My Roommate

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She didn’t know I was there. Or maybe she did, and just didn’t care. It was 1:30am on a Wednesday. Late by my standards. I realize I wasn’t the typical college freshman, but I had shit to do the next day. Didn’t we all? I guess some people cared about responsibility more than others. Oh well. This is why I was in bed. I like sleep.

My roommate, Riley, had her boyfriend Andy over. He was always over. I guess they were high school sweethearts, or whatever. He didn’t go to college, he finished high school and went right to work at his dad’s landscaping company. The money was good, and hell, if he was just going to inherit a successful business someday, why bother going to college. I asked Riley what happens when winter comes and there’s no land to scape, and she said, duh there’s plowing. Ok. I still don’t understand how there’s so much money in that.

Well it was definitely winter now, because Riley was getting plowed a lot.

Riley and Andy must have been out drinking somewhere because they stumbled into the dorm, and basically just crashed onto the bunk below me. This is partly why I wanted the top bunk. As little disturbance as possible.

But, there we were. I had just gotten to sleep, and they came barging in.

They had to know I was up there. It was 1:30am on a Wednesday god damn it. People sleep!

They were not going to sleep. I heard a belt jingling as it became unbuckled, and the all too familiar sound of fabric against skin as it was clear that clothing was coming off. I heard the sound of lips sucking on other lips, and the low moans of pleasure.

“Finger my asshole,” Riley said.

“Fuck yeah, it’s so tight,” Andy said as he slipped at least one finger in.

“Your fucking cock would never fit in there,” Riley panted.

“Mmm you like that, you fucking whore. Here’s two fingers. Take it bitch,” Andy said. Riley squealed like she wasn’t expecting finger number two.

“You’re so hard,” she said. I could hear the skin on skin as she started jerking him off.

“I love your hands. Finger my ass,” he said.

Hell yeah, Andy, I thought. You go boy. In my experience, most guys love anal play but they never admit it out loud. Perhaps in the heat of the moment, he didn’t realize it was out loud, and that he had an audience 5 feet above them.

My pussy was getting wet now. Andy was a hot guy, but Riley was really sexy. I’ve seen her naked a few times, after a shower. She wasn’t shy about casino siteleri her body. She was always walking around topless, with just her panties on. It kind of turned me on. I was only into guys, and I’ve only ever dated guys, but her body is just so nice. She has a tattoo of a vine with thorns underneath her breasts, two nipple piercings and her belly button is pierced. She knows she’s sexy and is very confident. I wish I could be like that. Her confidence is a huge factor in her sexiness. She deserved way better than Andy, but I knew she liked his big dick.

They shouldn’t have all the fun, so I started fingering my own ass. I slipped two fingers in and just started massaging the inside. I loved it. I could feel the wetness of my own pussy lubricating everything down there. I used my other hand to finger my clit. This was one of my favorite ways to masturbate. I put my index and middle finger of my left hand into my ass, while I use the fingers on my right hand to massage my pussy; alternating between playing with my clit to going inside with three fingers. I go as deep as I can and move around in a circle. No one fucks me better than I do.

“Taste my pussy,” Riley commanded Andy. “It’s so wet for you, make me cum.”

Andy did as he was told. Riley was clearly the dominant. That was hot too. I love strong women who take control.

As I fingered myself, I imagined Riley dominating me. Her telling me what to do. I would do it. If it pleased her, it would please me. I wanted to taste her pussy, like Andy was now. I wanted her to throw me to the ground, and finger my ass. I wanted her to grab my face and thrust it between her thighs while my lips engulfed her pussy and my tongue danced on her clit.

“Pretend I’m that girl from the bar,” I heard Andy say, as he pulled his face away long enough to verbalize that sentence. “Pretend it’s her eating you out.”

“Oh my god, fuck yes!,” She responded.

Um, what now? That is fucking sexy. My fingers are dancing around my own clit so hard now. What the fuck is this? Did they meet a girl? Was Riley into girls? Or at least a threesome. Fucking hot.

“Give me that dick,” Riley said. “Fuck you’re big. I love it. Fuck me doggie. Imagine I’m licking that girl’s pussy while you fuck me.”

“Your roommate? Fuck yeah,” He responded.

Say what? Holy fuck.

“No the girl at the bar. That girl wanted to fuck both of us. I could tell.”

“Oh hell yeah, oh fuck I’m cumming. slot oyna That’s so fucking hot,” he said.

“No don’t cum I want more!” Riley commanded.

But Andy definitely came. He grunted as he busted his nut deep inside Riley; I could hear every thrust, and Riley screeched as she came at the same time. Holy shit that was intense. I was getting close too, so I wanted to cum with them.

“Mmmm I want more, baby,” Riley said, clearly not ready to be done.

“Babe I’m spent,” Andy said.

“But I want to cum more!” Riley was pisssed. She gets what she wants. “Hmm, I know.”

I’m on the verge of climaxing, when suddenly, I see a head pop up to my bunk. Riley was smiling. A drunken, mischievous, smile.

“I know you’re awake, you perv,” she said to me as I quickly pulled my fingers out of my pussy and pretended to be asleep. “Come play.”

Come play? I didn’t know what to say.

“Get your ass down here,” she said.

She gets what she wants. I climbed down and saw Andy sitting there, completely naked, with his cock in his hand. He had clearly just cum, and he was jerking it hard, trying to get hard again.

I had never seen Andy naked. His body looked nice. Very athletic. Solid biceps, solid pecs. Sold thighs and calves. I remember thinking that if his dick was hard, he’d be the perfect man.

“We’re gonna make him hard again,” Riley said, with her eyes squinted, and clearly on a mission.

She grabbed my t-shirt and ripped it over my head, and demanded I take off my shorts. All three of us were naked now. Riley’s body was so perfect, I was almost embarrassed to be naked in her presence.

She put her right hand on my neck, as if she was about to choke me, and started kissing me as hard has she could. Holy shit she was a good kisser. We made out for what seemed like minutes. Her tongue was so gentile and she kissed me so passionately I felt like we were in a romantic comedy. She was the best kisser I had ever experienced, and I didn’t ever want her lips to let go of mine. I couldn’t help but to embrace her, kiss her back with all my might, and push my hips into hers.

Her pussy was so warm and wet. When it touched my pussy, which was also warm and wet. I got even wetter. She did too. I had never been more horny in my life.

She pushed my face away from hers, smiled at me, then shoved me to the bed. She grabbed my legs, spread them apart, and moved herself closer to me. She put her right canlı casino siteleri hand around my neck again, which I loved for some reason, and then placed her right thigh over my left thigh, and shoved her pussy into mine. We started scissioring. I had had sex with guys many times. I’ve had many guys, and many cocks, but there is nothing that felt better on my clit than another girl’s clit. We were both soaking wet and horny and we were both close to cumming again. She had clearly done this before, and I just let her control the action.

I looked over at Andy, and he was now asleep. He wasn’t going to be getting hard again tonight. It was just me and Riley now. I didn’t care, and Riley didn’t either.

Riley looked me straight in the eye as she kept scissoring. Her hips were moving like ocean waves, it was like she was a porn star. I was cumming, and she knew it. It was almost as if she could come on demand, because her orgasm seemed to begin simultaneously with mine. I started moaning as I came, but Riley simply looked at me, and never broke eye contact, as her orgasm built. I could feel her pussy pulsate as it came, at the same time as mine, and that made me cum even harder. I didn’t want to stop.

“Time to eat,” she said, as she pushed me down, indicating that she wanted me to lay down on the bed.

She put her hands on my thighs and looked at my pussy. She smiled. Then she dove in. Yeah, she has definitely done this before. She put two fingers inside me, as her tongue licked my clit. I had never been wetter. I started playing with my nipples. Riley was licking my clit like it was her job, and I was ready to cum again. She put a finger inside my ass as I was close. Deeper, deeper still. She licked harder. She sucked on my clit as she licked it. And she put her finger deeper inside my ass and I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Oh my fuck yes!” I shouted as my climax hit and I came harder than I ever had before. I squirted ever so slightly into Riley’s face, and she took it and licked up as much as she could. She loved tasting my cum.

As I lay there and processed what just happened, Riley slid up, her naked body pressed against mine, and started kissing me. I could taste my own pussy on her lips and tongue, and I loved it. I loved how I tasted. She held me and I held her. She kissed me and I kissed her. I didn’t want that moment to end. Neither of us did. We just laid there in silence. Our naked bodies embracing each other, our lips one millimeter apart. At that moment we were in heaven, and Andy sleeping in the corner might as well have not even existed. I could tell this was the start of something that was going to be very bad for me, but also very fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20