Introducing Jadon

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His touch was soft and caring as rubbed my shoulders. The lotion was cold causing me to jump softly and his reaction was perfect. Feeling me jump he softly blow on my neck and then began to kiss softly down my neck toward the center of my back. His hands reached around finishing undoing my shirt. It had taken me hours to pick it out and now it fell to the floor. I had hoped this would be the last date we would go on before taking this step, before making love. I mean we had been dating for two months now which is gay time meant two years and only tonight had he finally gotten the hint that I wanted to go farther, or if he had gotten it before he had ignored it.

While I found his behavior refreshing when I looked back at some of the people I had dated before, especially when I remembered the mistakes he had made during one relationship, but this would be different. As my lovers kisses began to cause me to get more and more excited each one causing my penis to become more and more erect. As we stood kissing deeply our hand rushing all over the other bodies exploring each other for the first time. I mean before now I had rushed to this point with one guy or another but this one had be taken everything so slowly that even in the short time we had known each other I know it was love. As he kissed down my chest, he began slowly licking each of my nipples then slightly biting them. Ecstasy rushed trough my spine so I arched forward and he just smiled. As I looked down at him I could only think how perfect he was and how I, just average old me was with him. He was attractive, about 6’3” with perfect camel brown skin, which was smoother, than a baby’s bottom with barely any facial hair and what he did have I loved.

He was a about 185lbs and making it perfect were the way his zigzagging cornrows running along his head, and his hair was so soft. Slowly he began to take me into his mouth his tongue flickering over my cock’s head. Soon I couldn’t help but grasp his head and begin to arch my body back and forth each stroke going deeper and deeper into his mouth. Soon my lover forced my body against the wall and took me as deep into his mouth as he could swallow causing the rear of his mouth to constrict around my rock hard unit and next thing I know I explode in his mouth. I almost didn’t notice as my lovers’ finger creeps past the soft rosy bud of his ass because I looked down as my lover swallowed.

Someone had once told me the difference between like and love was spit and swallow. The pleasure, both mental and physical was too much as I released a moan signaling pure pleasure into the soft air of the night. My lover didn’t accept this as enough as a second finger found its way inside of me and my moans becoming loader and more passionate, I had casino oyna never made sounds like this before. Then he turned me around, pleasure and even the word ecstasy couldn’t explain how I felt as my lovers tongue entered my hole and sent pulses of pleasure trough my body like shockwaves.

As I felt the body of my lover beginning to rise until we where body-to-body, aware of every inch of the other we slowly kiss our way to the bed, my lover sitting then lifting me into the air onto him. As I lowered myself, taking my lover’s iron rod into me, I push him down and began to ride him steady. My lover put his hands on my hips and I began to rolled my hips taking all of my lover’s cock and balls deep inside. Leaning forward I kisses my lover passionately, biting his lip until he was overcome with passion rolling me over and began to drive himself deeper and deeper inside on my love cavern. My head was hanging from the bed as my lover wraps his hands around his hips gripping the inside on his thigh and pushing hard and fast. Each trust while solid yet loving and the pulses of energy shared between the two of us where explosive. As my lover begins to moan and I was lost in perfection, I was lost in our love. My lover explodes within me, after what seem to have been hours.

“And then he told me he loved me.” Jadon said look all dreamy eyed as Errol and Dre sat at his table. “It was right over there in front of the fireplace as we lay wrapped in a sheet and the fire was roaring.”

“Well good for you.” Errol said nudging Dre, who was just sitting there looking at Jadon. It was odd to hear his ex-boyfriend just go on and on about his new lover. He wasn’t buying it. Jadon made this guy sound like he was all that and a bag of chips and he was sure that once the loser showed up they would be rolling on the floor at first glance. Jadon got up grabbing Errol and Dre’s cups as he walked into the kitchen.

“He doesn’t have top say anything everyone knows my ex is Atlanta’s biggest asshole,” he says fixing two more drinks.

“If he is as great as you say Jadon then I am happy to hear you finally got over me.” Dre remarked as he got up and walked to the stereo and began to thumb trough the CD’s. “Do you have anything not so gay over here?” Dre was being Dre just chillin to see what this was all about. Jadon had been dating this guy two months and now it was love, fuck that Dre said to himself as Jadon walked by. This guy was like all the other Jadon had been with, probably some busted player who found a nice place to live if he just whispers the right word in his ear.

“Dre darling, keep in mind I was over you when I asked for my key back.” Jadon said promptly returning to his seat at the table. Dre didn’t respond, hell he know it was slot oyna true. He had broken his heart too many times to have asked forgiveness even one more time. Dre smiles as he remembered the last time there had been together.

Dre was dripping wet as he walked trough the hallway. He know he should at least attempt to not leave foot prints across the hard wood floors of the apartment, but he liked the feel of air against his skin, plus it made him just a little hard. As he rounded the corner into the room there laid Jadon, seeming to be asleep. Dre had finished his shower even after Jadon had attempted to interrupt it with a blowjob, which he had left unfinished. Dre normally would have been all about it but he need to get the scent of another off him before being with Jadon, he respected him enough to do at least that much.

As he slowly sat on the end of the bed he watched as Jadon rolled fully onto his stomach, yea he was sure he was sleep now. Dre leaned over him kissing down his back until he reached the crake of his ass. Extending his tongue he licked down the crack until he reached the tightness of his “inner flower,” Jadon began to stir with a slight moan released from his lips. Dre simply gripped Jadon’s hips and began to flick his tongue back and forth across the outer petals of the flower.

Jadon began to try to pull away as he awoke but with each attempt to pull away Dre would trust his tongue deeper into Jadon’s flower seeking the sweat nectar. Jadon began to moan loader and loader. Dre loved the sound Jadon made when he was inside of him like this. Sex with Jadon was different then when he was with the tricks he picked up. Jadon was his lover and he wanted to please him. As Jadon rolled onto his back and Dre began to just play with his dick, licking and flicking his tongue at it as he sucked just below the sack, Jadon gripped the back of Dre’s head as he locked his legs behind his head.

Jadon was into it as Dre lifted slightly and began to suck on him as if he was a hungry animal. Gnawing and sucking he causes Jadon to experience pleasure better then he has before. Reaching around he takes Jadon into his mouth, Jadon moans louder. In and out of Dre’s mouth, his dick slides as his eyes roll into the back of his head. Dre loved to hear the sounds Jadon made as he pleased him time after time. Each time trying to forget how he had wronged him last.

As he placed Jadon back on the bed he reached for the rubbers, which lay on the dresser. Jadon’s feet still on his shoulders Dre slowly entered Jadon while holding his wrist, Jadon was totally submissive at this point as Dre began to go in and out slow at first but his speed picking up. His trust became more and more aggressive as Jadon moaned loader and loader. Grinding canlı casino siteleri himself deeper and deeper into Jadon. Dre seemed loss in his own world as his lover stopped to make sounds he could under stand and began to just moan from the joy. Letting Jadon’s legs fall to his hips before they locked behind him again he pulled Jadon up and began to bounce him up and down.

Jadon himself began to grind with his lover until he felt an explosion in his groin. Dre simply turned and sat back on the bed and leaned back. Jadon was lost in the heat of passion as he began to roll him back taking his man’s iron balls deep inside him and still trying to get more. As he bounced up and down rolling his hips round and round Dre gripped the bed and began to moan. Jadon was shocked when Dre gripped him rolled so he was on the bed and began to fuck him. This wasn’t love anymore–this was just raw sex. As Dre drove his manhood deeper and deeper in to Jadon; Jadon could only dig his nails into Dre’s back, with each trust a pulse of pleasure rushed trough his body until one final trust and Dre held himself there as he moaned.

Dre snapped back to the present as a paperback book hit him. “Where were you asshole?” Errol asked as he looked at Dre who seemed lost. Before Dre answered he turned to hear Jadon opening the door, as Jadon returned to the room with his new lovers hand is his own Dre could only sit there is shock.

“This is Martice,” Jadon said point first to Errol and then to Dre. Martice was shocked to see him again. It had been three months since they had seen each other and now here he was here in the place Martice had come to call home. Errol shock Martice hand as Dre stood up and walked towards him. Nether was sure just what to do, so they played it off, shacking hands like they had never met. With just that simply touch each for as moment remembered their night, the passion the lust.

“Nice to meet you,” Martice said more towards Errol but then looking back at Dre added. “Both.” Dre let go of his hand and went to the love seat. Not him he though to himself. Of all the fuckin’ people for Jadon to fall for it had to be him. Dre had spent weeks trying to find this kid to make up for that one night, and if he had just gone to the house of the one person he still had feelings for he would have found him. As Martice took his coat off, he could only wonder at his luck. Here in his boyfriend’s house sat the guy who had almost been his first, instead he had found Jadon and fallen in love.

Jadon had said he was going to have friends over here tonight but he never guessed it would be this guy. As Jadon talked, neither Martice nor Dre noticed all they could see was the other. Each feeling like the other was invading something he held dear and wanting nothing more then you make the other leave. There was the laugh every now and again, but they where just playing it up for the camera waiting for a moment to try and figure this out.

To be continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20