fuck me harder canlı casino siteleri . . . Oh God, baby!” His words were deep and throaty, but Tim knew his lover heard him. The speed increased. The squeezing became harder. The fucking became more raw.

The sounds of groans, curses, and labored breathing filled the room. Tim knew he was close and he was sure that Hugh was too. Desperately he begged for Hugh to not come yet. He wanted to drink the heady liquid that would erupt from the blond curled sex. “I’ll feed ya, babe. Don’t worry.”

Tim thanked the Lord and then felt his balls growing more tight. “Hugh . . . Ooh fuck Hugh . . . I gotta come . . . Man, can I? Can I come in your ass?” Hugh looked down at Tim and slammed his ass to the base of the man’s cock, demanding he come and come now!

A shout of relief filled the room as Tim unloaded his balls. He felt his body jerk in response, once. Twice. Three times. His eyes rolled back in their sockets. His toes curled and his fingers grabbed the cord that had been used to restrain the cuffs to the wall. As his come exploded into the deep recess of Hugh’s ass, he heard Hugh mutter his approval and pride, that he’d come when told. Tim would later wonder if he’d have been able to hold back if the man had told him no.

A minute, perhaps two, passed, neither Tim nor Hugh knew or cared. Tim eventually felt Hugh lift himself one final time from his rod and then he felt the vibe being pulled from his home. He opened his eyes, trying to see through the glossy covering his climax had given him. He watched Hugh slide up his body and then Tim knew he was about to be fed, just like the Boss had promised. He lifted his head as far as he could and moaned when Hugh began to fuck his face.

Tim sucked on the stiff poker that pounded into him. He felt the head smash into the back of his throat; his mouth closed just enough so his teeth could gently graze against the sides. Hugh’s balls slapped his chin and Tim made a promise to himself that as soon as he was free he’d be suckling on the large marbles that were banging against him. He felt fingers in his hair. Hugh pushed his cock down his throat. Tim gagged, swallowed the saliva and pre cum that had collected in his mouth. The action forced the head of his partner’s cock to slide deeper and then he was gifted with Hugh’s hot seed.

Hugh muttered a curse, held the man’s graying hair and kept him anchored to his tool. Three shots of come filled the eager and hungry throat. When Hugh pulled out, unexpectedly a fourth squirted free and covered Tim’s face. Tim didn’t care. He felt satisfied and yet, hungry for more of the liquid branding.

He was given a few minutes to hold the softening rod in his mouth, but eventually he felt Hugh retreating. A whimper of loss followed the loss of his suck toy, but he knew he’d be enjoying the milky fluids again. He felt his legs being released and then gently rubbed by strong hands. He moaned as the muscles were relaxed and coaxed into feeling like jelly. The cock ring was unclasped and tossed away. Hugh reached up and released the cord on the cuff chain and then produced the key to the cuffs themselves. He massaged Tim’s wrists and then his arms. Eventually, the clamps were removed and Tim hissed as the sting poured through his chest.

“I’d forgotten about those.” His blush showed his embarrassment.

Hugh chuckled. “Then next time I’ll work on keeping your mind on those too.” He climbed back onto the bed and pulled Tim to him. Tim went willingly. His body turning so their arms could touch and caress as much flesh as they could reach. As time slipped by, they both became needy and their cocks slapped against each one another, till neither could deny their hunger and they took it upon themselves to move into a position where both could drink their fill . . .

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