Iron Cloud Night Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

It’s a pleasantly warm evening in the Phalloji Village. The occasional carriage rolls by the trail between the lively taverns and brothels illuminating the sleeping twilight dusk as the stars begin to shimmer above with the moon just peering beyond the horizon of Aphrodita Island.

Aphrodita Island is no center of malice or filth, as it used to be a long, long time ago. It is a fruitful island that is run by free-minded people who seek trade and clean business while also catering to mildly loose policies and interests. It was once a site for slave trading and smuggling, but it was reformed near up to a century ago when it was raided by several royal armies and renovated for proper settlement. Now it is a capital that is known for its festive, if not explicit, lifestyle of half of its population.

Ruciel huffs with a tinge of impatience as he leans on a beam of his favorite establishment: The Iron Cloud brothel. He is dressed in a deep purple silk shawl that just covers his chest and drapes over half of his back like a small cloak. His hand goes to idly scratch at his lithe side before adjusting the scant and elegant violet loincloth curtaining his pelvis and over his ample bottom. Secured on either one of his elbows is a billowy sleeve made of the violet sheen silk, reaching down to waft around his hands, his garments shining in the evening lights with his silver belt and medallion, besides the beautiful bracelets on his left wrist and right ankle. His hand then goes up and moves the silk hood off of his head, showing a lush field of dark hair streaked with blue color. His soft, plump lips frown idly from his thinly-shaven beard that covers his lower jaw and chin, his skin a tanned shade across his body.

On a night like this, especially on a day off from his studies in the academy, nothing would beat a night stay in the Iron Cloud with one of their beefy, horny harem men; he’s certainly an all-round favorite regular at the place, and has even worked an occasional shift for extra coin.

Lately, however, Ruciel’s parents have been particularly restrictive with his privileges of late. Ruciel’s education in the field of Alchemy has been going very smoothly with his assignments being accomplished and completed. And when he is not amazing his professors at the institute with his academic prowess of the philosophical science, he is either working hard at his family’s farm or traveling with his father to various locations of the island for important business transfers and arrangements. And every once in a while when Ruciel has a night to enjoy himself, he likes to spend it in Phalloji Village to indulge in some lewd debauchery before he goes back to his rigorous studies and sweltering work.

Not to mention that unfortunate incident a fortnight ago. Ruciel’s mother and father have always praised him and nurtured his talents and progress, but you get caught in bed with ONE naked man in ONE morning, and all of a sudden you are ‘jeopardizing your future for the depravity of this island’s savage curse of lust and greed!’.

It was ONE time! And now Ruciel’s mother has severely limited his stipend while his father is sending him on erratic and pointless errands to amend his mistake.

Well, they can limit his freedoms all they want, he’s still not interested in pulling a pair of trousers and suffocating himself in a stuffy tunic while he wants for a delivery for his father. Ruciel’s clothing is safely tucked into his knapsack while he shows the patrons and local whores what he’s got to offer. Call it one last hurrah at teenage rebellion before graduation and setting off on his own.

“Where in the Gods’ name is that delivery?” Ruciel frowns as he looks to his Time Shard — a pendant resembling that of a small hourglass that fits in the palm of his hand. There are 8 and a half glowing blue sand-like diamonds in one side of the glass, and 3 and a half shining yellow sand diamonds in the other, with the half diamond dissembling into dust and flowing into the narrow opening in the middle and floating into a developing blue diamond — thus, indicating that the time is now almost 9 hours after the noon from today.

“They were supposed to show up with the damn package 2 hours ago.” Ruciel huffed as he waits. Not that he has enough coin to really do anything once this errand is complete, but he also doesn’t have a curfew, and he’s still not in the mood to go back home to give his parents the satisfaction that they still own him through systematic familial attachment. “Ugh… I have half a mind to just whore myself all night and make a huge bag of gold and silver just to spite them.”

Of course, his father did specify that the delivery will be made at the River Thorn Inn, but most of the barmaids in that place are stuck-up bitches who really don’t care for loiterers. Especially that acidic cunt, Felicia. Ruciel can’t STAND that whore! She is arguably one of Aphrodita’s most beautiful and graceful maidens. And she knows it, and exploits herself to a rather casino oyna distasteful degree. She considers herself a very bitter rival to Ruciel and can’t pass him by without shooting a sharp insult at him — despite the fact that she is a professional harem girl, while Ruciel has a promising career in philosophical alchemy ahead of him in his studies and only comes to Phalloji Village to either hang out or work in one of the male taverns for coin or company. And if he were to go anywhere near the River Thorn right now while she’s on a shift and he’s in a bad state, he may very well just grab a scimitar from one of the customers and cut a bitch!

“This is a bloody waste of time.” Ruciel frowns as he gets up from his post, “I’m just going to-“

“Ahhh hey there, beautiful…” Comes a new voice. Ruciel looks to the side and raises his eyebrows as he sees someone leaning his arm right next to him. A big, hulking man with thick, muscular arms looks down at the younger male. Tanned skin that testifies of many days aboard a ship, the man leers at Ruciel as he removes his hood covering short-cut brown hair, giving a smirk of admiration from his thick trimmed beard. This person is half-wearing a robe — his left side his clothed, while his right side his exposed, showing Ruciel a nicely built arm to a hairy pec and half a big rotund gut. He can’t help but glance down and see a hefty round package under his tight pants.

“Well hello there, sir…” Ruciel says with a grin as he leans his back onto the post.

“This is some very fine cloth you wear.” The stranger says as he feels along one of those bell-bottom sleeves on Ruciel’s arm, “Is this not from the Midnight Divinity Brothel?”

“Yes and no.” Ruciel answered, “They were weaved from there, but I bought these myself. I do not cater to Midnight.”

“You do not, hm?” The thick man chuckles, “That is a shame… Because midnight is the magic hour, is it not?”

“Well…” Ruciel smiles as he turns in his lean to face the man, “The night is young. And magic doesn’t have a schedule.”

“Aye… You have a point, boy. Allow me to introduce myself.” He says as he nods,

“My name is Bruno.”

“I am Ruciel.”

“And might I tell you…” A hand goes to rub along Ruciel’s side, “You are a very enchanting one…”

“Oh?” Ruciel can’t stop smiling at this pot-bellied stud. As Bruno moves one of his arm, something shiny drops from one of his pouches on his belt.


“Oh, let me get that.” Ruciel squats down and gasps lightly as he reaches for the trinket. It appears to be a silver round arrowhead with small smooth gems encrusted along the round surface, dipping into a narrow neck with a crystal shard attached to it.

Ruciel’s fingers wrapped around the item and stood back up. He gives a very naughty and knowing snicker at the big guy, “You carry one of these? Surely a man like you would prefer something a little bigger, am I wrong?”

“Heh heh… You do not know what that is, do you?”

“I know EXACTLY what this is.” Ruciel laughs cutely, “The Iron Cloud sells a lot of them.”

“None like this one.” Bruno says as he plucks the toy from the teen.

“Yeah? And how so?” Ruciel asks skeptically.

“Heh… Come here.” Bruno puts a hand onto Ruciel’s back and takes the young man into the alleyway next to the brothel. As they step into the darker shadows, Ruciel immediately notices the small gems on the trinket glittering with internal light while the metal itself gives a cyan gleam.

“Whoa…” Ruciel looks in awe at it.

“The metal?” Bruno points to the aqua tint glowing around, “Forged by a satyr smith with Sirenite ore from one of the mermaid waters. The gems? Refined by sage nymphs, and the crystal itself bears a carved rune on it. The piece itself was assembled by a fertility guru on the Aiwun mountain.”

“So this is actually a talisman.” Ruciel nods with understanding, “For what purpose?”

“I gather materials in my travels from time to time, have them blessed, reformed, carved, forged, polymerized, what have you in case I want an interesting artifact. This thing?” He holds the plug up and gives a deep chuckle, “I designed to… Enchant my company.”

“Did you not say I was already enchanting?” Ruciel asked with his arms crossed and a coy smile.

“Yes, but it is also supposed to cast other effects.” He nods, “And besides…” Bruno puts a hand onto Ruciel’s slender stomach and side, “I want to see if I can put a serene fox in heat…”

Ruciel giggles and looks at the shiny buttplug. It is a beautiful treasure, it would be a shame not to test its abilities. “Just to be clear,” Ruciel starts, “It is not a cursed treasure, right? Only a mystic talisman?”

“I promise just that.” He nods, “If it were a curse, I would be wearing leviathan-hide gloves.”

Ruciel gives a moment to give him that sexy smile at the older, chubby gentleman, possibly to entice the charming fellow, “Alright. I agree to it.”

“Very well.” Bruno nods slot oyna before twirling a finger, “You know how this enters, yes?”

“Hmhmhm” Ruciel chuckles as drops his arms and turns. He puts his hands onto the wall and lowers his back a bit, presenting his posterior to Bruno.

“That’s it.” Bruno leans forward and takes the violet silk veil covering Ruciel’s bottom, and lifts it. He raises his eyebrows and gives a hearty chuckle at the exposed anus, “No loincloth? You are a frisky little one, aren’t you?”

“It feels better not to have constricting wraps on myself.” Ruciel grins as he feels Bruno’s hand cup one of those plump cheeks.

“You have a very nice rump, boy…” Bruno says as he rubs Ruciel’s smooth ass. His thumb circles and locates Ruciel’s butthole. He rubs the clean and warm entrance before he presses the end into his anus. As soon as the metal made contact to the retracting sphincter, the smooth-cut gems glow brightly as the metal’s surface dances with cyan light.

“A-Ahh!” Ruciel arches his back and his fingers tense. His penis twitches as his anus opens around the coming toy. He can immediately feel keen surges of energy channeling into the muscles of his arms and legs. “H-Hhhaaah! Ahhhh!” He moans and gasps as he can feel the plug drive into his hole and deeper into him. His brown eyes shimmer with a magenta light as he feels his whole body absorb a hot invisible mist, “AhhhHHhh!” He gives a hard gasp just as his pucker closes around the buttplug’s neck, the blunt crystal nestled comfortably inside his crack, like there is nothing even there.

“There we go…” Bruno gently replaces the silk back over the boy’s naked booty and stands back up.

Ruciel turns back around, panting deeply and takes a moment. He can certainly feel a distinct difference of atmosphere about him. He sighs and breathes deeply as his hands explore his own lithe body, his legs widening a bit as he swerved his hips forward a little, feeling a tingle go up his spine and even arching his back again.

“You really are enchanting, boy.” Bruno says as he pats Ruciel on the shoulder.

“Mnnhhhhh…” Ruciel moans nicely as his eyes close, his mouth in a tranquil expression, as if he is standing in a pour of cool water.

“So.” He says, regaining Ruciel’s attention, “Would you share a drink with a weary sailor?”

Ruciel regains himself and grins as he puts a hand onto that burly chest, “Please, yes.”

As the two walk out of the alley, Ruciel spots Felicia passing by in a skimpy orange dress — the garment she wears when all her other outfits are too filthy to wear, and this dress’s style generally weakens her visual appeal is considered as an unlucky charm to her. She was chatting with a couple of disgruntled looking men before her attention shifts to Ruciel in his very elegant violet silk, being escorted into the Iron Cloud by a big, handsome stud. He flashes her a grin as he gives a dismissive salute of his hand.

“Bye, Felicia.”


Inside the doors of the Iron Cloud Brothel, there is a bar with a man wearing nothing but a fully packed loincloth, his package leaving little to the imagination, wearing a sort of hammer-like pendant around his neck, as is uniform of the other workers of the Iron Cloud. The uniform is of a dark silver satin material of a vest and an unmodest bottom-piece — briefs, loincloths, fundoshis — all of them bearing a dulled gleam of the silver satin, outlined with seams of shining white trims, each vest presenting a metal ring with a lightning bolt sigil within it, same for the underwear each worker wears. Half of the whores, bartenders, waiters, and harem boys are well built men of either muscle or fat, while some others are athletic twinks, not unlike Ruciel himself. Most of them wearing little to show off their bodies.

The furniture features that of ebony tables reinforced with polished iron, along with chairs having white padding for comfort and cyan veils for curtains. The Iron Cloud is just one of Aphrodita’s all-male brothel with high quality service and lodgings.

“Ah, Ruciel.” Says Raigek, the owner of this establishment, “Your usual, or would you like to make some coin?”

“I am currently preoccupied at this time, Rai.” Ruciel smiles as he passes by with Bruno. “I will have my usual, however.”

“I will have a pint of goldra ale if you have it.” Bruno orders on the go.

As they walk, Ruciel bites his lower lip as with every step he takes, it feels as though that magic buttplug goes deeper into his anus, yet he can still detect the small crystal between his deep crevice. He’s used toys like this before, but this is the first time he’s had one that was infused with unique and mystical materials up inside him.

They pick an empty lounge seat and sit down. “N-nnhhh…” Ruciel moans as his hands tense as he feels a keen rush of pleasure in his behind. The sensation flows up and coils in his trim stomach, making him sigh and moan silently as his face feels that hot tingle across his canlı casino siteleri cheeks. He breathes out a sigh of shimmering pink vapor before his eyes glimmer again.

“You doing alright, boy?” Bruno asked.

“Nnhhh, yes…” Ruciel groans as he sensually adjusts himself, “It just feels so amazing…”

“Heh, we should keep tabs on it though,” Bruno says as their drinks are shortly brought to them. The man reaches up to take his flagon for a swig, “If it gets too much, just tell me and I’ll remove it.”

“Mnnn, not at all~” Ruciel smiles while he takes his own fruit libation with the trace of wine in it.

“So tell me, boy.” Bruno chuckles as he puts a strong arm around Ruciel’s shoulders. Ruciel giggles as he inches closer to him and nudged a leg against the other. “You seem no stranger to this sort of area. You have every makings of a treasured prostitute in any tavern on this isle, though I have not seen you here before on any of my visits.”

“Mnnhhh, I am a local, sure enough.” Ruciel says “My home is several miles from here. My mother and father prefer not to come to these ports because they do not appreciate the business of the evening.”

“And you do?” Bruno chuckles as he spreads his legs and relaxes.

“Yes. I appreciate the warm night air, and being with the people here is more refreshing than being with a lot of other people at the academy.”

“How so?” Bruno asked before another drink.

“A lot of the students are arrogant academic climbers — they hide behind masks of decorum to disguise their ruthless ambition in the curriculum. It is like heard of sheep with wolves investing in woolen tunics so they may gain the approval of the shepherd.”

“Hahahahah, that’s a mild way of putting it.” He laughed, “And you are not like that?”

“I try not to be.” Ruciel smiles as he cuddles closer to his suitor. “Some of the students are alright. Others are downright frustrating.”

“Heh, I get that, boy. So what are you schooling for?”

“I am studying to be an alchemist of a few fields.”

“A few? No specific area of expertise?”

“Maybe eventually…” Ruciel says as he adjusts in his seat and sipping his sweet refreshment, “So far, I am interested in celestial, nautical, and light alchemy.”

“You know how complicated some of those fields are, yes, boy?”

“Hmhmhm,” Ruciel smiles, “I can handle it, I have for years…” His cheeks start to feel tingly as his mouth longs to touch something other than the edge of the wine glass he holds.

“Sounds like you’ve got yourself organized there…” Bruno mumbles as he brings the young man closer to him.

“Mmnnnyyeesss…” Ruciel moans as he gets closer to him. The plug in his ass sends another pulse of sensuality into his chest. His thick and lush dark hair give a subtle gleam of the rosy magic, as does the fuzz on his arms, legs, and dainty treasure trail along his smooth stomach “Hnnhhhhh…” He’s practically purring like a feline of luxury as he feels Bruno’s rugged hand rub into the small of his back.

“So you do not whore here?”

“Mmmnnnhhh… I did not say that.” Ruciel answers, “I attend the Priaphon Academy at the heart of Aphrodita. I work on my family’s farm as well.”

“So, educated, and remarkably beautiful…” Bruno mused as he brings Ruciel closer. Ruciel groans gently as he moves to mount sensually onto Bruno’s thick leg. He has no idea WHAT is this talisman, but it’s almost exactly like those times Ruciel tried recreational Genie Powder — a dust made of various hormonal pollen and spices that whets one’s sexual appetite. Except the plug doesn’t give him the perpetual dizziness and disorientation that Genie Powder induces.

“Mmmnnnhhh, stop, sir…” Ruciel smiles as he snuggles up to the gentleman, “You’re making blush…”

“Heh… I can’t stop.” Bruno grins as he rubs onto Ruciel’s back and his side. Ruciel lets out a pleasured sigh as he arches his back like an exotic animal being catered to, “Has anyone ever told you that your lips look like a tantalizing fruit one would like to taste and savor?”

“Heheheheheh, it’s been brought up once or twice…” Ruciel grins sensually.

“Mhhhh, I just love the way your body feels…” Bruno admires as his hands get thorough in their exploration — feeling along one of Ruciel’s bare thighs, a hand brushing under the light treasure trail from his grown to his tummy, even slipping under the silk veil above his bottom to feel that nude behind. “Are you not of muse descent? To have such alluring presence?”

“Hmmmm,” Ruciel gives a coy thought, “Would you believe me if I was?”

“Heh heh… Hell if I know.” Bruno’s hands rub at both of Ruciel’s hips, his fingers sliding below the loincloth every so often to glide along both of those buttcheeks, “You just feel so divine to the touch…”

“A-Aaahh… Hhaaahhh…” Ruciel moans a little more as he feels the buttplug infiltrate his body a little more with its magic, his eyes giving another pink twinkle while his body shimmers with mystic vapor just slightly for one second. His buttocks feel a foreign warmth start to glow on them, like someone is holding a lantern very close to his ass so that both cheeks are pleasantly hot.

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