Me, My Twin, and The Neighbour

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I walked down the long hall to the room I shared with my sister, Jade, after school. She’d managed to catch the earlier bus, she had English last, and I had gym so I’d had to change out of uniform.

Our parents had been divorced since we were 7 and we both lived with our mom, who worked long hours to keep a roof over our heads so we were alone most of the time.

My sister and I went to the high school across town; it was our last year before college.

“Hey.” I dropped my bag on the floor at the foot of my bed and pulled my shirt over my head. I didn’t think much of changing in front of my sister. We’d always shared a room, and besides that was the fact that we were identical twins.

She sighed “How was class?” putting her book down.

“Sweaty, I’m going to shower.” and I left the room, grabbing a towel as I walked down the hall and passed the linen closet to the bathroom.

I ran the cold, feeling it as it traced all of my curves, pouring down my face and through my hair, over my boobs and down my stomach. I teased my hard nipples, it felt good to pull on them after what felt like a longer than usual day. I twisted then and kneaded my breasts with both hands.

“Cass! I have to pee!” Jade was knocking on the door.

“Come in…”

I heard her open the door and lift the lid of the seat.

“How was English?” I poured soap into my hand and massaged it over my tits and my ass; I rubbed my asshole with one hand, my clit with the other. I closed my eyes, only half listening to her give me a-way-too-long summary of The Time Travelers Wife.

“AH!” my cold water turned hot when Jade flushed.


“Ugh.” I flung the curtain open, taking the shower head from the wall and I sprayed her, she screamed and ran out of the room. “You’re going to get it!” I shouted, running down the hall after her leaving a trail of wet foot prints down the hall and almost slipping numerous times.

She dashed down the stairs, only to be tackled onto the couch.

“Mwaha!” I tickled her and she struggled to get hold of my hands being wet n slippery I had a bit of an unfair advantage.

I could feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra when my hands grazed her breasts as I tickled her, I had always thought of my sister as being really sexy… she had perfect curves in all the right places without being too curvy, her breasts were perky and she often went without a bra when she could get away with it. He had long red hair, same length as mine, she usually wore it up but this time it was down and as she struggled, the air filled with the smell of vanilla shampoo.

She tried to fight me off with her legs but we only wound up intertwined, I was using my legs to hold onto her. I imagine we must’ve looked like crabs or spider, all those legs and arms flailing around. Jade managed to leaver her self just enough to roll me onto the floor and land on top of me.

“HA!” she announced feeling she now had the advantage. She pinned my arms down and raspberry’d my stomach and my sides. I couldn’t stop laughing which naturally rendered all my strength useless. I wiggled and squirmed trying to get away, the vibrations of her soft lips drove chills all over my body and the more I wiggled to get away the less I wanted to. Her lips got lower and lower down my body as I fought for the freedom I barely wanted, my belly button, my hip, and then the crease between my pussy and my leg. I had to pause to take an extra breath. She stopped and knelt over me? She had a smug look on her face.

“You think your winning?” I cocked an eye brow at her.

“You disagree?” her smile grew.

I jumped to get to my feet and made a dash for the kitchen but as I went to run around the table she pushed me up against it from behind and started tickling my hips, the worst spot for me. I’d pretty much lost all control and pushed the news paper and a glass half full of OJ off the table. She didn’t stop and I didn’t want her to. I pushed against her, which at first was just to get away then I started enjoying the feeling of her leg between mine, teasing the lips of my pussy. I was still damp, but the wetness I was rubbing off on her wasn’t from the shower…

I managed to reach back casino oyna with one of my hands and grab her thigh which made her yelp, the worst spot for her. She pulled back to reposition herself in an attempt to maintain the advantage but I spun around and kept tickling her. She was wearing short cut off yoga pants, tight but stretchy. I knew the closer I got to her pussy the more it would tickle so I went for it.

I remember when we were kids we used to constantly tickle each other but it had been years since we had. When our parents were together we had a tree house out back where we used to play dress up. I can’t for the life of me remember why but I can remember it always ending in a lot of tickling. Whenever our parents would get into arguments my mom would send us outside and we’d go up into the tree fort and turn on the lights (which were Christmas lights all year round) and talk about everything. I remember when we were in middle school and they made us take sex ed. We’d have conversations that at the time were so confusing. We talked about sex and boys but never actually did any of it. We’d both had boyfriends but never went farther than kissing and touching over clothes. One particular year we had sex ed. together, I sat at the back and she sat near the front. I would watch her fidget in her seat when the teacher would talk about the anatomy and talk about how to put on condoms and where the G spot was. That night when we got home we went right to the tree house and we talked about all the spots the teacher mentioned and shared our thoughts on the matter. I can remember like it was yesterday the day we fingered each other. We were in grade 7 and more curious than you could imagine. We both wore skirts incase our parents came up to check on us, which was rare but we were always cautious. I pulled down her panties and saw her clit and her pussy, she was wet already and I hadn’t even touched her yet, I could tell shed been thinking about it all day. She lay back on the couch of pillows we had and I played around with her, rubbing her clit and sticking a finger into her pussy. It didn’t take her long to orgasm. She tasted her juices off my fingers before doing the same to me; she played with my clit, fast and rough, egger to see if she could make me squirt – and she did.

I tickled her thigh from her knee to the bottom of her ass as she squirmed and I inadvertently touched her pussy a few times, maybe intentionally once or twice. She wasn’t wearing panties either, and she was as wet as I was. I’m not sure if she realized what she was doing but she started rocking back and forth on my hand rather than pulling away.

There was a knock on the door. We looked into each others eyes, at the door and back at each other. In a quiet understanding I dashed up stairs and she opened the door. I closed the door behind me and flopped down onto my bed. I sighed. We hadn’t touched each other much since your parents had split up; once or twice every few months. I was hornier than I thought possible. I hadn’t had a boyfriend for a couple years so I was aching. I could hear Jade talking to our neighbor downstairs. I through on pj’s and a skimpy shirt and went downstairs and started cleaning up the OJ I had knocked off the table. Jade was talking to him at the door trying not to let him in. I could see the wetness on her shorts and that he was looking her over. He could probably smell the sex on her.

“So what’s the party? I can hear laughing through the walls”

We lived in a town house that happened to be attached to his. He was about 5 years older than us and cute. I walked over and stood close behind Jade.

“How’s it going?”

“How come I’m not invited to the party?!”

I laughed and so did Jade. She shut the door and looked at me. I was confused but I knew what she was talking about. I have to admit I’ve fantasized about us and a guy before but I never thought it would happen or that she would be into it. I smiled and she opened the door. We both stepped aside and he walked in and sat in the chair on the other side of the room. I sat down and Jade straddled me, she cocked her ass so he could see how wet she was. I ran my fingers through her hair and down her body. She kissed me and massaged slot oyna my chest. I pulled her shorts down, exposing her ass and she pulled my shirt over my head. I rubbed her pussy juices into her asshole. Our neighbor came over and stood behind her. I’d never seen her with any of her boyfriends, although she’d always told me very detailed stories of how they touched her and she touched them. It was weird seeing her with someone else, but weird in a very hot way. I felt his pant take the place of mine as he massaged her ass. I moved my hand for ward and rubbed her clit. Her face was red, she was starting to sweat.

“There’s lube in the bottom draw of the dressed up stairs, last door on your left.”

He just looked at me.

“Go.” I told him.

And he went, fast, trying not to miss a moment.

We watched him dash up the stairs and she looked down at me breathing heavily, “I want him. I want him to fuck me while he eats your pussy.”

He came back down and we told him to lie on the couch. I took his pants off and she opened my bottle of lube. I held his cock up and she poured lube onto the tip of it and I rubbed it down his shaft. She closed the bottle and helped me lube his cock. His breathing was heavy and quick.

She wanted to sit on him so I held his cock up for her. I rubbed his cock around her pussy hole before sliding it into her pussy. She was a virgin so her pussy was tight around his cock; even if she wasn’t a virgin it would’ve been tight because his cock was so big. I watched her pussy stretch over his cock and she moaned as she slid down his shaft.

I sat on his face and he wrapped his mouth around my lips, suckling on my clit. I felt the juices from my pussy flow down his face as he sucked on me, teasing my clit with his tongue and fucking my pussy with it. I pressed down rubbing my pussy on his face. I couldn’t get enough of his mouth. I watched my sister fuck him. Slide up and down his cock. All the way down each time, I’d hear her slap against his hips and I’d watch her breasts bounce. I leaned forward and caught one of her nipples in my mouth; I nibbled and suckled on it, massaging her clit with one of my hands. She slowed her thrust and pushed herself down on his cock and she rolled her hips, rubbing him inside of her. I could see in her face how close she was to orgasm, I rubbed her clit faster and he began thrusting into her and sucking harder on my clit. It was hard to focus but I wanted to see her squirt like she’d made me. I watched her tits bounce each time her pushed himself into her and I felt a rush of warm liquid over my fingers and I looked down to see her squirt all over his cock. I felt him moan into my pussy and he stuck what felt like a thumb into my ass. My sister was screaming and moaning as she orgasm’d. I could tell she didn’t want to stop but the sensations were over whelming her virgin pussy.

She opened her eyes and looked at me and then upstairs and I nodded. She attempted to stand up off his cock but her legs were weak. I helped her upstairs and told our neighbor to follow us.

“I want to watch him fuck you, it’s your turn” She sat on her bed spread.

“Only if I get to taste you pussy” I crawled between her shaking legs, she was still dripping wet I ran my tongue from her asshole to the hood of her clit and she shook with pleasure.

He came into the room and shut the door behind him. Seeing my ass up in the air, and my legs spread with my juices glistening on my pussy and dripping down my legs he knelt on the bed behind me.

I slid a finger into Jade’s swollen pussy; she was so wet it was like sticking my finger into a bottle of lube. I inserted another finger into her and felt her tighten her pussy around me. I looked up and she was licking her lips looking down at me and then back up at our neighbor who was stroking his cock against my clit.

“Finger her ass” she ordered him what to do to me.

He stuck a finger into my pussy and wiggled it around lubing it up before rubbing it on my asshole and slowly pushing it in.

I tongue fucked Jades pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb, I looked up at her; she was short of breath and trying to keep herself from another orgasm so soon.

“Another” canlı casino siteleri she told him. And he did.

I could tell she was priming my ass for his cock and it made me think that she probably masturbated like this.

I took my tongue from her pussy and rubbed it around on her asshole and she moaned a little sigh of pleasure. I smiled into her pussy and slid a couple fingers of my left hand into her ass, and two from my right into her pussy rubbing her G spot while I sucked on her clit. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes moaning.

“Fuck her ass” she told him “and spank her, hard.”

I felt his hand contact my ass, hard and fast, over and over. The loud slapping sound each time he spanked my ass and my screams each time he hit me made me even wetter than I’d fantasized it would. My ass tingled and I could just imagine how bright red it was. He began rubbing and squeezing my ass while saying things like “You wanna watch me fuck your sisters ass? You’re a dirty little girl,” to my sister and he told her “you better lube up my cock for her.” Jade half reluctantly put her hand on my wrist and slowly pulled my fingers from her ass and pussy. I looked up at her and she smirked down at me before getting out of bed. I heard the bottle crack open and a long squirt of lube fall into her hand. She slathered it over his cock and some of it dripped onto my ass and with his thumb he rubbed it around my hole and pushed it in. Jade straddled me from behind and spread my ass cheeks for him so he could get right into my asshole more easily.

“Spank your sister”

She obliged, tanning my other ass cheek.

He pushed the head of his cock against my asshole. “Ding dong!”

I lay my forehead on the bed and bunched Jades stripped comforter in my hands trying to relax. My ass, as well as my pussy had never had anything bigger than a few fingers in it and our neighbors cock was far from small.

He pushed firmly but slowly against my asshole, I felt it stretch around his cock.

My sister kneaded my ass; I could tell her was loving watching this guy push himself into me. He grunted as his cock slid deeper into my ass. My sister reached under and rubbed my clit, I wanted to wiggle and squirm to her touch but his firm grip on my hips and his cock in my ass made that as impossible as it was dangerous. He fucked my ass, long and hard, massaging my prostate with the head of his cock. His grunting grew louder as he got closer to orgasm.

“Cum in her ass!” Jade told him.

He grunted, “Mmm fuck yeah I’m gunna fill your sister ass with my cum and your going to lick it off her ass.”

He filled my ass with cum, slowly pulling his cock out as he did, leaving a trail of cum dripping down my pussy. He took Jade by the hair and pulled her over behind me and shoved her face into my ass.

“Clean up my mess,” he gave Jade a firm spank on the ass, still holding her hair and rubbing her into his jizz. She licked the cum eagerly from my ass, sucking and slurping it all up. She licked and suckled my clit.

“Mmm, oh Jade don’t stop” I was so close to orgasm my legs were shaking.

“Are you going to make your sister cum?”

“MHM” she moaned into my pussy sending vibrations over my swollen lips. Her tongue slithering across my clit and her nose pressed to the base of my pussy; I came, hard and loud. Gushing over her face and dripping down my legs.

Our neighbor gathered his clothes scattered clothes and went back more than satisfied to his house next door.

Jade ran the shower and asked if I’d join her. I did. She squirted soap into her hands and mine and we washed the sweat and cum from each other’s bodies. From the base of our ear lobes to the base of our asses and our pussies we washed each other, mirroring the others movements through the cascade of warm soapy water. Paying specially attention I cupped her breasts in my hands and massaged them, rubbing her nipples gently while she did the same. I kissed her warm wet lips and our tongues mingled under the water running down our faces. She caressed my sore ass and I pulled her into me, sliding her wet boobs against mine back and forth.

We smiled into each others lips and I gave her a smack on the ass and called her a slut. She laughed and got out of the shower. We joked to each other about who was the bigger slut in this situation before both crawling into my bed for a nap… being that her bed was soaked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20