Getting Back in the Game Ch. 05

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Author’s Note:

This is the 5th installment of my series, so if you’re coming to it now, it may not make sense unless you read the previous chapters. I think to do it properly, I have to have at least one more chapter for the conclusion. I thank everybody for the kind comments and votes for this series, and hope that you’ll take the time to do the same with this one.


I followed her into the living room, and we sat back on the couch. She leaned in to me, and I put my arm around her. We melted into each other a bit, and then she kissed me again. I returned the kiss, and we both started to get a bit into it. “I knew you’d be a good kisser,” she whispered.

She threw a leg over me and straddled me, and started to run her hands up and down my torso as we kissed deeper. She made a slight noise of approval, and I made a note to give my personal trainer a very big thank you gift this Christmas. Her hand went under my shirt and began to tickle at my chest a bit, and I moved my hands under her blouse to trail my fingers up her back. Her skin was smooth, warm, and wonderful to the touch. I moved in to trail kisses down her neck and inhaled her wonderful, slightly flowery scent. It was intoxicating, and as I moved down to her shoulders I realized I was as hard as I had ever been. I moved a bit and grabbed my pants to alleviate the bunching and discomfort, and she noticed, and brushed my erection softly with her hand. “Nice,” she purred. “They weren’t lying.”

“Glad to hear advertising was good.”

“It’s really more direct and referral marketing, but yeah, it was.”

I stopped her with another kiss. She moved back into me, groping my chest and moving around to my back. I massaged my hands and fingers into her waist and lower back, and she moaned slightly into my mouth. She began tugging my shirt over my head, and as I helped her, she tossed it to the side and began feeling my chest, shoulders, and arms. I put my hands back under her shirt, and she quickly unbuttoned it and threw it to the side. Her breasts were in sight now, and before I could even admire the way they overflowed her bra, she reached back and unsnapped it, and they came absolutely barreling out. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her breasts, and I quickly sucked her nipple into my mouth. She scooted her pelvis in and ground against me.

It’s hard to describe what I was feeling at that moment. On the one hand, I couldn’t wait to be inside her. On the other, I was feeling this almost electric current between us, and I liked this girl so damn much I almost didn’t want this moment to end. She felt so amazing, so perfectly right on top of me, that I just wanted her to stay there. Her body was full, womanly, substantial, and I almost whimpered when she got to her feet and offered me her hand. As I stood up, I noticed that, even with her shoes kicked off, she was only a few inches shorter than me.

“Do you want to go up to the bedroom?” I asked.

“Yes, I think that’s a good idea,” she smiled.

We went upstairs, and as we walked into my bedroom, she turned around and attacked me with another deep kiss. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into me, and she moved into me, before pulling back abruptly. “What?” I asked.

“When did you last change your sheets?”

“Yesterday, when I did laundry,” I answered.

“And when was the last time Emily—or, for that matter, any other girl—was over here?”

“Two days ago.”

“Okay, good. I just didn’t want to roll around in somebody else’s stank.”

“No, you’re safe there,” I chuckled. I went to kiss her again, but she backed up.

“Listen, I’m not trying to lay claim to you. If you want to sleep with somebody else, go right ahead. But I’m also not Emily, ok?”

“OK. But what do you mean by that last part?” I asked, confused.

“I’ve heard her and her ex-conquests’ stories. I’m not like her. I don’t fuck a whole lot of guys at once. I’m not a crazed sex kitten. I’m fairly loyal and I don’t necessarily try to duplicate shit I saw in a porno once. I’m not uptight by any means, but if that’s what you’re looking for, I want to let you know that it’s probably not going to happen.”

I thought for a second, considering her face, and looking deep into her eyes, which had a look of concern and fear mixed with vulnerability behind the bit of defiance. I felt something I hadn’t in a long time, and wasn’t sure how to sum it up, but I knew then that I felt something for this woman, and wanted to see where it could go.

“I understand. I don’t expect anything of you. We don’t even have to do this, if you don’t want to.” I backed my body off half a step, while staying in her loose embrace. “Are you having second thoughts?”

“No. I don’t know. I just feel a bit…exposed, I guess.”

I didn’t know what else to do, so I kissed her tenderly, and held her close for a few moments. She leaned in, then broke the embrace, and walked me over to the bed. She laid down and indicated she wanted illegal bahis me to cuddle into her, which I readily did. We laid there for what seemed like eternity, her breathing calming and slowing a bit, until she turned around and kissed me.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” I asked.

“Apparently, just for being you.”

I smiled back at her and brushed her hair out of her face. She yawned and smiled, and I yawned in response.

“You tired?” I inquired.

“A little bit,” she replied “You?”

“A bit.”

“Okay. Do you want to get ready for bed?”

“Um, sure…listen, don’t take this wrong,” I began, “but I’m going to take my pants off. I can’t fall asleep in them. I’ll leave my boxers on, though.”

“What do you usually sleep in?” she asked.

“Usually boxers or nothing.”

“Then strip. I don’t want to disturb your normal routine.”

I shrugged, and turned around as I shucked my remaining clothing. As I turned back around to climb back into the bed, I noticed her reaching behind her. I slid under the sheet, and her bare leg instantly wrapped around my calf. It felt positively divine. I breathed in sharply in a bit of surprise.

“I figured I can’t let you be the only nude one here,” she said.

I looked at her levelly. “Look, I’m not going to push you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.”

She stared into my eyes for an almost uncomfortable length of time. “I know that. Try to relax, ok?” We kissed, long and slowly, lingering on each other’s lips. I felt her fingers trail over my back, and brush against my butt. She grabbed a handful and pulled me into her. She grabbed my face and kissed me forcefully, moving her pelvis into me as she did, and I felt my cock harden significantly.

“Hmm. He doesn’t seem to be tired at all,” she murmured, as she reached down and began to stroke my length with almost agonizing slowness. She rolled on top of me, and I could feel heat and a slight bit of wetness coming from her pussy, as she began rubbing her lips gently up and down my length. I craned up and kissed her neck, down the nape, to her shoulders, chest, and finally took one of her nice, pink, pert nipples into my mouth. She moaned a low bit of satisfaction. Then she pinned me with her weight to the bed and began peppering my neck and chest with kisses, pausing briefly to give my nipple a little flick before she moved down my stomach with resolve. When she came to my achingly swollen length, she surprised me by rapidly engulfing nearly all of me, instead of teasing little licks like most girls seemed to favor at first. I groaned loudly, clenching my muscles down below in an attempt to not cum immediately, since her technique was so very divine and the surprise of being engulfed with no buildup took me off guard. She pulled off of me with a satisfied look, staring me in the eyes. “I don’t like to tease too much. And I really do enjoy sucking cock quite a bit.” I tried to speak but only an incomprehensible grunt came out. “It’s okay. Just enjoy,” she said, as she put her hand gently up on my chest, guiding my head and neck back to the pillows as she sucked me back into her mouth greedily.

She began to work me in and out of her mouth gently, but with this wonderful firmness to her tongue. She stared directly into my eyes, locking her gaze on me, as she eagerly worked my member in and out of her mouth. Her full lips dragged down the length, and I would see her saliva trail a bit from the swollen head as she would pull off, only to quickly engulf me again. She paused briefly to lick and ever so gently suck my balls, and then went right back to swallowing as much of me as she could. As she began to really get an aggressive rhythm going, I realized that I needed to cut this short, lest I rush to the final act too quickly.

I gently pulled her off, and she whimpered slightly and gave me a puzzled expression. “Your turn,” I explained, and began trailing kisses down her torso, stopping for a few seconds to playfully kiss a nipple, before I came down to her neatly trimmed bush. I was glad she wasn’t shaved, and loved the sight of her deep red patch, kissing around it, working slowly in a circle across the inside of her thighs, getting smaller and smaller on the circles as I first touched wet lips. She gasped sharply, and I slowly and deliberately kissed one lip into my mouth, then the other, licking them and just around the clit. I felt her hips start to move a bit, her butt lifting off the bed slightly, and as she pressed forward with her musky, delicious opening toward my mouth, I moved in and gave her clit a gentle, loving lick with the flat of my tongue. She groaned approval as I moved in with a slight bit more pressure, lapping directly at her button, then taking a few alternating diagonal strokes upward.

I briefly stretched my neck to re-situate myself, and she ran her fingers through my hair and said “Ok, I’m only giving you another two hours max down there before I’m stopping you,” she said with illegal bahis siteleri a grin, and, I noticed, a slightly glazed over look of pleasure. I’ve always enjoyed going down on a woman, so it was flattering to realize I was having some positive effect. I dove back in, giving her some more light licks, alternating with the flat of my tongue. Her hips started to move a bit, so I kept up my pattern, but sped it up slightly as her skin, and especially her chest began to flush. Her breathing started speeding up, and in response I dove in a bit harder, and as she started to whimper a bit, I followed a hunch and pushed my index finger into her. I managed no more than a half dozen strokes, hooking my finger back to hit her G-spot, before I felt her clench down on my finger hard and lube a bit, as she cried out a mighty “Unnnnggggg God!!”

I paused to look up at her, her eyes half-lidded and her entire chest and neck flushed, before I went to go back down—I love giving orally, and she really did taste great. But she quickly reached down to stop me and said “Hey, come up here.” I trailed upward, lightly kissing her stomach, up past her breasts, neck and to her mouth. I went to wipe my face off—I’m never sure of the etiquette each woman wants—and she stopped my hand, saying “Leave it.” I kissed her deeply, and as she responded with a hum of delight, wrapping her arms around my back, my cock head brushed against her lower lips, which, I noticed, were dripping wet and absolutely on fire. As we broke the kiss, I moved over to the side of her face, but she, apparently wanting no more foreplay, reached down and guided my dick into her, tilting her hips up a bit, and then grabbing my butt and coaxing me further.

“Should I put on a…” I began.

“No need, Depro shots,” she countered.

“I was going to eat you out more,” I offered.

“That’s sweet, but it’ll probably be a bit before I cum again. Besides, I can’t wait any more. I need you inside of me.” And with that, she pushed her hips upward and buried even more of me in her. I responded by thrusting down, and as I pulled out, we worked into a nice, easy rhythm. I pushed in fully as I reached down and kissed her deeply, and she exhaled sharply and bit my lower lip lightly, muttering “goddamn goddamn goddamn.” She pushed her hips upward, and I ended up rocking back a bit, ultimately settling on my knees, grabbing on to her full hips as I impaled her on my cock. She cried out as I thrust up in to her, giving her as much as I possibly could. “Harder,” she groaned, and I slammed in loud enough to produce an audible slap. “I said harder! I can take it!” she repeated, and I slammed even harder, working up to all I could manage.

Instead of flinching, she started groaning with pleasure and pushed up with each thrust. After a couple minutes, she pushed up on me and announced “I want to ride you.” I pulled out and went to lay down on the bed, but she instead guided me to the edge of the bed and admonished me to sit. I did, and she quickly straddled me, wrapping her legs around me, and my world was suddenly engulfed with this tall and curvy goddess smothering her breasts into my face as she reached behind her and lowered herself onto my cock. She began an up and down rhythm as I grabbed onto her waist and hips again, and I felt her start lubing freely as she started rocking solidly on my pole. I reached down and sucked a nipple into my mouth as she groaned, and I felt a fresh gush of fluid. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed, and abruptly stopped.

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Yeah, that was just really good, whatever you hit at that angle.”

“Okay, I’ll try to keep hitting it,” I replied.

“Did you cum?” she asked.

“No, why?”

She reached down, touched her pussy, and brought her fingers up, almost as if she was checking oil. My confusion must have shown on my face. “I never get this wet. I thought either you came or I started my time of the month.”

“No, just messy sex. Sorry if it’s unnerving to you.”

“No, just surprised. Don’t apologize, let’s just keep going.”

She resumed the riding, soon getting back into the same manic pace, as her wetness flowed like a slow faucet. She was starting to groan a deep, guttural moan, building slowly, as I ran my hands all up and down her back and sides.

After a few minutes, I tried to nudge her to change positions, but she just shook her head and said “Please don’t stop what you’re doing, it’s absolutely amazing.” Who was I to argue with that? I started kissing her neck, feeling the slight moisture of perspiration starting on her sweet skin.

She picked up pace, pulling herself up and letting gravity absolutely slam her down onto my prick, her guttural grunts gaining volume, and I kissed her furiously as I plowed her hips down onto me. My legs and arms were starting to ache, and I knew I didn’t have long—this girl was too intoxicating, and this was way too good, but I was trying hold out for just a bit longer, when she started to scream canlı bahis siteleri “Ohmygod ohmygod FUCK FUCK OHFUCKING GODDDDDD!!” and I felt the flow of her pussy absolutely flood my cock and balls, along with a clench that almost felt like a massaging wave going up and down my entire length. I pumped into her hard a few more times before I went over the edge and emptied my load into her, cumming what felt like more than I ever had in my life.

We kept going for another few seconds as her flow slowed. She slowed to a stop, and we both said nothing for a second as we panted furiously, then kissed for another 30 seconds or so. We were still intertwined, her riding me, legs wrapped around with my only slightly softened manhood buried deep in her wonderful folds. Finally, she broke the silence, looked at me with those amazing deep blue eyes, and just said “Fuck. That was incredible.”

“Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with you there,” I nodded.

“I normally can’t cum multiple times.”

“Well, I guess there’s a first for everything, right?”

“Wow. When can we do that again?” she teased, grinding down on my softening length.

“As soon as I recover. I might need a defibrillator,” I joked.

As she moved, I slid partially out, and felt what seemed like a quart of fluid descend over my already sopping crotch. She noticed it too, looking down and yelling “Holy shit?!! Was that all us?”

“Who else would it be?”

As she laughed, she disengaged, and tackled me to the bed, kissing me and pressing her wonderfully soft yet firm body into me. I couldn’t wait to be inside her again.

That night turned out to be a great primer to my relationship with Courtney. We had sex three more times that night, and even attempted a fifth round, but I was tired enough that I didn’t get as powerful of an erection as normal, so when I accidentally slipped out and collided with her pubic bone, I winced and pulled back. I was fine with just resting and calling it a night, but she insisted on sucking me off as an “apology” for my injury, and I obviously didn’t complain. She finished me off, swallowed, and sweetly thanked me for letting her blow me. Was this girl for real?

The next few months brought interesting developments. After a couple weeks, I gently broke things off with Emily, and managed to do so without any hard feelings—her leaving for school helped, I suppose. I started sleeping with Courtney exclusively, but instead of it just being clandestine sex, I was very happy with and proud of our relationship, and she likewise had no inkling of hiding, either. I occasionally got some stares—I was, after all, 18 years older than her, technically old enough to be her father, but in the long run, it seemed to work out. Erin wholeheartedly approved, which thrilled me—she even made occasional jokes about how we should get on making a sibling for her, although Court and I weren’t too keen on that idea. Her father had been a bit of a tough sell, but I took him out for lunch, talked long and seriously with him, and in the end I convinced him that I truly cared for his daughter and only wanted to make her happy, as opposed to some older pervert just using her for sex. Her mom was just thrilled to see her with a man that was stable and not some jackass boy, and pointed out to her husband that he was 11 years older than her, and that had worked out for quite some time. And all my buddies seemed to be in awe that I was actually dating this young, gorgeous, intelligent woman.

In truth, it all happened so easily and almost organically, it just seemed natural. Within a month she had started her graduate teaching fellowship on campus—she was enrolled in a masters/PHD program in English, and was teaching to pay her tuition and rent. She had planned on finding a place of her own, but with me living about 10 minutes from the campus, with a rail line that led directly up, she ended up sleeping over a lot, and eventually it just seemed natural that she would move in. Her and Erin’s friendship continued to blossom even more with her being under our roof, and at nights I struggled to get enough sleep—she was insatiable, and it was over 3 months before we didn’t have sex at least twice in a day/night, and another month before a day passed that we didn’t at all. She would attack me any hour of the day or night, it didn’t matter even if I reeked of sweat from the gym or was covered in lawn clippings, she would strike like a cobra and have me down her throat in less than a minute flat. I didn’t have time or energy most days to think about fucking anybody else. Then came the conversation I never anticipated.

It was an average Thursday, and I had worked late, turning off the computer at 10pm. I came to bed feeling so drained, I didn’t honestly know if I’d be able to fuck her, though I knew she’d try. Sure enough, there she was, reading in bed, in cotton panties and a lacy bra, which I knew she’d chosen because she was aware of how much it turned me on—I guess I’m weird in that simple things like that do more for me than lingerie sometimes. But instead of putting on a show, or talking dirty to me to try and rev me up, she sympathetically looked me over and asked me if I was tired. I just nodded wearily. Then she switched topics.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20