Destined Hearts Ch. 11

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Hello guys and welcome to this hot chapter of “destined hearts.” I would like to thank you for your love and patience guys. I really appreciate it and I love you too. Don’t forget to drop your comments, whether positive or negative.

Feel the passion…


Antonio raised his face to realize that everyone at the set was watching the two of them with lovely smiles on their faces. They were admiring them, especially the ladies that had their hands on their chests, looking like they were having difficulties in breathing.

“Pra…” He slowly moved his hands away. “Praveen, what do you think you’re doing? Stop your drama.”

But all Praveen did was hold him even tighter. What the hell was going on, he thought as he smiled at everyone nervously. The boy was embarrassing him and he didn’t appreciate it.


He used his hands and took Praveen from his body. When he stared at him, he saw real tears. Something was really wrong with Praveen because there was no way he’d have shed tears in front of Antonio without a very good reason. It got Antonio really worried.

“What’s wrong?” Antonio asked as he quickly got a handkerchief from his pocket. “You don’t look so good crying?”

Praveen chuckled through his tears, failing to believe that Antonio was well and alive. They’d been lying to him after all.

“You’re here. I thought…”

“You thought what?” He gestured with his head, still in shock. “You thought I wasn’t gonna appear at my own music video. Are you crazy?” He brought his hand up and started rubbing Praveen’s tears without even realizing he was doing it. Praveen’s eyes had hypnotized him and he couldn’t move away. He didn’t even know if he wanted to.

Praveen shook his head. “It’s just that… I thought you were somewhere else.”

“Crazy four eyes.” Though he said that, it was jokingly and Praveen even smiled. “You shouldn’t have taken your glasses off.”

Where Bruce stood, he felt like he was standing on hot coals as it got hotter and hotter until he started burning… In anger. His eyes, face and his entire being turned red from all the anger that took control of him at that time. He could feel it travel all the way to his brain. His jaws were shaking terribly and his body did too. His entire being felt like it was about to melt.

He was staring at Praveen and Antonio, wanting to go and separate them. But he felt like something was preventing him from going there, something really powerful. His plans had been completely ruined. That wasn’t how he had planned it.

“Fuck…” He groaned, furiously turning to leave the scene.

“Bruce?” Andrea took a quick glance at her brother and Praveen and then followed her friend. “Wait!”

Meanwhile, Praveen had already taken the handkerchief from Antonio and he had dried his face. He was looking as handsome as ever but he was messy. He had ruined his makeup and his clothes too.

“What’s wrong with you?” Antonio asked with his hand on his hip. Now that Praveen had calm down, he needed him to explain why he had done that. “Why were you acting like that?”

“Well, Actually…”

“Praveen received a phone call that you were in an accident and you were fighting for your life.” Ethan spoke as he rushed to where they were standing.

“What?” Antonio was shocked. “I was in an accident? But I was never…”

“Exactly!” Ethan rubbed on Praveen’s shoulder, making him feel shy. “Someone lied to him but for what?” He shrugged, shaking his head. “This was really serious and it was good I arrived here just when he was coming out. I told him that you had just arrived here and that’s why he was acting like that when he saw you.”

Antonio couldn’t believe a word of what Ethan had said to him. He just remained there, staring at Ethan without saying a word to him.

“Why would someone call you and tell you something so serious?”

Ethan smiled at Antonio before he told Praveen that he had to go and fix himself up so that they could start the shoot. Praveen nodded and then went to his room to have his makeup done and to change his clothes. He was still feeling really nervous and scared. What the man had told him on the phone was pretty intense.

“Antonio!” Ethan said softly as soon as Praveen left. “Don’t you think Bruce had something to do with this? I mean…”

“What?” Antonio gasped, shocked at what his friend had just suggested. “Are you being serious? Why would Bruce do that? What would he stand to gain from that?”

“A shoot with you again.” Ethan said with a stern look. “We’re talking about Bruce here. That guy can do anything just to…”

“Ethan, please stop.” Antonio was getting angry. He wasn’t gonna let anyone speak ill of his boyfriend. “I won’t allow you to bring Bruce into this, okay? He’s already hurt by all this and…”

“Exactly!” Ethan said, equally raising his voice. “Bruce is mad because you wouldn’t have him on this video. Don’t you think maybe…”

“Ethan, please…” He slightly closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I don’t casino oyna wanna have any problems with you right now. Leave Bruce out of this. There’s no way he’d play with my life like that. He loves me too much. Instead of accusing an innocent guy who’s at home, you should be finding out who had called Praveen.”

Ethan was really hurt. He couldn’t believe the guy standing in front of him was his best friend. He was a little disappointed too because he hadn’t expected that from him.

“I got Praveen’s phone and tried to call the number but it was unavailable.” Then he sighed and stared at his best friend, shaking his head. “You owe that boy his protection because you’re his husband. If anything had happened to him because of you, how would you have lived with yourself?”

He gave a sheepish smile and left to go and prepare for something important.

Antonio on the other hand remained there standing like a statue, staring at his friend as he left. His words remained ringing in his head like they were on repeat mode. He felt sorry for speaking to his friend in such a rude manner and even cursed himself for that.

“Would Bruce do this?” He thought, his hands passing through his hair. “But why would he do that? I just thank God Praveen wasn’t hurt or anything.”

Then his mind shifted to Praveen and he started thinking about why the boy would almost risk his life to go and save his life. There was something deep in his heart that was telling him something that he was denying and he didn’t even want to accept.

Shaking his head, he quickly picked up his phone and went to talk to some of the crew members.


“How dare you?” Bruce barked, furiously screaming at the men in front of him. “I gave you a simple instruction, one!” He raised his finger, his face getting redder.

The three men were looking at him without uttering a word. They were all dressed in black because they were thugs, dirty thugs from a village that he had hired to carry out his dirty job. Now they had failed and he was really mad.

The men looked scary, muscular and huge. He didn’t fear them because he had hired them.

“And what the fuck did you do?” He stamped his foot on the ground, making the men take a step back. “You completely failed because you’re all failures.”

“But sir,” The tall huge man complained, swallowing his saliva. “You told us to call him, tell him his husband was dying and we did that. How did we fail?”

“Really?” Bruce chuckled bitterly, folding his arms on his chest. “What the fuck do you call that? That’s victory to you? No wonder you have no money at all because you mistake failure for victory and you’re gonna be suffering for the rest of…”

“Now that’s enough sir.” The man said rudely in a loud, deep manly voice. “We’ve already done our job. If this job was that easy then why didn’t you do it yourself? Now pay us for…”

“Excuse me!” Andrea chimed in, walking furiously towards them. “Why should we pay you when you failed to do a simple job?”

“Well, ma’am,” He paused, opening his arms. “We did our job and…”

“Well, sweetheart…” She chuckled, raising her eyebrows. “…you’re not getting a penny because you couldn’t do a simple job. Now we’re gonna have to pay someone else to do your job for you so toodle-oo!” She winked, smiling like an evil queen from a fairytale.

“Really ma’am…” The man laughed, getting closer to both Andrea and Bruce. “…it’s fine. Don’t pay us. But I promise you…” He warned, pointing at Andrea with an evil grin. “…I know who you are and I am gonna go to your brother and tell him everything that you had hired us to do so don’t play with me.”

Both Andrea and Bruce lost the smiles on their faces, replaced by frowns. Their hearts sounded like washing machines and their breaths became harsh. They looked at each other before they looked at the man.

“Are you threatening us?” Bruce asked.

“Threats? No!” The man shrugged, shaking his head. “Why would I threaten you? I am promising you because I know where your brother is. He’s shooting a music video and it’s not far from here?”

Andrea was scared but she knew she was smarter than the men that were in that building. She just had to act smart and everything was gonna be okay. They didn’t call her an evil genius for nothing.

With a confident smile, she folded her arms on her chest. “And what makes you think he’ll believe you over us? I am related to him, you know.”

The man laughed in a deep voice that scared Andrea to the core.

“Then how did I know that they received a call that labelled him hurt and on his death bed?” The man gave an evil grin. Andrea lost the smile and the confidence. “I will also tell them that you ordered the boy raped and hurt as well so madam, it’s better if you cooperate otherwise…” He didn’t need to finish the sentence because the two of them got it clearly.

Bruce was now really scared. He glanced at Andrea, feeling like his world was gonna crush.

“Andrea, what are we gonna do?”

Andrea groaned, slot oyna got a bundle of dollars from her bag and furious threw it at the man. The man got the money, smelt it and smiled like he’d won a lottery.

“I am glad we understood each other.” He warned then smiling at the end. “It was nice doing business with you and if you need our services…” He gestured with his hand. “…I am just a phone call away.”

With those words, the man left with his two gang members laughing at the top of his voice.

“Son of a bitch!” Andrea cursed, angrily kicking a stone from the ground.

“What are we gonna do now?” Bruce shuddered, acting like he was being chased by armed robbers. “Our plan didn’t work.”

Andrea was quiet. She was thinking of something, how Praveen kept on getting lucky.

“Andrea!” He literally screamed, getting an ugly look from her. “Please, say something. The shoot has probably already started and we… we have to do…”

“Nothing!” Andrea hollered, looking at his friend.


“You heard me!” She was being rude. “Right now, they probably suspect something’s up. If you and I decide to do something to Praveen again or even the shoot, I am sure that they won’t even have to look much. We’ll be… I mean, you’ll be the first suspect and once they find out the truth, you can kiss Antonio goodbye.”

Bruce knew Andrea was right but…

“But we can’t just…”

“It’s just a music video.” She said in between clenched teeth. “It’s not like Praveen and my brother are gonna have sex after. Chill!” She rolled her eyes. “Let’s just focus on the grand plan. If we continue getting worked up because of petty issues, we’re gonna lose this war. Come on!”

Andrea started walking out of the building like she was on the run way. Bruce on the other hand just remained standing feeling like crying. He couldn’t believe his plan had failed and now Praveen and Antonio were gonna appear in a music video together. He felt like pulling his hair out.

“You’re lucky this time Praveen.” He said, rubbing his tears. “You can have your moment but I promise, you’ll pay for this.”


“Welcome to my home…” Santiago hollered, opened his arms as he slowly spanned. “…you’re welcome, welcome… Welcome…”

Praveen chuckled, looking all around the grand mansion. It was super huge, though not like theirs. It was classy with white and golden decors, a chandelier, a double staircase that led upstairs and a cozy living room with the whitest couches Praveen had ever seen and a huge golden table in the middle. It seemed really huge for a man that didn’t have a huge family.

But Praveen was impressed by the elegancy of it all. It sparkled and he felt out of place, just like he had felt the first time he’d stepped his foot into Antonio’s mansion. He couldn’t stop looking around.

“Do you like it?”

“Like it?” He was still looking around. “I swear to you that I love it.”

“I am humbled!” He slowly bowed, chuckling in the process.

Then he held Praveen’s hand sweetly, pulling him closer. He looked deep in his eyes and licked his lips sensually, smiling like he was going crazy. He had no idea why Praveen gave him a really different feeling, something that he had never felt before.

“Come on, mi senor…” He kissed his hand, making Praveen’s eyes to water. “I will show you all around my house before I prepare for you a really wonderful meal.”

“You?” Praveen was laughing at the top of his lungs. “Cook? Really?”

“Hmm…” He tightened his grip on Praveen’s hand. “Do I detect doubt in your voice, Mr. Praveen?” He slowly rubbed on his temple.

“And until I taste your food, Mr. Santiago…” He replied pointing at him. “I won’t believe that someone as rich and elegant as you can actually cook.”

“Okay then, get ready to be surprised.”

Both of them laughed and left to explore the huge mansion.

Praveen had become so comfortable around Santiago, really comfortable that they even joked around each other. He’d never met a person as lively as Santiago. He felt like he could tell him anything, even his secrets and the man wouldn’t tell anyone.

It had been over a week since Praveen and Antonio’s video shoot and it had been a really busy and tiresome week. He was glad it was over because he didn’t know if he would have taken another moment of being so close to Antonio. It had been giving him strange sensations. That week had been the longest they’d stayed with each other and being so close. He’d enjoyed it because Antonio had not been rude to him but rather sweet and the guy had been joking too.

Anyway, he was just glad it was over.

Praveen explored the house with Santiago and it was huge. There was no room that he saw in that house that he wasn’t impressed by. But the most gorgeous one was Santiago’s room. It looked like a king’s room with a huge bed, a huge 3 in 1 bathroom, walk in closet for shoes and another for clothes. He was really impressed.

They stayed in Santiago’s room, talking before canlı casino siteleri they decided to go to the kitchen where Praveen got impressed once again by Santiago’s culinary skills. The guy was really talented.

He cooked macaroni cheese with chicken nuggets and rice with sauce. It was really delicious and Praveen enjoyed it a whole lot. He couldn’t believe that someone as rich as Santiago could cook something so delicious. He always thought they had cooks at their houses that spoilt them. Now he had even more respect for the man.

“Alright,” Santiago said, patting on Praveen’s shoulder. “I left the car keys in the room. Let me quickly rush there and go get them. Will you be okay here?”

“Sure!” He nodded.

The man smiled and run upstairs, leaving Praveen alone in the living room. He started moving around, admiring the wonderful decors there. In a little while, Santiago was gonna be married and he wasn’t gonna be living alone in that huge mansion anymore. Andrea was gonna be there to keep him company. He felt really happy for Santiago and Andrea but deep down, he was not at peace. He still wondered if Andrea was gonna make Santiago happy.

He was still in thought when he heard someone clear his voice and didn’t even need to guess because he knew that it was Santiago.

“Finally done with…”

But when he turned, his mouth froze and so did his entire body. It was Santiago but a really handsome, muscular, well-built tall guy standing in front of him. He had a cute round face, a well-built body like an athlete and a smile like that of an angel, or so Praveen thought.

He was dressed in a dark gray designer’s suit with a pink shirt and light gray shoes. He had hair that was short on the sides and long on the middle but was pitch black. Seeing him smile, Praveen couldn’t help but smile himself.

“Hello…” He greeted in a nervous tone.

“Hi!” He was still smiling and his voice was deep. “You’re beautiful.”

“Err…” Praveen took a glance towards the staircase but there was no sign of Santiago anywhere. “Thanks a lot but…”

“Logan!” He said, extending his hand forward. “My name is Logan and I happen to be Santiago’s elder brother.”

Praveen gasped, smiling even brighter. “Oh!” He shook the man’s hand nervously. “Nice to meet you, sir.”

“Sir?” The man’s eyes widened. “You’re making me feel older than my age. You can call me Logan, besides, we’re soon going to be family.” He laughed.

“Yeah,” Praveen scratched his head. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, si… Logan.”

Logan laughed at the top of his voice. He was a really happy man, especially since his brother was getting married before him. He had no idea how to express his happiness.

“My pleasure!” Logan finally let go of Praveen’s hand. “But tell me,” He asked, folding his arms on his chest but he was still wearing that smile on his face. “How did my brother land someone like you? Must have taken him months before you finally agreed, right?”

Praveen’s eyes widened as his mouth gaped. “Oh no,” He shook his head. “You’ve mistaken this, Logan. I am actually not the one Santiago is marrying.”

Praveen watched as Logan’s smile faded, replaced by a huge frown. He had no idea why Logan’s happy face went away. He was just hoping that he hadn’t said anything wrong to Logan.

“What?” Logan gasped, still frowning. “I thought you were his fiancé. He told me that he had met someone really special and…”

“Logan!” Santiago came rushing down the stairs, feeling his heart pounding in his chest. Reaching down the stairs, he gave him a quick hug and smiled brightly at him. “You’ve finally arrived. I thought you weren’t gonna be here until late evening.”

But his brother’s eyes were still on Praveen who was starting to feel uncomfortable.

“Bro, I was just speaking to him and he…”

“Yeah, I heard.” He quickly chimed in. “Praveen is my fiancé’s brother in law. She’s a really good girl and I’ll introduce you to her tomorrow morning. Praveen is married to Antonio Gonzalez, the famous musician.”

Santiago was feeling like he’d just escaped a wild fire. He had been talking a lot about Praveen that he hadn’t even had the time to explain to his brother who he was marrying. He had told him that it was gonna be a surprise. Now his brother was thinking it was Praveen.

“Oh…” His smile came back. “I am sorry, Praveen.” He apologized. “I thought it was you.”

“It’s okay.” Praveen gave him the same kind gesture. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Bro, I was just taking him back. We’ll see you later.”

The two brothers hugged once more before Praveen and Santiago left.


Two weeks later

‘Even if the moonlight shut down, your love for me would still shine brighter.

My life has changed, taken another turn since the day I found you.

Now I am walking on sunshine, breathing in your love,

Your love is intoxicating and whenever I am with you, I feel complete.

Now let me show you how much I love you,

Take me higher than I ever could.

Baby take me slow as we dance under the moonlight.

Take me slow as we dance in the ocean, slow as we move all around the bedroom, slow as I kiss your lips and hold you in my arms.”

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