My Sex Life Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: My First Fuck

It was nearly 3 months after My first blow-job before I finally lost my virginity. As it turned out, neither Patrick nor Stevie were to be responsible for claiming my somewhat dubious virtue. Patrick had dumped me after he found out about me giving Stevie a blow-job and that same blow-job was all that Stevie and I ever did. By this time I was seeing a guy called Martin.

I’d been seeing Martin for a little under two months by the time the ‘big night’ came. I should point out that our relationship had been far from platonic. We had been slowly building up to this evening since our very first kiss and fondle and we had enjoyed a lot of fun, whenever we had been able to manage, using our hands and mouths on each other. The time had, just never quite been right to go the whole way.

I should also point out that, like me, Martin, who was only a couple of months older than me was also still a virgin. I was also on the pill. It was for those reasons alone that Martin is one of the few guys whom I have ever let fuck me bareback. There was also the fact that I wanted my first time to be ‘special’ and for me to feel everything. Maybe it was risky but, given our circumstances, it was a fairly negligible risk and not one I’d ever take on a casual encounter.

Anyway, we were both at mine, my mum hadn’t got back from work and we were messing about, supposedly doing homework but with a fair bit of horseplay thrown in for good measure. About 5:30, the phone rang. It was my mum telling me that she had got held up and wouldn’t be home until after 7pm and that I was just to make myself something from the fridge and not to worry about her, she’d get a takeaway en route, poker oyna etc.

This, clearly, was the opportunity we’d been waiting for. No sooner had I put the phone down, I was leading Martin upstairs to my bedroom, not even bothering to close the door to my room behind us.

We kissed. In almost no time at all we had removed our clothes and were lying on my bed. Martin’s hands were all over me. His mouth clamped to mine as we let the thrill of what was going to happen take over us.

I moved down to take his cock in my mouth. My lips fastened around his shaft as I eagerly began to suck him. My mouth slid up and down, drawing as much of his cock into my mouth as I could.

Martin’s hands were caressing my tits, adding to the thrill as I continued to devour his cock. I could feel him getting close and reluctantly I stopped. “You’re not coming yet,” I told him. Martin smiled his reply.

It occurred to me that I didn’t want any telltale wet patches on my bed so I excused my self for a moment while I went and got a large towel from the bathroom. I put the towel on my bed then lay down on top of it. I opened my legs and demanded that Martin eat my pussy

Martin’s head was between my thighs in an instant. His tongue slid between my pussy lips and darted in and out of my cunt. Slowly he would take each of my lips between his and suck them, then his tongue would lap gently at my pussy. He sucked on my clit and slowly inserted a finger into my cunt.

As Martin sucked at my clit and finger fucked me, my own hands were playing with my tits. I squeezed and caressed them as Martin’s tongue continued to lap away at my cunt. I pinched my nipples and started to come. Martin kept licking canlı poker oyna as orgasm after orgasm swept through me. I came several times as Martin’s tongue worked on me, each one more powerful than the last. Finally I knew the moment had arrived, my body ached in anticipation, crying out to be filled with a cock, Martin’s cock.

He has still licking when finally, a little nervously, I asked him to fuck me. “Put it in me,” I begged him, “I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me”. Then, almost pleading, I continued, “Please fuck me”.

Martin moved up my body, pausing only to kiss my tits for a few moments. Suddenly I could feel his cock sliding against the entrance to my cunt, slowly pushing my lips apart. Martin kissed me and I felt the tip of his cock begin to press into me. I knew my pussy was soaking (it had to be given how turned on I was and the tongue-lashing Martin had just given me) but I was still a little nervous. It hurt a little as his cock slid into me inch by inch and I cried out softly. Then he was there, his cock buried to the root in my cunt.

He began to move, slowly sliding in and out. I lay there unmoving for a short time as I savoured the sensations of Martin’s cock moving inside me, stretching me, filling me completely. The initial pain had passed and I was moving with him. My hips rose to meet each thrust of his cock.

I asked him to go a little faster and my hands were clutching at his arse trying to force him in deeper. The pace increased as with each stroke his cock pushed into me faster and faster.

Martin’s breathing was coming in gasps, I Knew he was getting close. I was so turned on by this point that I was screaming obscenities internet casino at him. Things like, “Harder!” “Faster”, “come on give it to me”, “fuck me, FUCK ME!!!”

Martin rammed his cock into me as hard as he could. In and out, over and over. I gripped his cock with the walls of my cunt, each time he was inside me. My nails were digging into his arse as I urged him on.

I felt his body stiffen, his cock twitch violently inside me and then he came. Jet after jet of cum flooded my pussy. Martin collapsed, spent, on top of me, our bodies still joined. I was delirious as I savoured the feeling of his cum deep inside me.

Martin slipped out of me and we lay there for a while, just holding each other. I suddenly felt a strange emptiness and could feel Martin’s cum dribbling out of me and I was glad I’d remembered the towel. It hadn’t lasted very long and I hadn’t cum but none of that mattered, I’d finally done it.

Finally, albeit reluctantly, we got up. I realised that I was starving. I’ve since realised that sex does tend to make me work up an appetite. We each took a shower and then got dressed. After that we went downstairs to fix ourselves something to eat.

After we’d eaten, I decided to thank Martin for what he’d done earlier. I took him back upstairs and gave him a long, slow blow-job. Despite having emptied what felt like gallons of cum into my pussy, when he came this time, he still managed a respectable sized load. I’d already developed my taste for cum by this stage and I swallowed it down happily.

Not long after that, Martin left to go home. I’m pretty sure my mum must have passed him on the street as she arrived home moments after he left. When I’d heard the door open, I’d been tempted to call out something like, “Have you forgotten something or do you want some more of my pussy?” Fortunately for me, I just stopped myself in time when I realised it wasn’t him.

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