Julia’s First Time

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“I’m pretty sure my father’s cock is bigger than the average”, announced Jessie, as we stepped down from the bus. “John’s is nowhere near as big”.

I wasn’t sure what to say – I didn’t like to ask how she could know such a thing, and I certainly did want to give my feeling for her father away by asking questions about his cock. Luckily, Jessie was on a roll, and answered my question anyway:

“Dad always walks from his bedroom to the bathroom naked, I’ve caught him a few times, and his cock definitely looks bigger than John’s. Though of course, it is only John’s I’ve seen hard and only John’s that I’ve had pounding into me!”

She laughed at her own brazen statement. I said nothing, only smiled in agreement with her.

I was going to be spending 3 whole weeks at Jessie’s over the vacation period, and although the prospect of being with my best friend was awesome, knowing her handsome sexy father was going to be there too made it even more exciting.

Jessie was tall and blonde with full pert sexy tits, long legs and amazing blue eyes, and next to her I always felt a little dowdy, at 5.2 and a more boyish, athletic body with small perky tits that were just a handful (well for me anyway). My darker auburn hair brought out my green eyes, and I had full pouting lips, but I had always wished to be taller and curvier like Jessie.

“Come Julia, let’s get back and make dinner for Dad, I need to sweet talk him into allowing me to stay at John’s overnight tomorrow. You don’t mind do you?” she added, looking at me concerned.

“No – you know I don’t – I have plenty of study books to read for next term at Uni, and there are bound to be some decent movies on”.

“Yeah, but leaving you with my boring dad for a day isn’t much fun, I’m real sorry about that.”

Again I said nothing, and just shrugged and smiled, whilst my heart beat a tattoo in my chest. If only she knew what I had planned – the seduction of her father and the removal of my virginity.

I knew he had noticed me. I knew that he wanted me. I had caught his eyes roaming over my body before now, his eyes hardening when he saw my nipples stiffening at his gaze. A few weeks earlier, he had taken a bag of groceries from me and his hand had brushed my nipples, causing them to stand to attention immediately and unseen by Jessie, he had flicked a finger under my crop top and stroked my little pink bud just once, causing a small moan to slip from my lips and a flush to snake through my body. I looked down at his trouser front to see a noticeable bulge straining at the fly. That was the last time I had been there, and that moment was seared in my mind, and had been the replay that I flicked my rosebud nipples to and stroked my pussy with in the darkness of my bedroom, whispering his name as I climaxed over my fingers.

At 40 Jack was a young single father. He and his ex-wife had had Jessie when they were young, and he had fought for custody and won – he was tall like Jessie, but rather than blond he had dark brown hair, almost black, and deep warm chocolate eyes that were always smiling. His job as a builder had kept him muscular and hard bodied, even though now he owned the company and didn’t labour as much, he had kept his body in shape. Just looking at him could make my little virgin casino oyna pussy tingle.

Jessie and I made small talk and giggled together as we prepared dinner. I went down to the cellar to fetch a nice bottle of wine that Jack stored down there. Against the heat of the summer it was deliciously cool and I leaned against the cold brick wall for a few moments.

A large hand snaked under my top making me gasp, and I turned to see Jack grinning at me as he stoked my nipple causing my legs to buckle. He leaned down quickly and brought his mouth onto my other breast, working his tongue quickly over the hard pink nipple. I gasped as electricity shot to the tip of my clit, and then as suddenly as it has happened, it stopped, and Jack silently left the cellar via the back door he had entered.

I tried to compose myself before going back up, remembering at the last minute to grab the wine while I debated on how wise it had been not to wear a bra under my vest. With my small firm tits I didn’t really need one, but with my body so quick to give away the state of my arousal I was beginning to wonder.

The torturous evening seemed unending with every inch of my body on fire – Jessie had sat me next to her father during dinner, and his muscular thighs would regularly scrap along mine, and passing condiments allowed him to make fluttering unnoticed strokes to my arms and my hand. My panties were wet from my arousal, and under my quickly donned bra, my nipples were screaming for attention.

Finally it was bed time and Jessie had her father’s agreement to stay with John’s family the next night under the promise of separate rooms. Jessie had rolled her eyes at me and giggled when she agreed, and Jack pretended not to notice. I hoped he was thinking of the two of us being alone.

Up in my room I opened the sash window – the guest room was at the far end of the opposite wing and gathered heat during the day. Showered and cooler in my little white hipster panties, and a short vest , I leaned out to savour the cool evening air. I had chatted with Jessie for a good half hour before coming through and she had been fast asleep before I had left her room, a smile on her face as she no doubt thought of her evening with John. I had stood for minute looking at her sleeping form, admiring the way her full chest rose and fell as she slept, and wondering what it would be like to take one of her firm ripe breasts into my mouth. I felt a twitch deep in my pussy and beat a hasty retreat to my own room before I acted on an impulse.

As I gazed at the pool down below and the stars reflecting off the surface, I heard a noise behind me, and turned to look over my shoulder. It was Jack, in his pj bottoms. I could see a large solid lump straining at the material and gasped and straightened up.

“Don’t move.” Jack whispered. “Stay there please.”

I hesitated, nervous of what was going to happen, even though I had wished it so many times. I had imagined that we would be alone when or if we ever acted on our feelings.

I felt the heat of his hard body behind me, and his two large hands moved round to the front my vest, slipping under, and stroking either side of my breasts. He slowly eased up my top and pulled it over my head. In slow movements he brushed his hands up and down, slot oyna moving close to my panties, and then back up, never touching my nipples that were now hard and stiff, helped by the cool breeze that was coming through the window. He moved his arm round my small waist and turned me round to face him. I looked up at him, and my eyes must have betrayed some of my fear as when he bent to kiss me he whispered –

“I want you so very badly, but we will do it so slowly Julia, I don’t want to hurt you”.

I nodded and moved my mouth up to receive his kiss. It was hot and as I raked my tongue over his he groaned and pressed his body into mine. I could feel his large erection straining in his pj bottoms, and my hands moved down , curious. I eased in under the waistband and felt my first cock. It was hard, like marble, and the purple bulbous head was so very smooth. As I ran my fingers down each side I marvelled at its girth, and Jack moaned gutturally into my mouth as his cock twitched under my touch.

Jack’s hand came down to my little white panties that were now wet in the crotch, he would be able to feel the heat that was coming from it, and the night breeze stirred the air so my musky scent rose up. He slipped a finger underneath and stroked my smooth slit, easing a finger in to rub my hard pink clit , and I took a sharp breath as a warm feeling surged through me.

With a growl he ripped my panties down, licking and sucking my nipples as he did so.

I could feel the urgency in his touch, and moved my hands quicker up and down his shaft. He kneeled before my wet tight pussy and ran his tongue along it , flicking at the hard bud poking out in front of him causing me to whimper at the amazing sensations it caused.

As he lashed his tongue back and forth I could feel an orgasm building up inside, and as he slipped in a finger I involuntarily clenched my pussy muscles around it, pulling it in before yielding to the build up and I shuddered and moaned as I came all over his face and hand.

He quickly rose and pushed me to sit on the bed as he stood before me with his large manhood bolt upright in front of me, I hesitantly licked the tip, tasting the salt from his pre-cum and savouring my first taste. I looked up at him for reassurance that I was doing the right thing, and as I gazed up at him with my large green eyes, I felt his cock swelling in my hand. The power I felt made my pussy quiver. I slipped his enormous granite erection into my mouth, clamping my lips over it and slowly worked my head up and down, stroking his shaft as I did so. I could see his thigh muscles straining as he started moaning.

“Jesus Julia, that is so beautiful, let me fuck your mouth, yes, oh baby suck my cock”.

As I licked and sucked away I was so turned on, my nipples were like two little bullets, and I could feel the flow of my juices trickling down my thighs. I could feel Jack’s cock suddenly jerking and his balls tightened up and with a moan he shot hot creamy salty ropes of cum into my mouth, and it spilt over my lips and onto my nipples, where the heat of the liquid on my sensitive taut buds made me gasp. Savouring my first taste of ejaculate, I lapped up the spills, as Jack panted and trembled in front of me. As I looked up I realised that his cock had canlı casino siteleri not gone down, and as he caught me staring in disbelief, he smiled and said

“I’m going to fuck you now baby girl.”

The sudden realisation that I was going to have to accommodate such a mammoth rod hit me , and I struggled to stand up, stumbling as I did so. Jack caught me and held me close.

“Don’t worry baby , it will be nice and slow, it will be beautiful.”

Easing me back on the bed, he lay next to me, stroking my slim tight body, grazing my nipples and brushing my smooth shaved mound and I shivered at the delight of the feeling. He moved up onto his elbow and kissing my mouth, then my nipples as he slipped his finger into my hot wet pussy. I moaned with pleasure and as he worked his finger in and out I felt my muscles relaxing inside. He rolled over and parted my legs with his knees, and as he knelt in front of me, he took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head against my clit, then down onto the juices pouring out of me, and slowly fed his bulbous head into my waiting, quivering and swollen cunt.

Bit by bit he pushed his cock into me and I gasped at each gentle thrust.

“God baby you are so hot and tight. Relax now and the pain will be really quick”.

I nodded and tried to unclamp my muscles that were gripping his cock. There was a thrust and a sharp searing pain as something gave way and he seemed to plunge further into me. I squealed briefly and he stopped moving. As he lay over me still I could feel the heat of my pussy walls surrounding his large prick, and the pain subsided. As he looked into my eyes, Jack started moving in and out of me, bringing his cock out to the tip each time and thrusting it all the way back in – I looked down to watch in fascination as he fucked my tight virgin pussy. Jack moaned with pleasure as he watched me watching him fuck me and the pace increased. My breathing became laboured and my nipples puckered even more, standing right out on my chest. Jack bent to lick and suckle them and this sent a bolt of lightening through my body, causing me to buck under him. I moved my hips to the rhythm and suddenly realised I was going to come, I could feel my pussy contracting and I looked.

“Jack, I’m going to cum all over that thick hot hard cock of yours.”

With that, Jack’s breathing increased and he started plunging into me harder as I started moaning and whimpering at the pleasurable build up of my first penetrative orgasm.

“Now Jack! Yes, Now!” I cried, and I thrust down onto him as he rammed into me with a deep moan

“God Julia I’m coming. Fuck I’m coming baby!”

And with that I felt his hot cum shoot ribbons of cream deep inside me and the walls of my cunt grasped and let go of his pulsating, trembling cock.

He collapsed on me whispering my name, and held me in his arms as our breathing came back to normal. He kissed me gently and cupped my chin.

“Julia baby, that was so amazing. That tight pussy of yours was beautiful. Now that your first time is out of the way, we can now concentrate on a full day and night of pleasure when Jessie goes off to John’s.

I intend to teach you so much about love making, about fucking and about pleasure. I’m going to keep making you cum and you’re going to milk this cock of mine dry.”

I looked up at this man I had wanted for so long, this man I had thought about when I pleasured myself and shivered with delight at the thought of the next 24 hours.

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